Foster homes required

Fostering or adopting a rescue dog may require more effort and patience from you as the carer; however, the love and gratification you will receive in return is immeasurable. You will be witness to an incredible transformation of the dog when brought into a loving home. Rescue dogs come with their own amazing personalities which may just need a little help to shine through, and although they are French Bulldogs they still come in all different shapes and sizes
As a fosterer there is a wonderful feeling of knowing you have helped and prepared that particular dog to become a successfully Adopted dog, enabling him to stay in his Forever Home – may be you will even become that Forever Home.
It is a wonderful feeling to know you have helped to change, or even saved a life.


We need to move Tennyson urgently as he is not getting on with the resident dog – oddly, he likes a large breed male, but nor females. We also think he can only cope with being par of a pair as too many other dogs seems to over-load him

TENNYSON is only a year old, DEAF, never been properly socialised and has terrible separation anxiety. He needs someone home for most of the time, Tennyson is currently in foster but this was only ever going to temporary, ideally looking for foster to adopt. He is currently living with a resident staff and they seem to be getting on very well,so similar breed would be ideal but the ability to separate for a VERY slow introduction, This lad needs to be taken right back to basics and brought forward slowly and gently too. He lacks confidence and cannot be with young children – older teens would be considered but a calm and structured environment is essential. He sleeps well at night in a crate is house trained and is really showing his great personality, he is only a young boy and very much still a playful pup. Please contact me if you can offer Tennyson the home he so rightly deserves.



We have been asked to take in an ex-breeding female under the Phoenix Protection Plan (PPP).

This little lady adores adult humans – we would not trust her with children – but she absolutely hates other dogs. She was involved in a fight with a very small breed dog and that dog did not survive, so she truly does NOT like other dogs. If we can offer a defence for her, it is that she is in less-than-desirable circumstances, with many other dogs of all breeds and this would be enough to push any dog to fight; survival of the fittest. I cannot emphasise enough that the living conditions of this girl will not allow any assessment to be accurate.

We have been asked to take her to save her, but cannot commit to doing so unless we have a foster home willing to take her on, warts and all, obviously with our full support. She has had litters, we don’t know how many, and her future is currently very grim. I don’t mean to sound dramatic but if we don’t find her a home within the next day or so I truly do not know what will happen to her.

She must have a dog/child/cat free home, and very soon or a decision may be taken for her that is out of our hands.

Please contact us using the contact form stating your location. Thank you!



This lad is only 2 years old and is fighting with his own son – they just don’t get along and Jet has shocking manners in general too. He can show considerable anxiety and is very uncomfortable with strangers in the home and out of it.

This lad needs to go right back to basics but appears to dislike women – this may not be so in a home where the woman does not show him any fear and has sound boundaries – but he is very affectionate with the male owner in his home.

Jet does live with small children but we would rather not place him in a young family until we have been able to assess his reactivity in more depth. He hates cats too and will chase them. He is neutered and may benefit from being with a calm female, which he lives with in harmony currently.

We would like to find Jet a home asap, as being in his current home is adding stress to the owners lives and is not beneficial to Jet either and so would welcome applications from experienced homes please.

Full support will be given for Jet from a behaviourist.Please contact us through the contact form on this website giving your location.



Memphis needs a calm, experienced home to recover in. She needs someone who has experience with spinal injuries and is able to deal with the toiletting stimulation needed for an incontinent dog.

She is still paralysed and although we are keeping absolutely everything crossed, she may not recover the sensation and so may be a Wheelie dog, like Beckett and Mork, but is at least not in any pain.

She is a wonderful little dog, only 3 and very affectionate too.

Could you help?

Please contact us through the contact form on this website giving your location.- experience is a MUST though

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Constance is a lovely little 9 month old girl who comes from a loving home that have realised they don’t have the time it takes to look after a pooch!

Constance can live happily with children and dogs, she isn’t spayed and this will need to be considered when applying (no intact males please!)

Constance is not a fan of cats.If you would like to apply for Dakota please contact us using the contact form on this website and you will be contacted by someone to discuss your suitability.



