New Arrivals

We have many new dogs at Phoenix who are not quite ready for adoption yet! Here’s a sneak preview of our New Arrivals.
You can follow their progress while they are in Foster on our News page
When they are ready for adoption they will appear on the Available for adoption page.

*** INTRODUCING BORIS … who is available to adopt  ***

Look who landed Chez Cargill last night! Yes, this is Boris. He is allegedly crossed with a Bulldog so at only 20 (ish) weeks he is already a big lad and looks the size of a full-grown Frenchie but still with a puppy-ish feel to his body; lanky and soft! He is almost Boxer-like with his jutting jaw and the gorgeous red in his brindle coat.

Boris was quite nervous and scared on arrival, not sure of being stroked or fussed, but he has improved by the hour, literally. The Barilballe Babes are teaching him to dog and Benoit and he are non-stop playing – Wonky Dog flirted mercilessly! Fifi has put him in his place, as only a Mum can and Mimi is rather enjoying taking on the two lads at once – the Beanbag got a quite a beating last night with them leaping in and out, and thank goodness for detached houses as they are not quiet! He does come for a fuss now and his whole body wiggles when he is excited. He is a very funny and happy chappy who will definitely need a lively household and another playful dog. There is not a hint of malice in him but he will need general obedience training and to be taught some manners – he is just a big baby really.

He is a bit of a barker and did have a few yaps last night when left for bed, but soon settled and was no trouble at all – clean, dry bed this morning and a great welcome when I went to his crate.

Rather sadly, Boris has already been castrated – not as we would like but beyond our control.

I shall see how he is with cats when we are out and about but the level of inquisitiveness suggests they woudl probably be a no-no and children would also need to be quite sturdy.

I shall keep you updated with the Adventures of Boris.

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Introducing DILL: This brindle lad has come to us as a scared little chap. He was attacked by a much larger dog when less than a year old and this has stayed with him as he has become older, and at over 3 years old now he still has problems when out and about. He is a good lad in the house though and has only been surrendered due to some very sad family circumstances. He does need understanding and reassurance and he will get that in spades with his foster family.

Introducing FEDERER: This lad is a clown and no mistaking it – I cannot wait for you to read his updates along with some very funny pictures too. He is in foster and needing to go back to basics with toilet-training because at 9 months old he is chancing his paw a little and not bothering with the outside bit. He was surrendered because he was just too much for the resident cope with and he is definitely a live wire! The resident dog in foster has made her feelings known to him and hopefully he is learning a little respect!

Introducing LACOSTE: Beautiful 2 year old lad, pied who came to us with RENE: a fawn girl who is only just over a year old. They are both gorgeous dogs but were re-homed due to a difficult family situation – they have been much loved and very well cared for. It was a sad parting but they have settled very well into foster-care and have even managed to have the vets practise under their spell already!

Introducing McENROE: You would not believe that such an innocent looking, 8 month old brindle lad could cause any issues would you? But he has not had the best of starts with an initial home where he was crated for long periods of time, harassed by young children and punished for lack of toilet training. He was taken on by a new owner who saw all of this and knew he deserved better, but sadly he was just a tad too over-enthusiastic with the lady-dog of the house, to the point of obsession – and is too young to castrate. This made any other training and rehabbing virtually impossible so we offered our help. He has clearly had no boundaries but without the lure of a beautiful femme fatale, he is slowly responding to having those boundaries put in place and learning that good behaviour gets treats and fuss and bad behaviour gets him ignored. And all know that Frenchies HATE to be ignored! His fosterers are doing a wonderful job and we will continue to support them with his training. He has had a clean bill of health from the vet – who he disliked, but a lack of socialisation wont have helped that – and now he needs to learn his manners and learn how to dog. He will get there, with love and patience.

Introducing MURRAY: Here is another brindle youngster, also only a year old and had a very strange start in life, pretty much cooped-up indoors and able to toilet where and when he liked with little or no socialisation, pretty much just bought as a child’s play-thing. Murray is a lovely little fella but also needs to go right back to basics with his foster home, and this is going well so far. He will need to be introduced to so many things that will be alien to him and so life is going to be one huge learning curve for Murray now – and we will look forward to following that journey with him.

Introducing PETRA: I am going to do the vaguest of introductions for this little lady because she is a little bit complicated but is available for adoption – I shall be posting up her Adoption Application post shortly so please read it carefully because she needs to be understood but will make a wonderful pet to whoever can do that.

Introducing TURMERIC: Another very gorgeous brindle lad, very distinctive as although he is not reverse brindle he is very tiger-like but in a deeper red – wait until you see his pictures, he is a handsome boy. Also a year old, 16 months actually, he was temporarily taken in from a home that were moving but there were already dogs in that home and so he needed one to call his own. He has settled brilliantly in foster care but as he is rather humpy-hipped with a fondness for cushions, we will address this and let him settle into the dog he needs to be. Look out for his updates as he is rather scrummy too.

Introducing DAKOTA: This little pied lady has poor socialisation skills which may not have been helped by patella surgery at 9 months old leaving her crated for moths to recover. She adores her foster-Mum, and this is much reciprocated but does need some obedience training to gain some boundaries and confidence – she hates other dogs. She is only 2 and just needs some time and patience investing in her. And we know she will get it.

Introducing FENNEL PPP: Yes, another little girl rescued from dubious sources. She is about 3/4, with shocking ears that will need attention. She also has very narrow nares so these will need to be widened when she is spayed and then we can get a better idea of whether or not she needs palate surgery. She really is a loving little lady though and has settled in so nicely.

