Of ALL colours, KC registered or not





You will now have seen details of the launch in principle of the National French Bulldog Health Testing Programme, and the promise of further detail to follow regarding the launch event:


You and your French Bulldog(s) are invited to attend The Biddenham Pavilion, Deep Spinney, Biddenham, Bedfordshire, MK40 4QJ, on Sunday 18th July between 9am and 5pm and undertake such tests as you deem appropriate to your dog. 


This inaugural event will mark the beginning of an open-ended project to collect data showing the current health of the breed, with a view to making this available to specialists and scientists for analysis on how the breed can be improved, if and where needed, to maintain and conserve a healthy future for French Bulldogs.  It will also serve as a useful tool for those wanting to know about their own dog’s health.  You may pre-book tests as shown below and purchase your Health Passport for a one-off cost of £10, to begin recording your dog’s health record, and have these signed off by the relevant specialists and vets on the day.  You may just want to come along on the day, meet the Phoenix Team and see what it is all about; Phoenix merchandise and refreshments will be on offer.  You will be very welcome and we will answer any questions you may have.  There may be some walk-in availability on the day if you decide there is an assessment you would like to take part in but pre-booking is highly recommended.


The introduction of the Health Passport will mean that all the tests and assessments can be recorded in one place so that those wanting to breed responsibly, to the standards of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme, can show that their dogs are of a high enough standard to do so.  Puppy buyers will then be able to see that parents are fully tested; informing the public is key to moving ahead with conservation of the healthiest specimens that can lead full, long and happy lives and provide off-spring that are also sound in health and temperament.  Pet owners can use their Passports to be sure that their dog is in the best health possible but will know if any problematic areas need additional intervention, and where to go for that.  This Health Testing Programme is designed to take a holistic approach so that all aspects of the dog are considered.

This Programme is in no way associated with any other health testing scheme that may be in place currently, but where specialised testing has already been done, eg RFG testing, spine x-rays, genetic tests, cardiologist reports, BVA Eye Testing etc, these may be transferred to the Passport on production of the appropriate documentation.


If you would like to take part, you may email Teresa Cargill, Max(ine) and Rachel at indicating which tests you would like to book and you will receive a reply with timings and details.  All bookings must be paid for at the time of confirming the booking.


Pre-booking for the tests available on the day is advised and these will be:


  • Annual Visual Assessment – the starting point of your health-testing journey and something of an MOT for your dog, thus the suggestion of repeating of it annually.  Ideally, a dog should be at least 12 months old for this but please request more details if you wish to test a younger dog.  This will also include the Putnam Patella Test.  The cost for this will be £20


  • Respiratory Function Grade Testing/BOAS testing and Nare grading- an essential test for most French Bulldogs and must-have for those wishing to breed.  Dogs should be XX years old. The cost of this will £25


  • Temperament Testing – by the International Scholl of Canine Practitioners - a full hour of assessment and advice on all aspects of your dog’s temperament and further recommendations for addressing any issues.  The cost for this will be £40


  • Dermatology Assessment – by DWR – an assessment of your dog’s skin, ears, facial folds and feet.  The cost for this will be £30


  • Genetics Testing – an Essential Health Panel has been established with Animal Genetics to include a DNA Profile; DM; HSF4; HUU.  There will be kits available on the day for purchase and these may also be pre-ordered from Phoenix Health after the event.  The cost for this will be £90  


Dogs do not have to be Kennel Club registered to take part but for those with registration papers who may be part of the Assured Breeders Scheme, please bring them along for verification and Passport entry.  All dogs must be microchipped to take part in the Programme and must be pure Frenchie, as far as you are aware, so cannot be obvious cross-breeds, sorry.


We look forward to meeting you and your dogs on the day and will announce further dates and venues for Testing Days as soon as they are available.


Bank account details for payments:

(except Genetic Testing)


Natwest Bank


Bank account name: Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue


Sort Code: 60 - 02 - 13


Account Number: 713 316 38

This is not the same as the regular Phoenix account but a separate one purely for the Health Programme.