New Arrivals

We have many new dogs at Phoenix who are not quite ready for adoption yet! Here’s a sneak preview of our New Arrivals.
You can follow their progress while they are in Foster on our News page


None for ages then ex-breeding ladies come along like buses – isn’t is sad? These wonderful girls, never old, usually only between 2-5 years old are such amazing pets and settle so well and so gratefully. Cellini is just such a pooch – only we weren’t quite told the truth about her age and she is probably 6/7 years old and not the 2 years that we were told. She is a dumpy little brindle lady, so cant ever have been too far away from the food rations, but is now exercising well so will soon look fitter. It matters not to her though as she is loving life and has settled very well indeed.

It is hardly surprising she has nothing to complain about, she has been out and about and fitted for all new accessories, has a canine buddy and a family who adore her. She also needs attention to her ears, but she has fallen on her paws and will want for nothing.




Claudell is one of our Phoenix Protection Programme (PPP) dogs, which means we cant show you photos. This happens when a dog comes to us from an undesirable background and to release too much information may endanger the safety of other dogs that need to be rescued. This means that we cant bring you any photos, which is not always such a bad thing as they can be in very poor condition, an it is quite upsetting.

Claudell is an ex-puppy farm girl, brindle and around 3 years old. She has recently had a litter and is very nervous and scared. She hasn’t yet been able to be walked on a lead because she is terrified, but she has been placed in a calm, gentle home where she trusts her foster-Mum and feels safe. She can take as long as she needs, she is safe now and apart from having shocking ears, which may yet require further investigation, she is doing well so far.




Dumas is simply adorable. I really could leave it right there. She was rescued from a puppy farm by her previous owner, and had her own dogs not become very ill and needed more care, Dumas would never have come to us as she was much loved. It was precisely that selfless love that did see her come to us though, as she needed and deserved more attention – and is certainly getting it now!

It seems that Dumas loves children and very much enjoys their company, unsurprising as she is a gentle soul and not quite 4 years old herself yet. She has settled without any issues but her fosterers have struggled to get photos of her when she is not asleep because once she is awake all pictures are blurred – she is a busy girl!

We will keep you updated on the antics of Dumas but




Yes, another little PPP lady and also rescued from a puppy farm. She is suffering from an badly haematoma-ed ear, as well as them both being in poor condition internally too. She is recovering well from demodex and is just SO affectionate, despite her poorly ear. She cuddles up to your chest to get to your face for kisses, almost hugging you with her front legs – even the vet got the same treatment! She really is a divine little lady.

Romney has settled well into foster care with a family who also have anther dog, and she is being loved to distraction – and not a moment too soon – and returning it tenfold. We are not sure if she will need surgery to the ear, it is being treated and monitored and so we will keep you updated.




This handsome lad has come to us as his previous owners live abroad and are expecting a baby and all in all it is not to Dali’s tastes. He is a 4 year old lad, raised in the UK, but who enjoys people very much and is very partial to a stroll on the beach – aren’t we all eh?

He is in foster with a couple who simply adore him and also enjoy walking on the beach, so he certainly got lucky too – we do love a good match!




Bambi has come to us instead of being PTS – she is not quite 6 months old yet and has been paralysed since birth; sh eis very small for her age too. Her future is by no means certain as we need to determine just how severe her condition is and balance this with a quality of life. She is doubly incontinent and this can bring its own issues too, depending on the reasons why, but it seems that Bambi just hasn’t been made properly.

However, just when we were beginning to have some very bleak discussions about her future, she has shown some signs of improvement with her toiletting and is no longer ‘just going’ constantly, but developing some bowel control – this is progress indeed. She is with a foster-Mum who will not give up on her, but will also not allow her to suffer. Bambi does love life though; she eats well, is happy, perky, pesters the other dogs – she is a proper puppy in all ways and has never known any differently as far as movement is concerned. And she has no pain.

We will be taking things VERY slowly with Bambi, assessing her on a daily basis and doing everything we possibly can to make her stronger – even if she needs to join the Wheelie-Club.



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Ooooo this boy is so handsome!! I fell for his good looks as soon as I met him and he really is a fab lad. He was surrendered due to a change of circumstances and he has been very well cared for and is a very balanced, well-mannered lad who has been with his owner since a pup; he is almost 5 now.

Wordsworth is a chilled boy in the home but loves playing with the children in his new foster-family, and this seems to be a generally well reciprocated arrangement, which is great for Mum who gets them all worn out at the same time!

He is a very spoiled lad already and has a very flashy new bed and matching collar – what a fashion victim eh? Teal is definitely his collar and he looks very happy about it too.



