**HELP! Robert in Foster PLEASE READ**

**HELP! Robert in Foster PLEASE READ**

He needs you!

We need you!
We need your help!
We are in dire need of funds!

Robert has been a lovely wee active boy until today, it has been an extremely traumatic day for the fosterer, for the manager of the area and for PhoenixFBR as a whole.

Sadly this morning Robert woke up screaming in pain, he literally couldn’t move his back end, he’d lost the power of his back legs and can barely drag himself up on his front legs.
He had no response to anyone pinching his toes, a clear sign that this is serious!

As you can all imagine panic and dread set in as we all thought the worst, so he was rushed to the vets as an emergency where we had to have him examined and the decision was made to do an MRI scan straight away.
Obviously we know MRI scans are costly but what could we do with the presentation of these symptoms?
The news we didn’t want to hear was that somehow Robert has an exploded disc!
You can just imagine the pain and discomfort he is in. 😢
He’s been put on meds to keep him stable but he WILL be going into surgery shortly, there are no if, buts or maybes he will need to have this surgery.

Surgery that is unfortunately estimated between £4 and £6 thousand pounds – yes that definitely read between £4 and £6 THOUSAND pounds!

That’s where we need you, our fantastic supporters who have given so very generously before, we now need that support and generosity again.
Whatever you can afford, £1, £10 or more would be so appreciated but we need those donations and we do need them now!
Blunt I know, even cheeky perhaps? Maybe it is and perhaps that will offend some people but if we don’t have the funds then what do we do? Do we potentially allow an otherwise healthy dog to go to the bridge?
Those who know us know that if a dog has any quality of life we will move heaven and earth to ensure we have done everything to give that dog a chance, put to sleep is always our very last option.

Can you help?
Look at his pictures, he’s such a little love and we want to get that little love out of pain and on the mend.
Please help us to help Robert, please dig deep and donate but most of all please keep Robert in your prayers, he’s going to need all the love and best wishes we can all send to him. 😢

We are up against it with such a huge vet bill for such a small boy.
We need you, Robert needs you and regrettably our depleted piggy bank needs you!
Charity is about support isn’t it? What better way to show your support than to donate to such a worthy cause?
We thank you for reading, for your ongoing support, whatever you can do just know it is fully appreciated by us all.
Options to donate are by PayPal (select friends and family)
[email protected]
Account – Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue
Account number – 71240039
Sort code – 60-02-13