We may consider a home with a smaller calm dog if introductions can be done slowly and be able to separate if needed.

Dakota is a 2 year old neutered girl. She is coming into Phoenix from a loving home but relationship breakdown means she is left alone to long.

Dakota can she cautious around new people but is loving and wants to play when she’s settled, young children must be avoided when walking as they seem to make her anxious and she has a dislike to large dogs

Dakota underwent surgery on her leg when she was a puppy so missed out socialising, so a foster that could work with her and bring her back to basics and work on her socialisation skills

Dakota needs a dog free and older children only (14+) foster home

If you would like to apply for Dakota please contact us using the contact form on this website and you will be contacted by someone to discuss your suitability.



Lettice is a healthy and happy 4yr old un-spayed, large Brindle in need of Foster.
Lettice will be coming into the care of Phoenix from a very loving home, this has been an extremely difficult and heart rendering decision for her family. A decision that was made due to ongoing disagreements between her and the other resident dogs.
Lettice is house trained and loves all humans and can go with children over 9 years olds; however she not cat tested .So no cats please.
Lettice must be an only dog…
Lettice is fearful reactive towards other dogs; possibly from being attacked when younger. She will need an experienced Foster, who will be willing to put in the time and patience needed to help build her confidence slowly around other dogs.
Please read Lettice requirements carefully, if you have passed a Phoenix Home Visit and feel you can offer her the right home, p
lease contact us using the contact form on this website and you will be contacted by someone to discuss your suitability.



Remember Basil? Check back on Basil’s story as Hurricane is a cross between him and Keates (posted up today too). He is not quite 3 yet but really struggles with new people coming to the home, and it could be pure coincidence that these have mostly been men, so we don’t want to label him unfairly as a man-hater. He did guard his female owner, even from her own husband, but I don’t feel that his behaviour is specifically gender-based.

I met Hurricane today and he was happy to let me pull his toy, he even exchanges for a treat, sits nicely too, but is prone to toy/food/resource guarding so this needs to be watched and managed. He was initially indifferent to me, but was running around a field, before coming into the office to meet me, and within half an hour he was pawing met to play and fuss him – we were friends. This is a very workable dog with fear anxiety, lack of confidence and needing direction.

I would like to secure a home for Hurricane with dog-experience as very soon as possible because he is currently in kennels and the rescue have asked for our help. He has been there for 2 months already, attracted all the wrong people and is losing weight fast – he is now very skinny although still alert and happy, mainly because of the fabulous care of the staff, but Frenchies just don’t do kennels.

He needs a calm home, with routine, definitely no cats and preferably no dogs but if there is to be a dog it needs to be a very docile one, that has no interest in toys so that no guarding issues can flare up, and the ability to separate for slow introductions. He cannot be with young children due to the food issues and although happy with older ones we have to consider that children have fabulous social lives and this may not suit Hurricane as there will be lots of coming and going in that situation.

Please help get Hurricane into a proper home, it has broken my heart today and if I could I would have brought him home with me – and may yet go back next week, but he can’t settle with me and he needs a home to call his own, now.

If you would like to apply for Hurricane

Please contact us using the contact form on this website and you will be contacted by someone to discuss your suitability.


Well, a complex lad, but not necessarily a difficult one if in experienced and in sensible hands. There is no exaggeration in saying that he was quite a handful on arrival, but has changed significantly with some intense reward training and understanding, and this is best summed up by his superb foster-Mum:

“He needs an experienced and patient home, he’s comfortable being left at home for short periods in his crate. VERY anxious and also belligerent, he’s at the age where he’s testing every boundary set, multiple times, but with added gusto due to his previous experiences.

He loves kids but due to his issues surrounding shoes, towels and hairbrushes [terrified of them so bites them] they’d need to be older, dog savvy and enthusiastic in helping to deal with his issues. He adores children but they are still targets for his emotional responses to part traumas [we would prefer him to be child-free or much older anyway]

He is also a toy guarder in some ways, he will happily share but he DOES NOT LIKE TO LOSE and will guard once he’s won. The trade game works 100% of the time. He is incredibly food orientated for training

He loves to cuddle [on his terms] and is remarkably relaxed outside the home. Clark is great with dogs of all sizes just typically pushy puppy-like play but he takes direction from other dogs well and is not interested in cats. He is wonderful out and about with people; I’ve even spent 3-4 hours with him in a dog-friendly cafe and the only issue was that he wanted all the attention from everyone.”