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This lad has elicited so many ooos and ahhhhs from me as I have been through his photos and history that even Mr C has had a look! Just look at him! Bear is only 4 but the poor chap looks about 44, and it is all due to demodex. He is so adorable though.

He came in under very sad circumstances where his care had been neglected on financial grounds due to a decline in personal circumstances, and his demodex had flared back up and truly taken hold. He was sore and itchy and also very thin. Thankfully, this is all changing due to some amazing care in initial foster to get him comfortable, and now his on-going rehab in his foster-home is seeing him wonderfully happy and even beginning to play.

The condition of Bear is classic demodex, not just the sore patches and fur loss but the heavily thickened feet too, ears will begin to thicken and the skin is sore and almost scaly on his belly in particular. This needs time and care, nothing too fancy, just more of that wonder-drug TLC, and a very different dog will emerge. I am very much taken with this little Bear and suspect many others will be too BUT



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What a little sweetie eh? He is only a year old and was being a tad naughty with his toilet-training, and his owner simply did not have time for him, so here he is. Needless to say that his fosterer is delighted, and who wouldn’t be to have such a little beauty around the home?

Toilet training and socialisation are going well, he wants to be a good boy and he is trying very hard but it is nothing that time, love and patience cant overcome. Maybe without the jumper though .. although the snow was VERY cold!

Oh yes, I see happy days ahead for this lad …



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Mouse is deaf but has been incredibly well-trained to signing and has a list of abilities well beyond the range of most well-trained hearing Frenchies.

He is only 18 months old and was a much-loved family pet but started to display unpredictable behaviour, which with a young family around him was simply not acceptable or safe. I must stress that he had never bitten but his sudden change of mood was causing concern, and so rather than waiting until there actually was problem, we were asked to find him a child-free home.

The change of home would have been a stressful for him as it is for any dog, and so some of his earlier behaviour problems were attributed to this, and were also part of the assessment process to see what worked for Mouse and what didn’t. Sadly, yesterday we had a major incident with him and due to the nature of this we were very concerned for his future. But we don’t give up that easily, and we are also blessed to have some absolutely amazing followers who step up to the plate when needed.

And so, Mouse has been moved, is settling well and we will be monitoring him very closely – and safely – with his fosterers being fully appraised of all previous behaviour and needs, and fully supported in this too. We will keep you updated on Mouse.And yes, that wee pied bottom has found a pal to walk nicely with.



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I have just had quite a giggle looking through all the chats and photos of this little lady – she is not quite 2 years old yet but as cute as she looks there is a truly cheeky glint in her eye! And she is disemboweller of stuffed toys, so that confirms it!

Apple really is a pretty little thing and came to us because she was being left for long periods of time each day due to work commitments and, as with children, boredom was leading to naughtiness. She is now living with a pug-buddy in her foster-family and they do seem very happy together. Many of the photos of Apple are of her surrounded by toys and laying with all paws in the air, oblivious to the world, so I think we can rule out any stress.

We will enjoy her updates although I suspect they may involve the death and destruction of a few toys, but as long as those are her only victims (no carpets or sofas!), all will be well ….. !


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Here is another little deaf pooch – Orchid was rescued from a life of breeding having had around 4 litters already. She really is a beautiful little thing and is only 5 years young.

She was not happy around the young grandchild in the rescuers home and was also not getting along with another dog, maybe due to her lack of socialisation previously. In foster-care she has been the model pooch and really blossomed. Her photos clearly show that she feels like the cat that got the cream. Her foster-Mum assures me that she is even more beautiful in real life. Orchid is a very relaxed and affectionate little girl.



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This pretty little lady is almost 5 years old and came to us because she was fighting with other dogs in the home but was coming off worse for it. Not nice.

She was cautiously placed into foster with an experienced owner and a very placid male Frenchie and wouldn’t you know it, they are buddies. Sometimes it truly is a personality issue that causes issues, it happens with humans and it happens with dogs too. Duffy is a very affectionate little lady who is loving life and has definitely fallen on all four paws.

I have just realised that this is the second one today that we have set up as a love match, Frenchie to Frenchie! Lonely Hearts Club for Frenchies! If it makes them happy then what could possibly be better. She even shares the love with the cat – which is actually almost the same size as her, so probably for the best ..



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You know I [very] often say that if you want to adopt then it is always good to consider fostering too because you CAN adopt the dog you foster? Well guess what?!!

The foster period is generally 2/3 weeks, and some people just know within days (hours?) that that dog is THE one and count the days down to signing the contract, which is superb for the dog. Crab has been lucky enough to be one of these dogs and has come to us from a home where work commitments meant he was alone for too long and so was making a nuisance of himself, and at only just over 18 months old he has settled in and made himself at home VERY quickly!

