Adoption & Fostering

Phoenix is growing and we are seeing a steady increase in frenchies needing our help! Phoenix needs your help!

A variety of foster homes are needed throughout the UK for frenchies coming into the care of Phoenix.

Fostering does not mean you cannot apply to adopt your foster dog, the welfare of our dogs always comes first, if the dog is settled, happy and loved it would not be in the best interest of that dog to be moved.

Phoenix will only place a foster dog in your home that is a match to you, your family and your lifestyle.

Being registered as a fosterer for Phoenix does not prevent you from applying to adopt a dog that has become available for adoption.

You will have the full support of the Phoenix team before, during and after the foster period, we are always available.

If you would like to consider sharing your life with a foster dog please contact your Regional Co-ordinator for an application form, once completed a home visit will be arranged 🐶

Fostering & Pre-Adoption – How it Works at Phoenix..


We have been asked on several occasions how these work and why, and as all rescues have a different view on this it seems like a good idea to clarify ours.

INITIAL ASSESSMENT: Prior to ANY dog coming to us, with the exception of urgent ‘rescue’ under difficult circumstances, a dog is always assessed prior to acceptance into PFBR. It is rare that we will not take a dog, and it will certainly not be on medical grounds unless there is no chance of recovery – in which case we offer support and advice to the owner – but if it is apparent that a dog cannot be rehabilitated then we have to say no. However, we are blessed to not only have very experienced fosterers and team members who can and will work with challenging dogs, but also our resident Behaviourist,  who can make her judgement based on the assessment within the original home, and the decision on taking or not taking a dog is a Team one, taken by those immediately involved and on the basis of the initial assessment. Unknown dogs that are urgently uplifted,  tend to go first to Team members for more thorough assessment and then follow the usual foster process.

FOSTER PERIOD : When a dog is accepted into PFBR it is placed into foster-care with the persons best equipped to manage that particular dog, wherever they may be in the country. These foster-carers will have been pre-assessed to see which type of dogs they are willing to work with and are always on standby – uplifts can be very quick sometimes. This will be for a minimum period of 2/3 weeks, depending on the issues of the dog. Puppies are the only exception to this rule, under 6 months, as they change daily and are easily influenced so will be placed into immediate pre-adoption for a settling in period – a puppy assessment today will change tomorrow for sure! It is a fact that dogs do not settle and show their true characters for at least a week, however issue-free they may appear in the first few days, and French Bulldogs certainly do not do so in kennels, which is why we take more time with them and only use foster homes with a true home-environment. We have had experience of this on numerous occasions where a dog is on its very best behaviour, only to be faced with a new situation 10 days later and we find a whole new set of issues to work with – and we will. There is no value to us in moving a dog on just to get an adoption fee, only to have it yo-yo back and potentially create more issues than were originally there. We are rescue charity, not a dog-supplying business and we, like you, care passionately about each and every one of these dogs. We want them to go home once and stay there, with all quirks and foibles known and workable – transparency is vital.

PRE-ADOPTION: Put in its very simplest and crudest form this is a try-before-you-buy system. We will not take a penny for any dog until we know it is staying put. Prior to adoption being completed a dog and family will have a 2-week ‘cooling off’ period in its new home, to be sure the adopters like the dog and the dog likes them. It is for both parties, more so the dog of course. If the family who have fostered decide to adopt this stage is skipped as there will have been sufficient contact and knowledge. Only once we know the family and the dog are fully bonded and right for one another is the Adoption Contract completed with the payment of the adoption fee and the release of the Adoption pack.

And we offer support at every single stage of the dog’s journey, before, during and after the adoption process. We carry out 3 monthly checks for the first year of the dog’s adoption and then 6 monthly and always like to stay in touch and see how they flourish and blossom.

Please do contact your RC if you would like to know more or have any questions – or use our Contact Form and we would be happy to contact you to chat further.

To download Fostering or Adoption Forms and Information please click HERE