Introducing AGASSI: Now Adopted arrived only just over a week ago and has some terrible problems with his skin but that has been treated and he is settling nicely now that he is more comfortable. He is a 5 year old pied boy who very sadly become obsessed with the new baby in the house – in a safe and pleasant way but I do mean obsessed! That child was cleaned and cleaned and cleaned to such an extent that we worried Agassi may be a hormonal hermaphrodite, but isn’t. He is just very affectionate but his behaviour was obviously not ideal and rather than see if became better or worse, not something you want to play with and risk, we were asked to help and have done so. He is a gorgeous lad.

Introducing ALLSPICE: This chocolate brindle lad is a mature 7 year old but is still very young at heart, as are most Frenchies at this age. Plenty of life in the old dog yet, as some say! He has been re-homed to us as he is an ex-stud dog but when initially rehomed by the breeder he didn’t get along with the male dogs, which is very common, and so he has come to us. He has settled very well too so you will see his updates soon.

Introducing CARAWAY PPP: A little black and tan lad, Caraway has a rather chequered past, so although he comes from a home where he was loved to distraction and only surrendered due to the ill-health of the owner, he must be PPP to keep him safe. It is shame we wont see his photos as he is a little cutie, just coming up for 3 years old. He is a really affectionate little chap who has a great sense of fun too. We are currently investigating some potential bladder issues with him though and so we will keep you updated on that.

Introducing CARRIE & FISHER: This lovely pair came into us together and we were asked to keep them that way. They are a little squabbly sometimes but their fosterers understand this and as they are parents too they know how to handle tantrums and sibling upsets over food and toys! They are brother and sister, 5 years old and both brindle but Fisher is much darker than his sister. They had been in informal ‘adoption’ with the owner’s parents following the birth of a child, but the parents have an active life and when it was decided they wouldn’t be going back to their original home it was clear that they needed some help. So one lucky fosterer got 2 instead of the one she had expected on application!

Introducing CASSIA: Another brindle lady, 3 years old and suffering dreadfully with allergies. These have been controlled in the past with Apoquel but the owner simply could not afford to keep paying for her meds and was not able to get to the root of the problem. A change of environment to a more outdoor lifestyle is paying dividends in foster but we will see how she moves forward and if this is what she needed. Allergies are awful as they are so hard to identify and can have so many triggers but she is doing well currently.

Introducing CHILLI: I had to look twice at this beautiful girl as she looks just like a Friesian cow! She is beautifully marked, pied and very distinctive – I cant wait for you to see her photos in her updates. She was being over-dominant with the other resident Frenchies but lives well with cats and children, so a real catch;-) At only 3 years old she still a youngster, and she even manages to look cheeky in her photo! Watch out for this one.

Introducing CINNAMON: At just 2 years old this brindle girl has shown some guarding tendencies towards her owners that have caused them to be concerned how she will be on the arrival of their baby, due soon. We have taken Cinnamon for further assessment and she will be seeing a behaviourist as she is not a bad dog, but may have not had enough boundaries in place to help her be well-mannered. Her updates will prove to be very interesting too. She is in an experienced foster-home so we know that if she can be turned around, this is where it will happen, and we have every faith too.

Introducing JASMINE: You will have seen the foster post for this lovely girl, and we strongly suspect they may be a bit of American Bully going on there – she is a big lass, but that is just more to love. She wasn’t in great shape when collected and despite being a youngster has already had at least 3 litters, but is the most gentle, affectionate little love. She likes other dogs and children and is doing very well indeed in foster with a larger canine buddy so we cant wait for her updates.

Introducing KATANA: This is a very pretty little fawn girl who is not even a year old yet. But, by her owners own admission, she has been treated like a baby and is in danger if becoming a brat. She had already begun to think she was in charge and this was not a good scenario with young children visiting. The trust between owner and dog broke down and thus we were contacted. Katana is in foster and is doing very well at learning to be dog – still a very loved and treasured one, but a dog not a human. She has boundaries and is thriving with her male Frenchie pal to show her how things are done. Keep watching for more on her progress.

Introducing LEIA: Another little fawn girl, who has also been very loved but has come to us due to a change in circumstances; she is not quite 3 yet. Leia also has some quite alarming health issues with an extremely in-grown tail that will need major surgery. The poor little love isn’t having much fun just now as she is also troubled with her ears, they may be salvageable but time will tell. She was sedated and checked over by the vet yesterday as her medical records do show just how much she has been through, so she isn’t keen on vets – unsurprisingly. She really is in trouble from top to tail but is still a loving little girl at home, and her fosterer is tending to her needs with great love and care. Look out for fund-raising requests when her op draws nearer.

Introducing LUMIYA: Now adopted! Another youngster ,as this brindle girl is only 18 months old but was not happy sharing her space with a young toddler, so was moved for all round safety. She is a delight to her fosterers and I have some confidence that her updates will reflect that – and I have my doubts that she will leave them …. keep watching.

Introducing NUTMEG: This fawn lovely is 3 and has not been having the best of times lately due to an upset tummy, which may have been an on-going issue, but she is seeming much happier in herself today and is showing the usual Frenchie madness with zoomies around the garden! She is in foster with a mature gentleman Staffie and he must wonder what this little fire-cracker is all about! They do like each other though, which is very sweet. She will continue to be monitored in foster to see if we can find out what is making her unwell and keep you updated accordingly. Nutmeg may also be a medical case needing fundraising.

