16th October 2017

Doris Foster Update x

***Doris Foster Update *** Doris has had a wonderful week in foster she really is thriving and has become quite the guard dog when people are walking pass looking out […]
13th October 2017


We have 3 lovely dogs available for adoption: Thierry – get in quick his adoption post ends today!! if you are interested in Thierry please hurry!!! Mindy – applications end […]
12th October 2017


**** FOSTER HOME NEEDED FOR CHRISTINE **** And the 2nd of our as-perfect-as-rescue-gets dogs is Christine; she is around 4 years old and was a breeding dog earlier in her […]
12th October 2017


Teresa Cargill 12 October at 10:36 **** FOSTER HOME NEEDED FOR FESTER **** I have a couple of rarities for you today, and this is the first of those: First […]
12th October 2017


**** UPDATE **** Still needing their Forever Homes are: THIERRY MINDY Needing foster homes are: WINIFRED (see her post) CHRISTINE (post to follow) FESTER (post to follow) HELSING (see his […]
11th October 2017

Introducing Sidney!

**** INTRODUCING SIDNEY **** Here is another one of those ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ pictures that actually belies an ‘I will if I want to’ attitude. Sidney has been surrendered to […]
11th October 2017

Zach – Now Adopted!

**** DID YOU KNOW, ZACH WAS ADOPTED? **** No, you didn’t, because I forgot to put up his post – sack me now! ………………………. (please??!) Zach went to a wonderful […]
11th October 2017

DAVE – Foster Update!

**Dave in foster** I’m putting in a complaint – WHO decided new walks were a good idea?! I hate mud. I hate water. Never let foster mum take me to […]
11th October 2017

DORIS – Foster Update

*** Doris Foster Update *** Well what can i say about this little lady! she certainly is loving her foster family and all the fuss and cuddles… and no more […]
11th October 2017

Foster Home Needed for Helsing**

**** FOSTER HOME NEEDED FOR HELSING **** This lad may also be a bit of a Problem Child, but only because he cannot stand other dogs. He was attacked as […]
5th October 2017

Can you Help Foster Kevin????

**** FOSTERER STILL NEEDED FOR KEVIN **** I am re-posting this with a picture of our Kev, because I fail to see why he has not yet been snapped up. […]
5th October 2017

Introducing Alice xx

***** INTRODUCING ALICE ****** ‘Hi all, My name is Alice and I’ve been with my new foster family for a week now. It’s such an adventure. I have a new […]
3rd October 2017

Welcome Beryl x

**** INTRODUCING BERYL **** Isn’t she adorable??? This 2 year old girl has just landed in foster-care and has been a joy on her journey getting there. She is 2 […]
2nd October 2017

Dave in Foster

**Dave in foster** Dave has had a fantastic week! Main foster mum is off on hols so he’s been bunking with the other members of the household and having a […]
2nd October 2017

Doris in Foster Update

*****Doris In Foster Update ***** Doris is no longer on crate rest and she’s very happy about this she is finally free😉Doris has a check up booked at the vets […]
2nd October 2017

Update on Willow in Foster

**Willow in foster** Look guys I made a friend! He’s only a puppy so maybe that’s why i didn’t grumble at him… And he looks just like me! What a […]
2nd October 2017

Get in quick if you are applying to adopt Pootle!!!!

Check out the adorable Pootle on our adoption page!  His applications close tomorrow so if you think he is the pup for you please send in your application ASAP!!
21st September 2017

Could you Foster Kevin????

**** FOSTERER NEEDED FOR KEVIN **** Kevin is a 4 year old fawn lad with a slight weight problem – don’t judge, it isn’t his fault! His waistline has ‘thickened’ […]
18th September 2017

Introducing Doris!

**** INTRODUCING DORIS **** I would love to be able to show you more photos of Doris but she is currently on strict crate-rest and so none look too fabulous, […]
18th September 2017

Well Hello Trevor!! xx

**** INTRODUCING TREVOR **** This little lad was a very reluctant surrender but his owners could not get him to eat properly, couldn’t get him to gain weight, there was […]
18th September 2017

Introducing Orville

**** INTRODUCING ORVILLE **** Here is another lad who may have been being a bit of a naughty teenager, but then again he IS a teenager at only 20 months […]
18th September 2017

Welcome Cedric!

**** INTRODUCING CEDRIC **** Oh my word – how did this one miss coming to Chez Cargill?? Maybe because there is No Room at the Inn, but looking though his […]
18th September 2017

**Introducing Matilda**

**** INTRODUCING MATILDA **** Except I cannot SHOW you Matilda as sadly she is a PPP girl. She has come from a background of breeding and is now safe with […]
18th September 2017

Introducing Dave xx

**** INTRODUCING DAVE **** Another ‘hello handsome’ eh? Dave has come in through the very saddest of situations as he was already a rescue and was very much saved by […]