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To enable PFBR to claim Gift Aid on future or past donations please click on the Gift Aid logo to the left.

In addition to asking anyone donating to register to enable Gift Aid to be claimed, PFBR can back-claim for the last 4 years!

Gift Aid can be claimed on all donations, although not adoption fees or auction/raffle fees, whether made by Paypal or by donation to fundraisers of any kind.  Some people very kindly make a monthly donation too, and PFBR can claim back 25p in the £1 for these too.  If you have donated in any of these ways and you are a UK taxpayer (very important) we need to hear from you asap.

If you are not sure of the exact date of your payment(s) in the past 4 years - we may be able to help by checking our bank/Paypal records but it may be a bit of an onerous task if everyone asks, so do please check your own accounts first.

This extra funding would be a very welcome windfall for PFBR to help cover ever-rising costs.

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