Introducing PARSLEY: This 2 year old fawn lad came to us via our friends at Birkenhead Kennels when he was handed in to them for the owners not having time for him. We don’t know much about him at this stage but that is what the assessment period in foster is designed to address. He is living with a male Frenchie and they have good days and bad, but it is all work in progress with at the moment. He may feel much better once he has been castrated but he has retained testicles so that wont be a comfy operation (all men reading this are now crossing their legs!). Keep watching for his progress.

Introducing PRINCESS: Now adopted! Does she really need an intro? You found out about her to some extent with the foster posts as we couldn’t just stand by and do nothing when she needed a home,could we? Not even if she isn’t a Frenchie and looks more EBT x SBT! What we didn’t know was that Princess is actually deaf, so she is learning some sign language and generally having a great time with her foster-family. I expect her updates will be very pink, fluffy and comical.

Introducing R2: Now Adopted! Poor little R2 got very confused when a baby arrived in his home. He is a very sweet brindle lad, who had done very nicely thank you without a baby in his 5 years with is family. At first he was scared and it made him anxious – this anxiety had started after the loss of his canine buddy a couple of years before – but then he decided he would protect the baby. No Dad, you cannot go near it, GO AWAY. Not ideal, and one very confused little lad whose stress bucket was filling more and more, so his owners took the decision to rehome him in the hope of draining out some of that unwanted stress. So far so good. He is in foster with a family and having a ball! I already have it on very good authority that children of the family have threatened never to speak to their parents again if R2 leaves – blimey, that must be a bit of quandary eh? Almost worth sending him packing…. but then R2 is worth a bit of chatter

Introducing ROSEMARY: How this little lady did not get accidentally left in my house is beyond me. She is a gorgeous girl with the sweetest temperament. Another fawn, with a beautiful dark mask, she has a Teddy Bear head that makes her so very cute! Sadly,she has been suffering with some on-going skin issues, that may be environmental, but her distraught owner just couldn’t afford the endless vet fees so asked us to help. She is in foster and doubtless being spoiled rotten, as she is used to and fully deserves Watch out for her updates and pictures, you will fall in love too.

Introducing TULIP: Remember Tulip? Yes, she was adopted but sadly is back with us due to changes in her home circumstances. She has had her cherry-eyes operated on but we think they may still need some attention so we will look into that for her. She is a little older and wiser now, but still not a year old, and still very affectionate and still very crazy! Her updates will also be amusing but her medical ones may be of concern.

Introducing HENLEY: A chocolate fawn lad of almost 4 years old; by his owner’s own admission, Henley has been a spoiled lad and now that circumstances have changed he is becoming rather anxious and displaying some guarding behaviour too. He can’t stay with his owner due to those changes in life and so we have him in foster to work on his confidence and help him to settle back down. Although perfectly understandable, he is yet another Frenchie who needs to learn that his behaviour is unacceptable, but he is not a daft lad and will settle. And he has been very loved indeed.

Introducing JET: Available for Adoption! My word we had a tough time getting the right foster home for this little two year old brindle lad, but all good things come to those who wait, and Jet is now within the Phoenix Fold. I have just tutted my way through all his updates because although he wasn’t getting along with the resident dog in his home and was causing all kinds of mayhem, I think he has become the most pampered pooch ever in foster! He has allied himself to the man of the house (male bonding), but does share his cuddles with females too, and likes to listen to a bit of guitar being played in the bar – I have photos!!!! To cap it all I have just read that he is off to the groomers today to be pampered … because he suffers so badly on a daily basis!!! That’s it, I am putting myself up for adoption!

Introducing SOLO PPP: You won’t get to see Solo as he is a PPP lad, but take it from me, he is adorable. Chez Cargill had the pleasure of over-nighting him when he first arrived and it was very doubtful he would leave as he bonded so well with both Zeppy, who was here at the time, and the resident Benoit. He is only just about 4 months old and was feared to have a heart murmur – yes another one. But it is also just a Grade 2, may have previously been a 3, but he is a growing lad and nothing is holding him back so he seems another that is likely to grow out of it. Again, the vet had no concerns with his overall health and he is just edible. I am sure you will hear about him in updates but imagine a cute, chubby, pied lad and you will get the picture in your mind.

Introducing SNIT: There’s a name to conjure with eh? I am SO glad we have left the Star Wars theme! But this is a very gorgeous lad who will be snapped up. Not yet 3 years old, Snit has an amazing temperament and loves humans. He has been very well socialised and loved and is another victim of life changing circumstances. He is a handsome brindle lad and there is absolutely nothing negative that I can say about him other than he may attack hoovers. Mine attack hoovers – that is why we have doors though, so no worries there! You will adore him when his updates are posted, I just oooohed and ahhhed my way through his details. He has also been very loved.


Introducing AAYLA. Now adopted! She is a wonderful little 5 year old brindle girl who is already in foster. She has some skin issues and allergies but rather sadly has also aggravated the allergies of a family member and so very reluctantly we need to find her another foster home too – more to come on that in a separate post. Aayla came to us a the result of a relationship break-up, very sad, and is a lovely little family dog. She is happy around children and dogs, but sadly not cats. I think she will be snapped up and you will hear much more about her.

