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Restructuring of Adoption Fees


Having reviewed our month-on-month costs, and particularly the rise in vet fees in general during the Pandemic, coupled with far more medical interventions being needed by surrendered dogs, we are most saddened to have to announce a new adoption fee structure. 


With the average cost of a female spay costing between £180-£250, and a course of vaccinations being £45-£80, you can see that with the provision of flea and worm treatments, and if further BOAS, patella, cleft palate or any other interventions are needed, we are very much out of pocket per dog.  Those with the most common forms of skin and ear issues are often the greatest expense, because those issues can be almost impossible to get under control and are extremely costly. 


As generous as you all are with donations when needed, and our auction page is always a great fundraiser, we must be able to be more proactive with covering the costs of the dogs with the dogs, so to speak.


As of Monday 18th October, any dog entering foster care will be subject to the new adoption fee structure.

Please note that Payment Plans are not available; French Bulldogs can be costly little pooches, so do consider if they are really the dog for you.

Dogs currently in care will not be subject to these changes in adoption fees, only dogs entering foster on or after 18th.

*medical conditions will also be taken into account where a dog may need on-going care and fees may be decreased at the discretion of the Management Team

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