Clark has been in foster since January and is only just over a year old now, so he really is still a youngster who just needs direction and understanding. And he is very handsome too, which he does seem to play on, but don’t they all?

Recently, he has really showed how far he has come and his foster Mum wrote:

“So in other news about Clark he has impeccable manners when it comes to meal times. He doesn’t even sit and wait in the kitchen like the other dogs – he knows he’s fed in his crate so he will go and sit in there while I prepare the meal without instruction or training, simply of his own accord.

His fear of hairbrushes is workable. I was just able to brush him with one gently on the back without any incident, slow steady and gentle voices. He won’t tolerate his chest being brushed or his legs but considering there was no chicken paste or peanut butter involved he’s most definitely workable [bribes work every time it seems!]

We’re seeing a much, much more affectionate and loving side of Clark now. He’s choosing to come onto my lap and pawing at my hand if I have to audacity to stop petting him while he’s there. Don’t be fooled – he’s still a belligerent teenager [who is happy when he is getting his own way] but I think this will pass and settle as he ages. He is honestly a mirror, if you put love affection and positive out to him he will eventually reflect it back to you.”

What a lovely way to put it – ‘a mirror’. We like that.

Could you continue Clark’s rehab? He is so deserving of the chance to be a loving and loved pooch and we need a home who can understand his needs and is prepared to work with him AND a behaviourist, which we will provide. No children but maybe an other calm, female dog. And awareness that he has a huge issue with shoes, specifically the soles – he has no problem with bare feet. He also cant be bathed yet due to a fear of towels.

If you would like to apply for Clark please contact Teresa Cargill or Jennifer Mcmillan asap 0r use the contact form on this website and you will be contacted by someone to discuss your suitability.

Experience is a must and full support from a qualified behaviourist will be given to the right candidate for Clark. Ideally he needs a quieter home, low-occupancy if possible or with all occupants prepared to buy-in to his rehab, with someone who can work with his fears but can read him sufficiently to avoid any potential dangerous scenarios – experience is a MUST please.

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Keates is an 18 month old castrated male with an abundance of energy but also with some very serious fear issues, he is terrified of strangers initially and just needs gentle introductions. He is now in the Phoenix fold but we now know more about the precise type of home he needs:

Keates has lived fairly harmoniously with a female Frenchie, where she was definitely the boss and there were a couple of scuffles but it is likely that these were instigated by the female; we now know he is not keen on dogs that are smaller or lively so we would prefer a slightly larger (only his type of size, 17-20kg type size), older, passive female, or no dog at all. Keates was quite badly bitten by a large breed when he was a pup so subsequently is extremely submissive and wary around dogs outside the home, he may even lunge through fear. He needs lots of patience in a foster home to work on this and a calm environment to relax in, because we can already see that he is very workable and full support, including from a behaviourist, will be given

Keates can be mouthy when playing and acts like a puppy. Due to his displayed fearfulness, which manifests as trying to be a big, tough dog when you first meet him but soon calms down and will approach you for cuddles, he loves contact with people once he has accepted them and feels safe.

Keates was quite happy to be around the cat in his previous home but we are unsure if this would be the same with any new cats so a slow introduction is advised, and ability to separate if he decides he doesn’t like yours – a dog savvy cat will probably cope.

The perfect home would be with no dog or an older, sturdy female, experienced enough with dogs in general to see past the bluster and bravado, and who has the time to work with him – but we will take each situation on its own merits for someone who can help him.

If you feel you could offer this big pup the perfect environment to develop into the well behaved affectionate boy we know he can be, and wants to be, please get in touch using the contact form on this website. we need to get him moved and settling urgently, so that his rehab can begin and no further damage is done.