Introducing AIDA. Another little lady, fawn and only 2 years old. She is in foster with a very handsome Frenchie lad and she seems to enjoy his company. Aida has had a tendency to some food guarding in the past but she doesn’t mind her pal at all and this is all very good for a dog that was known to be very bossy and liked to be in charge, and would guard ‘high-value’ resources such as treats and human food. Her bossiness is not so unusual in the breed, but does need to be managed, and thankfully she also demonstrates those other well known Frenchie traits of being very affectionate and entertaining! Her fosterers are working very well with her and are smitten, so we shall wait to see what happens there …

Introducing ASHOKA. What a sad case this little brindle love is – she was surrendered to a vet, underweight and nervous, has probably been bred but is absolutely tiny, is around 3 years old and the owners didn’t want her anymore because they couldn’t cope with her lack of toilet training. Say nothing, I know what you are thinking. Thankfully, we have fosterers that will give the time end effort needed to find out if she has never been properly taught, or maybe she has a genuine issue. She is settling into her foster home and we will keep you updated.


Introducing LUMINARA PPP.  Now adopted! I wish I could show you photos of this pied lady – she is so comical with the very best jawline ever! Yes, she is badly bred but she is adorable and her comical temperament is just backed up by her adorable face. She is not a year old yet, but yes, another dodgy source and safe now. She is in foster and living very nicely with resident pooches and she adores children too. She has not really been raised in the real world so the fact that she is embracing everything so positively is fabulous and she is enjoying every minute of it. And someone is also rather a water babe too so is very much enjoying trips to the seaside!

ORGANA PPP: Can you guess where our time has been spent the past few weeks? Yes, lots of genuine rescue, thus the rash of PPP pooches but that is what we are here for. Little Organa had actually been rescued a while back and was being lovingly nursed by a close contact but she deserved her own family and it makes way for more to be saved by that home. There were huge concerns surrounding Organa due to a heart murmur – yes, another dog with this! But again, no one seems to have told her and my word, she knows how to make friends and influence people as she is only months old and tiny, but a little explosion on legs! She is a fawn girl, very affectionate and very much needing other dogs, adores snuggling up with children and truly a joy to be around. She is in foster with another Phoenix pooch and being mothered beautifully. Organa is a delight.

PADME & SABE: Mother and daughter, years old and almost 2, both fawn and could not be separated. This was a horribly sad surrender due to personal circumstances and I can honestly say that I hate these ones the most as they are just so very sad. You can hate the puppy farmers and greeders but not the people who love their dogs and just have no control over the changes they experience, just so sad. Padme and Sabe have been very loved and have fitted straight into a wonderful family for foster. They are all very happy with the arrangement and I doubt we will be hearing that they need adopting elsewhere …. who knows eh?

CLAUDELL PPP: What a terrified bundle of mess this little girl was when collected. Rescued from a very dubious source, but grateful to be out, she is incredibly nervous and having lived in outdoor kennels she is struggling with her toilet-training. A little brindle girl, probably about 3 or 4 but looking MUCH older, she has been bred however many times and is now cast aside. Both ears are a mess and flop down but she is now getting the TLC that she desperately needs.

ENOLA PPP: I have to suppress a giggle as I write about this little girl because she came to us as a suspected ‘difficult’ case and her back-story made her sound like a complete thug! So we duly placed her into specialist foster, prepared for whatever she would need. But no, none if it. She is affectionate, walks nicely, even stands well on a vet table. Okay, so she is rather athletic and can be an escape artist but she is so FUNNY! Her foster-Mum has no idea how or when she does it but she sneaks upstairs to the bathroom and uses it as her own toilet! It is just too funny – she hasn’t managed to use the actual loo yet but give it time, lol. She was due to be spayed but has come into season so that is on hold but will be arranged. Look out for her adoption post very soon too. She is a very amusing little pocket-rocket.

FORTUNA PPP – Yes, another from a dubious source, sadly. This little lady was suspected of a heart murmur but it is nothing to worry about. She is a bit like our very own Zeppelin, bit of a murmur, likely to grow out of it but a good strong rhythm and heart beat, so no concerns. And that is just as well as this little girl is another pocket rocket! She is a little fawn girl, only around 18 month old and is either asleep or zooming! All or nothing; affectionate, funny and very happy. She has been spayed and enjoys the company of other dogs but can be slightly cautious around children so we wont be placing her with youngsters when her adoption comes up. She is a dot of a girl though and I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t carry another breed, maybe a wee bit of Chihuahua, as she is very delicately boned. She was skinny, but is coming on very nicely.

HAWKER: who has been ADOPTED move pretty quuckly around here and I can only apologise that Hawker has arrived, been in foster and was adopted this very weekend! But no one could blame them, he is a gorgeous boy and I am sure his RC can bring you a wonderful update on him so that you can see how stunning this blue pied lad is. He is almost 2 but really didn’t get along with the other males in the house so was surrendered to allow him and them to live quieter lives. He has embraced it for sure! Surrendered, fostered, adopted – because that is how we roll!

HUX: This poor lad came to us from an incredibly busy household, and although some dogs thrive on this, Hux isn’t one of them. He was lashing out in his confusion but his owner knew that it wasn’t his fault and asked for a quieter home for him. He is not quite 2 years old yet but needs a more tranquil life. He is in a foster-home now where his foster-parents are helping him to unpick the fear he has developed, have given him a quite routine and he is slowly morphing into the dog he should be. It was a selfless act for his owner to part with him, and a very emotional one, but he is able to be a much better dog for it. Look out for his updates.

