10th July 2017

Moses – Adoption Update

💙 Moses Adoption update 💙 Moses now called Monty has got all 4 paws under the table and is officially adopted ☺️ Monty won our hearts from the minute we met him. He […]
30th June 2017

PFBR Cool Coats Now Available on our Auction Page!!!

We now have some amazing cool coats available to buy on our Auction page – Buy it Now prices – and available in Small, Medium and Large! Click HERE to […]
27th June 2017

Lets Welcome Gibson!

 **** INTRODUCING GIBSON **** Gibson is a very busy boy, and a very handsome one too. He is only 2 but can be very boisterous and mouthy. He needed a […]
27th June 2017

Introducing Brando to PFBR

**** INTRODUCING BRANDO **** Brando is a blue pied lad who has had a change in behaviour and has snapped a couple of times at his owner, but as the […]
27th June 2017

**Rio is now available for Adoption**

**** RIO IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION **** Yes, you thought he was settled and home and dry – we did too but because Rio can be a little protective of […]
27th June 2017

**Pascal is available for Adoption**

*** PASCAL IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION *** It is with a very heavy heart that I am posting this as Pascal is a top boy who just needs to be […]
22nd June 2017

Welcome Some New Dogs…

**** SHHHHH, got some new names to watch out for over the next week or so …. ***** We will soon be welcoming the following pooches: GIBSON DENZEL DENIRO BRUCE […]
22nd June 2017


**** NEWS * NEWS* NEWS **** A couple of Happy Ever Afters to let you know about. Both Noah and Eden have been officially adopted – YAY! They are both […]
22nd June 2017

Cilla is Home!!!

**** CILLA IS HOME !!!! **** Cilla is now officially home too, and absolutely loving it. She has a buddy and has made herself very comfy. Well done Cilla, you […]
21st June 2017

Do You Live In Wales? Volunteers Needed!

DO YOU LIVE IN WALES??? If so … WE NEED YOU…! 🐾Could you help with home assessments in your local area? 🐾Would you be able to help with transporting dogs […]
21st June 2017

Events This Weekend!! 24th & 25th June 2017

*** UP-COMING EVENTS *** This weekend will see me mostly shouting myself hoarse as someone foolishy gives me a microphone – again. They just don’t learn do they?! We have […]
20th June 2017

Lulu needs her forever home!

*** LULU IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION *** Lulu is a fabulous little lady and after a very rocky beginning to her life she came to us earlier this year and […]
20th June 2017

Martha is available!!

**** MARTHA IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION **** I would love to share a picture of Martha with you but she is one of our PPP dogs and we cant show […]
19th June 2017

Bronson Update

**** BRONSON UPDATE **** 19/06/2017 Thank you to everyone who applied for Bronson – and yes, there were lots of you! We have been very specific in his needs and […]
16th June 2017

Amazon Wishlist Update

I have just done a stock-take and updated the Amazon wishlist:…/wishlist/2Q5P…/ref=cm_wl_list_o_6?  
16th June 2017

Easy Fundraising

Aren’t we doing well? But we can do even better if you all just remember to do your online shopping through the easyfundraising app – it is so simple that […]
16th June 2017

3 Peaks Fundraiser Update

Completely overwhelmed that people are still donating for our epic climb. What a battle with the elements. An experience I will never forget. Thank you so much everyone for your […]
16th June 2017

How it all works….

**** HOW IT ALL WORKS **** Hello all, just to clarify, for all you lovely newbies (welcome!), if you would like to be a fosterer please contact your RC (Regional […]
16th June 2017

Introducing Hannah

**** INTRODUCING HANNAH ****  16/06/2017 I am ashamed to say that this little lovely has been overlooked for introduction – shame on me! This lovey little brindle girl has come […]
16th June 2017

Introducing Hayden

**** INTRODUCING HAYDEN ****  16/06/2017 This gorgeous 2 year old lad has literally JUST joined us and has come from a lovely home who were very sadly unable to keep […]
15th June 2017

Jacob is available for adoption!

**** JACOB IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION **** Isn’t he handsome? This lad just looks like a big Teddy Bear, and when it suits him he is just as cuddly – […]
13th June 2017

Adoptions Update…

*** ADOPTIONS UPDATE *** Quick update for all who are waiting with baited breath; if you have not heard from us then your applications to adopt: CILLA PORTIA MOSES ELI […]
13th June 2017

Almost at 4000 members!!!

I can see us sneaking past 4000 members very soon – only 230 to go, Did you know that Phoenix FBR has been ‘live’ for 6 months now? We […]
6th June 2017

Doggy Update!!!

**** DOGGIE UPDATE TIME! **** I will be doing some other updates today too but decided to do just the pooches in this one so that you can at least […]