I can see why that cheeky little face would steal a person’s heart though – he does look adorable.

So, have you considered fostering …….

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Remember when we needed a home for a paralysed pied boy, only 3 years old, for whom spinal surgery had not worked? Of course, you all rallied and we had plan A, B and C in place within half an hour! Amazing.

Becket went off to his Forever Home with an experienced lady who had a paralysed Frenchie of her own, before losing him. Everything was ready for this wonderful boy, that I had the pleasure of meeting with his heartbroken family. They were given so much relief to know that although they weren’t able to give him what he needed now, he would still get it and still have the possibility of a fulfilled and happy life. And that is exactly what he is getting. And he likes TV ….

Yes, he sometimes gets frustrated because he wants to walk – and cant – but has so much courage and determination. He makes a very good effort of getting to where he needs to be though, and he loves a game with the resident Frenchie and another pal too, so still has company and stimulation. He is having physio to keep everything toned and has his wheels for longer outdoor treks. I cant wait for his fosterer to bring you updates of his exploits and we shall eagerly look forward to those. This is a very special boy and I am delighted were we able to help him.



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Salome was only with his surrendering owner for a few months as she had actually rescued him from a unpleasant home herself, but sadly he found the attentions of her young son too much to cope with, and so she asked us to help him.

He is only 18 months old and has had a very rough start to life so far but we are delighted to say that is now behind him. He is just needing some on-going maintenance to deep facial folds, has suffered with an eye ulcer too, but all in all is in good health and learning to enjoy life. He lives with another dog in foster that is the size of small horse and absolutely loves the tug games they play – all very character-building!

I am quite sure you will see more of his exploits as he finds his paws and we look forward to sharing them with you.




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I have had to smile to myself as I have looked through the pictures of Picasso because just about every single one of them is blurred – this is one VERY busy year old boy! Even as I was chatting to the manager who assessed him I found myself giggling at his exploits, but could completely understand how he would be too much for a young family to manage, so I did sympathise with them. Stealing hair bobbles from a child is one thing, but not when they are still in the hair …..

Yes, he is naughty, but not malicious in ANY way. He is young and unruly; funny if you don’t have to live with it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but definitely needing to be addressed if you do – and that is what his foster family are doing. He is also with an older lady Frenchie to teach him some manners and once he realised that she was not interested in his clumsy, amorous advances, things have started to calm down.

Picasso is very much a work in progress but is affectionate and funny with it so bound to be hugely loved and enjoyed. And he is unashamedly handsome too.



Banksy is one of our PPP dogs (Phoenix Protection Programme )so I can’t bring you photos, or give too much information, for the safety of him and his fosterers but I can tell you he is very young and deaf too. We seem to be seeing more deaf dogs lately, but as the owner of a deaf dog myself I find it doesn’t necessarily have to define the dog. It certainly isn’t stopping Banksy from having a fabulous time in foster; he likes to play and is learning his manners nicely. He did have very poor skin but even this is clearing nicely now. He has been deaf from birth and so knows nothing else, we will keep you updated on his progress.

Sometimes the only medicine a dog needs is a huge dollop of TLC



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This lad is a handsome fella and has a wee bit of the old British Bullie thrown in for good measure – it is that which gives him his chiselled jaw, doncha know?! And the slightly unusual ears, but unique is always good.

He is not quite 2 years old and came to us as he was being left alone for too long due to working commitments. He has not put a paw wrong in foster and has had nare and palate surgery, as well as suffering the loss of his manhood, and all with good humour.

We will get you some updates and better photos of Fungus in foster shortly



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Yes, the very handsome fawn Basil has left Chez Cargill and headed to his very own foster-to-adopt home. We miss him here because he is a big presence – and yes, I do also mean he needs to lose a few pounds! – and has a huge character too. He really is a cuddly lad and loves to go strolling too. With ‘his’ humans he is no problem at all.

Due to Basil’s issues with over-stimulation, we have placed him in a home with a quiet and orderly routine, lots of walks – and a pied Frenchie girlfriend! I had a word with him before he left as he and Fifi had a few squabbles over toys here, so he was given some advice on manners and sharing – which I think Fifi had already done too as he seemed very meek after her screaming at him! Typical male though, he didn’t listen so there has been the odd grumble in his new home but thankfully his fosterers are experienced enough to manage these things and all is well. He will soon develop the wisdom that he needs to just give in to the lady and all will be well ….

We are keeping absolutely everything crossed for Basil because he is a wonderful lad but is yet another who just needs to be understood and allowed to come down slowly and gently when he gets himself worked up; a little quiet time, no histrionics and all is well. He has no desire to be a fighter, the lad is a Frenchie lover at heart – very slobbery kisser though, yuk