JAINA PPP: Another absolute rescue – what a mess this skinny little mess came in as. She is a fawn girl who has been bred to the max. when she was spayed her recovery was quite painful and needed strong pain relief as her insides where such a mess, poor love. She is a little nervous and mutters to herself, which once seen and known to be nothing to worry about, is very funny and rather endearing actually. She was underweight and very unfit, probably never walked, had crusty build-ups on both ears and facial folds (now oiled off lovingly by massaging gently by her foster-Mum). Once her fitness has improved we will need to take a decision on her palate – she breathes badly when out but it is hard to say how much is general lack of fitness, anxiety or palate but both nostrils are very stenotic (nipped up) so we will monitor her carefully. She is being SO pampered now and lapping it up, just as she deserves.

JAMILLA PPP: The fact that Jamilla is a PPP dog (Phoenix Protection Programme) means that I can’t say half as much about her as I would like but let me say that the conditions she was rescued from were horrendous, truly. She was almost bald from demodex despite being only a year old. Oh yes, and she is a Bulldog! You know they just sneak in sometimes, and who are we to turn them away?? She was initially rescued by a close Phoenix contact who did a great job of getting her weight under control and starting her demodex control, and now that she is in foster Jamilla can work on her fitness. Fortunately for her she is with experienced Bulldog owners and they can help get her baggie body in shape, bless her. Her fur is growing back now and she is settling so well with them and looking like the beautiful red and white Bullie that she is meant to be.

ROSE TICO: s a beautifully-natured little blue brindle girl, very pale and unusual. She was not getting along at all well with a rather dominant Jack Russell and had gone from scared to ‘get in first’ – not surprising but not ideal either and the Jack Russell is old and set in his ways and being a more powerful dog meant that Rose Tico could, and did, cause injury. This was a sad surrender as obviously they needed to be separated but it was not a happy day for the family. Rose Tico is an affectionate girl who doesn’t want to fight, not at all, but she wont be walked over either. She is now in foster with a much larger and very placid male who just wants to be friends. And she has truly fallen on her paws here. When you read her updates and see her photos I am quite sure you will see why they love her.

SHMI: A member of the public had to buy Shmi to get her safe after seeing her advertised on a selling site. We refunded the £150 as she clearly needed to be made safe and was in a shocking condition. Her skin and ears need attention and we have no idea if anything the buyer was told has any truth to it or not, but that is why we assess and we will be able to let you know as time unfolds. So far, she is a scared little girl but TLC will hopefully mend her physically and psychologically in time.

SPIRIT: Now adopted! This lovely lady was originally rescued by her owner whilst working abroad. Very sadly, in a twist of fate, that same work means he now has to go abroad again and is not able to take Spirit with him. She is confident little pied girl, only just over a year old. She has a few little behaviours that need to be addressed but we can tell you much more in her foster updates to come.

YODA: There will be a foster to adopt post for Yoda tmrw as he needs to be a move for him to begin medical attention for palate at least. He was brought in from an advert for sale as he had previously been a stud dog. Lots more to come on him tmrw.

Introducing LETTICE: This was a very sad surrender because Lettice was very much loved but ever since being attacked by another dog when she was younger, she has found it hard to settle around other dogs and this has just worsened over time – she was beginning to cause real problems with the other dogs in the home. She is a beautiful blue brindle who has not long turned 4 but she needs a calm home where she can feel safe and not think that she has to defend herself. Lettice loves humans of all ages, but just not dogs and cats. She is in foster and we will bring you some gorgeous photos of her very soon, with updates on how she is settling.

Introducing MERLIN: There is a name to conjure with eh?! And what a magical lad this 6 month old blue fawn by is too. Another desperately sad surrender due to personal circumstances, but Merlin seems to have it all going for him in that he has no major issues, so let’s see what his updates bring us – lots of mischief from one so young and playful I hope!

Introducing SPIRIT: This little girl was originally rescued by her owner from Cyprus and is a wonderfully spotty pied girl. She is only just over a year old but sadly work commitments meant that she had to come to us, very sad indeed as she has clearly been very loved and well-cared for, and that shows in her demeanour. Spirit is a very confident and affectionate girl. She is also enjoying being pampered in her foster home so that seems to be something she has been used to – which is exactly as it should be for a Frenchie! Watch our for her updates too.

Introducing HARVARD: Now Adopted! It seems unfair to label this lad as one of our Problem Children because he is only 11 months old, but he has had a very unsettled start to life with at least 4/5 different homes that we are aware of. The chances of him knowing what is acceptable and not is greatly impaired by such instability. Harvard is a lovely brindle lad but has some guarding issues around food and toys too – this is not so unusual in a young dog but he needs to learn manners and this is slowly happening in his foster home. He is living with a resident dog who can guide him, but Harvard can be rather bossy (probably hormonal) and so we will watch his progress with interest and bring you updates accordingly.

Introducing HURRICANE: Quite an apt name for a windy Frenchie, eh? Fortunately though, our Hurricane is not as destructive as the real thing but he certainly does seem to have some anxieties around sudden, loud noises. He is a very handsome fawn lad with a real Teddy Bear look about him – I collected Hurricane from a local rescue centre where he had been for a couple of months but was attracting the wrong kind of home, unsurprisingly with his good looks. He has had a few homes in his short life, he is not quite 4 yet. He does have some anxiety issues and is with an incredibly patient and caring foster-family who want to help him through his issues. A wonderful resident dog can show him the way but he needs to be able to relax fully first and so we will give him all the help we can to do that. We plan to discover if he may have an inner ear issue, as all signs point to that and we want to do whatever we can to help him.

