**In loving Memory of their Daddy Barry Seed**

**In loving Memory of their Daddy Barry Seed**

“The inseparable pair
– They go everywhere together”

We were privileged to be able to give Barry the peace of mind needed by promising to care for Eric and Buster for life when he passed away. Inseparable companions.

Adoption update from Barbara, Charles & Donny

Today we adopted our two beautiful French Bulldogs, Eric and Buster. We had never thought of getting two dogs, but when we got the call suggesting to meet them, we knew we were in trouble already! We immediately knew they’d be perfect for us.

They have settled in so well.
They are always playing together and chasing each other and then curl up together to sleep. They are quite spoilt, we love them so much.
They love each other so much and are always together – they never seem to fall out or get on each other’s nerves – the only time it gets a bit tense with rivalry is when they appear to race each other to finish their chew sticks lol! We are so glad that they got to stay together and that Phoenix found us the perfect dogs. We are also grateful for all the veterinary care they received at Phoenix .

Adopting Eric and Buster from Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is the best thing we’ve ever done – I can’t remember what life was like before we had them.