Adoption & Fostering

Phoenix is growing and we are seeing a steady increase in frenchies needing our help! Phoenix needs your help!

A variety of foster homes are needed throughout the UK for frenchies coming into the care of Phoenix.

Fostering does not mean you cannot apply to adopt your foster dog, the welfare of our dogs always comes first, if the dog is settled, happy and loved it would not be in the best interest of that dog to be moved.

Phoenix will only place a foster dog in your home that is a match to you, your family and your lifestyle.

Being registered as a fosterer for Phoenix does not prevent you from applying to adopt a dog that has become available for adoption.

You will have the full support of the Phoenix team before, during and after the foster period, we are always available.

If you would like to consider sharing your life with a foster dog please contact your Regional Co-ordinator for an application form, once completed a home visit will be arranged 🐶