Introducing KEATES: Yes, at only a year old too we have another Naughty One but thanks to a VERY understanding, patient and caring foster family, Keates is being given some Impulse Control Training and they are working closely with our behaviourist to teach him some manners and go right back to basics. He is only 18 months old but has had problems with heightened excitement from very early on. We will bring you his updates and I am sure you will enjoy seeing this lovely blue-fawn lad.

Introducing AMELIA: I had the pleasure of collecting this little fawn girl myself, and what a little bundle of joy she is! She has gone into her foster home and immediately asserted her authority over the resident male Frenchie there (also a Phoenix lad) and he seems to know his place – which is wherever she tells him it is! She did have a history of being a tad bossy in her previous home, thus was re-homed as the other dogs were smaller and elderly too, so it was just not fair to them She is only just over year old and absolutely full of fun and mischief. Her updates should be very amusing indeed.

Introducing BANSHEE: Not of the screaming type we hope! She is only a baby too at a year old and is with us due to more sad personal circumstances. Banshee is a good all-round girl in that she likes children and other dogs but she has had a couple of moves already in her short life so her confidence and basic manners/training need developing. She has had an issue with an ear, giving that wonderfully lop-sided floppy look, but she is a very pretty, dark brindle girl. Her progress will be posted up shortly and we can see what she needs and how we can help her to become a more out-going lady.

Introducing BOEING: –WHO HAS BEEN ADOPTED  blue pied lad is a little bit of a sad story as his surrenderer originally rescued him herself from living outside in awful conditions, and he also had shocking demodex. She has done a great job in getting him cleaned up and gaining weight, well on his path to recovery, but as a busy mum herself she knew she couldn’t offer him the time he needed to continue his journey, so asked for our help. She has well and truly set him on the right road and we are very grateful for that. Boeing is only just over year too, and although it might not be so funny if it were in our own homes, we have been amused at some of his rather amorous antics! Naughty lad does adore his buddy (male) but he is just too cute to be cross with for long, and when you see the photos in his updates you will totally understand. He is coming along very well and his foster family are doing a fabulous job in rehabilitating him.

Introducing BOMBER: Now this a slightly more mature lad at 4 years old and he is a very handsome fawn boy. Bomber is with us due to sad personal circumstances too, and he really is a very gorgeous lad. He is in foster and enjoying a marvellous outdoor lifestyle, but we do think he will need palate/nare surgery as he is not keen on the warmer weather. Look out for his updates, especially if you like a nice landscape as his fosterers are rather good with a camera!


This 2 year old fawn boy isn’t happy being around younger children as he has allergies which make his ears very sore, and this of course makes him quite defensive and nervous. He has shown some fear issues but is being worked with carefully and patiently with his foster family to overcome these. He really does seem to be suffering with his allergies lately and so we are working with the vets to help him become more comfortable and try to find a longer-term solution so that he can relax and be the dog he needs and wants to be. Cirrus can be a very affectionate lad but has had these skin issues for all of his life, so has probably been on edge and on-guard for much of it too. He is being a nice lad to his resident Frenchie pal and we hope she will help him to relax and learn to dog.


**** INTRODUCING ZEPPELIN **** Now Adopted!

No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is indeed a Baby Bulldog. Zepp is only 15 weeks old. He was a very emotional surrender on personal grounds. It was doubly important that Zepp be kept safe as has been flagged up with a heart murmur, which has yet to be officially graded but was thought to be around a grade 3 – quite serious.

He is off to the vet today, accompanied by none other than her Royal Wonkiness, Madam La Wonk! We will then know if a referral is needed, and will keep you posted.

The Cargill Clan are currently taking good care of him 😊




None for ages then ex-breeding ladies come along like buses – isn’t is sad? These wonderful girls, never old, usually only between 2-5 years old are such amazing pets and settle so well and so gratefully. Cellini is just such a pooch – only we weren’t quite told the truth about her age and she is probably 6/7 years old and not the 2 years that we were told. She is a dumpy little brindle lady, so cant ever have been too far away from the food rations, but is now exercising well so will soon look fitter. It matters not to her though as she is loving life and has settled very well indeed.

It is hardly surprising she has nothing to complain about, she has been out and about and fitted for all new accessories, has a canine buddy and a family who adore her. She also needs attention to her ears, but she has fallen on her paws and will want for nothing.




Claudell is one of our Phoenix Protection Programme (PPP) dogs, which means we cant show you photos. This happens when a dog comes to us from an undesirable background and to release too much information may endanger the safety of other dogs that need to be rescued. This means that we cant bring you any photos, which is not always such a bad thing as they can be in very poor condition, an it is quite upsetting.

Claudell is an ex-puppy farm girl, brindle and around 3 years old. She has recently had a litter and is very nervous and scared. She hasn’t yet been able to be walked on a lead because she is terrified, but she has been placed in a calm, gentle home where she trusts her foster-Mum and feels safe. She can take as long as she needs, she is safe now and apart from having shocking ears, which may yet require further investigation, she is doing well so far.




Dumas is simply adorable. I really could leave it right there. She was rescued from a puppy farm by her previous owner, and had her own dogs not become very ill and needed more care, Dumas would never have come to us as she was much loved. It was precisely that selfless love that did see her come to us though, as she needed and deserved more attention – and is certainly getting it now!

It seems that Dumas loves children and very much enjoys their company, unsurprising as she is a gentle soul and not quite 4 years old herself yet. She has settled without any issues but her fosterers have struggled to get photos of her when she is not asleep because once she is awake all pictures are blurred – she is a busy girl!

We will keep you updated on the antics of Dumas but




Available for Adoption

Yes, another little PPP lady and also rescued from a puppy farm. She is suffering from an badly haematoma-ed ear, as well as them both being in poor condition internally too. She is recovering well from demodex and is just SO affectionate, despite her poorly ear. She cuddles up to your chest to get to your face for kisses, almost hugging you with her front legs – even the vet got the same treatment! She really is a divine little lady.

Romney has settled well into foster care with a family who also have anther dog, and she is being loved to distraction – and not a moment too soon – and returning it tenfold. We are not sure if she will need surgery to the ear, it is being treated and monitored and so we will keep you updated.




This handsome lad has come to us as his previous owners live abroad and are expecting a baby and all in all it is not to Dali’s tastes. He is a 4 year old lad, raised in the UK, but who enjoys people very much and is very partial to a stroll on the beach – aren’t we all eh?

He is in foster with a couple who simply adore him and also enjoy walking on the beach, so he certainly got lucky too – we do love a good match!




Bambi has come to us instead of being PTS – she is not quite 6 months old yet and has been paralysed since birth; sh eis very small for her age too. Her future is by no means certain as we need to determine just how severe her condition is and balance this with a quality of life. She is doubly incontinent and this can bring its own issues too, depending on the reasons why, but it seems that Bambi just hasn’t been made properly.

However, just when we were beginning to have some very bleak discussions about her future, she has shown some signs of improvement with her toiletting and is no longer ‘just going’ constantly, but developing some bowel control – this is progress indeed. She is with a foster-Mum who will not give up on her, but will also not allow her to suffer. Bambi does love life though; she eats well, is happy, perky, pesters the other dogs – she is a proper puppy in all ways and has never known any differently as far as movement is concerned. And she has no pain.

We will be taking things VERY slowly with Bambi, assessing her on a daily basis and doing everything we possibly can to make her stronger – even if she needs to join the Wheelie-Club.



Image may contain: dog

Ooooo this boy is so handsome!! I fell for his good looks as soon as I met him and he really is a fab lad. He was surrendered due to a change of circumstances and he has been very well cared for and is a very balanced, well-mannered lad who has been with his owner since a pup; he is almost 5 now.

Wordsworth is a chilled boy in the home but loves playing with the children in his new foster-family, and this seems to be a generally well reciprocated arrangement, which is great for Mum who gets them all worn out at the same time!

He is a very spoiled lad already and has a very flashy new bed and matching collar – what a fashion victim eh? Teal is definitely his collar and he looks very happy about it too.



Image may contain: dogImage may contain: indoor
Image may contain: dogNo automatic alt text available.No automatic alt text available.

This lad has elicited so many ooos and ahhhhs from me as I have been through his photos and history that even Mr C has had a look! Just look at him! Bear is only 4 but the poor chap looks about 44, and it is all due to demodex. He is so adorable though.

He came in under very sad circumstances where his care had been neglected on financial grounds due to a decline in personal circumstances, and his demodex had flared back up and truly taken hold. He was sore and itchy and also very thin. Thankfully, this is all changing due to some amazing care in initial foster to get him comfortable, and now his on-going rehab in his foster-home is seeing him wonderfully happy and even beginning to play.

The condition of Bear is classic demodex, not just the sore patches and fur loss but the heavily thickened feet too, ears will begin to thicken and the skin is sore and almost scaly on his belly in particular. This needs time and care, nothing too fancy, just more of that wonder-drug TLC, and a very different dog will emerge. I am very much taken with this little Bear and suspect many others will be too BUT



Image may contain: cat and indoor

What a little sweetie eh? He is only a year old and was being a tad naughty with his toilet-training, and his owner simply did not have time for him, so here he is. Needless to say that his fosterer is delighted, and who wouldn’t be to have such a little beauty around the home?

Toilet training and socialisation are going well, he wants to be a good boy and he is trying very hard but it is nothing that time, love and patience cant overcome. Maybe without the jumper though .. although the snow was VERY cold!

Oh yes, I see happy days ahead for this lad …



Image may contain: dog

Mouse is deaf but has been incredibly well-trained to signing and has a list of abilities well beyond the range of most well-trained hearing Frenchies.

He is only 18 months old and was a much-loved family pet but started to display unpredictable behaviour, which with a young family around him was simply not acceptable or safe. I must stress that he had never bitten but his sudden change of mood was causing concern, and so rather than waiting until there actually was problem, we were asked to find him a child-free home.

The change of home would have been a stressful for him as it is for any dog, and so some of his earlier behaviour problems were attributed to this, and were also part of the assessment process to see what worked for Mouse and what didn’t. Sadly, yesterday we had a major incident with him and due to the nature of this we were very concerned for his future. But we don’t give up that easily, and we are also blessed to have some absolutely amazing followers who step up to the plate when needed.

And so, Mouse has been moved, is settling well and we will be monitoring him very closely – and safely – with his fosterers being fully appraised of all previous behaviour and needs, and fully supported in this too. We will keep you updated on Mouse.And yes, that wee pied bottom has found a pal to walk nicely with.



I have just had quite a giggle looking through all the chats and photos of this little lady – she is not quite 2 years old yet but as cute as she looks there is a truly cheeky glint in her eye! And she is disemboweller of stuffed toys, so that confirms it!

Apple really is a pretty little thing and came to us because she was being left for long periods of time each day due to work commitments and, as with children, boredom was leading to naughtiness. She is now living with a pug-buddy in her foster-family and they do seem very happy together. Many of the photos of Apple are of her surrounded by toys and laying with all paws in the air, oblivious to the world, so I think we can rule out any stress.

We will enjoy her updates although I suspect they may involve the death and destruction of a few toys, but as long as those are her only victims (no carpets or sofas!), all will be well ….. !


 Image may contain: indoor

Here is another little deaf pooch – Orchid was rescued from a life of breeding having had around 4 litters already. She really is a beautiful little thing and is only 5 years young.

She was not happy around the young grandchild in the rescuers home and was also not getting along with another dog, maybe due to her lack of socialisation previously. In foster-care she has been the model pooch and really blossomed. Her photos clearly show that she feels like the cat that got the cream. Her foster-Mum assures me that she is even more beautiful in real life. Orchid is a very relaxed and affectionate little girl.



Image may contain: cat and indoor

This pretty little lady is almost 5 years old and came to us because she was fighting with other dogs in the home but was coming off worse for it. Not nice.

She was cautiously placed into foster with an experienced owner and a very placid male Frenchie and wouldn’t you know it, they are buddies. Sometimes it truly is a personality issue that causes issues, it happens with humans and it happens with dogs too. Duffy is a very affectionate little lady who is loving life and has definitely fallen on all four paws.

I have just realised that this is the second one today that we have set up as a love match, Frenchie to Frenchie! Lonely Hearts Club for Frenchies! If it makes them happy then what could possibly be better. She even shares the love with the cat – which is actually almost the same size as her, so probably for the best ..



You know I [very] often say that if you want to adopt then it is always good to consider fostering too because you CAN adopt the dog you foster? Well guess what?!!

The foster period is generally 2/3 weeks, and some people just know within days (hours?) that that dog is THE one and count the days down to signing the contract, which is superb for the dog. Crab has been lucky enough to be one of these dogs and has come to us from a home where work commitments meant he was alone for too long and so was making a nuisance of himself, and at only just over 18 months old he has settled in and made himself at home VERY quickly!

I can see why that cheeky little face would steal a person’s heart though – he does look adorable.

So, have you considered fostering …….

Remember when we needed a home for a paralysed pied boy, only 3 years old, for whom spinal surgery had not worked? Of course, you all rallied and we had plan A, B and C in place within half an hour! Amazing.

Becket went off to his Forever Home with an experienced lady who had a paralysed Frenchie of her own, before losing him. Everything was ready for this wonderful boy, that I had the pleasure of meeting with his heartbroken family. They were given so much relief to know that although they weren’t able to give him what he needed now, he would still get it and still have the possibility of a fulfilled and happy life. And that is exactly what he is getting. And he likes TV ….

Yes, he sometimes gets frustrated because he wants to walk – and cant – but has so much courage and determination. He makes a very good effort of getting to where he needs to be though, and he loves a game with the resident Frenchie and another pal too, so still has company and stimulation. He is having physio to keep everything toned and has his wheels for longer outdoor treks. I cant wait for his fosterer to bring you updates of his exploits and we shall eagerly look forward to those. This is a very special boy and I am delighted were we able to help him.



Salome was only with his surrendering owner for a few months as she had actually rescued him from a unpleasant home herself, but sadly he found the attentions of her young son too much to cope with, and so she asked us to help him.

He is only 18 months old and has had a very rough start to life so far but we are delighted to say that is now behind him. He is just needing some on-going maintenance to deep facial folds, has suffered with an eye ulcer too, but all in all is in good health and learning to enjoy life. He lives with another dog in foster that is the size of small horse and absolutely loves the tug games they play – all very character-building!

I am quite sure you will see more of his exploits as he finds his paws and we look forward to sharing them with you.




Image may contain: dog
Image may contain: dog

I have had to smile to myself as I have looked through the pictures of Picasso because just about every single one of them is blurred – this is one VERY busy year old boy! Even as I was chatting to the manager who assessed him I found myself giggling at his exploits, but could completely understand how he would be too much for a young family to manage, so I did sympathise with them. Stealing hair bobbles from a child is one thing, but not when they are still in the hair …..

Yes, he is naughty, but not malicious in ANY way. He is young and unruly; funny if you don’t have to live with it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but definitely needing to be addressed if you do – and that is what his foster family are doing. He is also with an older lady Frenchie to teach him some manners and once he realised that she was not interested in his clumsy, amorous advances, things have started to calm down.

Picasso is very much a work in progress but is affectionate and funny with it so bound to be hugely loved and enjoyed. And he is unashamedly handsome too.



Banksy is one of our PPP dogs (Phoenix Protection Programme )so I can’t bring you photos, or give too much information, for the safety of him and his fosterers but I can tell you he is very young and deaf too. We seem to be seeing more deaf dogs lately, but as the owner of a deaf dog myself I find it doesn’t necessarily have to define the dog. It certainly isn’t stopping Banksy from having a fabulous time in foster; he likes to play and is learning his manners nicely. He did have very poor skin but even this is clearing nicely now. He has been deaf from birth and so knows nothing else, we will keep you updated on his progress.

Sometimes the only medicine a dog needs is a huge dollop of TLC


*** INTRODUCING FUNGUS **** Now Adopted!

No automatic alt text available.
This lad is a handsome fella and has a wee bit of the old British Bullie thrown in for good measure – it is that which gives him his chiselled jaw, doncha know?! And the slightly unusual ears, but unique is always good.

He is not quite 2 years old and came to us as he was being left alone for too long due to working commitments. He has not put a paw wrong in foster and has had nare and palate surgery, as well as suffering the loss of his manhood, and all with good humour.

We will get you some updates and better photos of Fungus in foster shortly