Coppola and Campion are looking for their forever sofa.......

Invitations to adopt are open for this special pair of ladies.

The ladies are a little older than our other dogs that frequently come in, their ages are around 10 & 7 approximately. They are a beautiful pair of girls that are very much a bonded pair who came in to Phoenix under extremely sad circumstances and have now been assessed ready for adoption.

Their current fosterer has been amazing with them and for her input and patience we are super thankful!

So what do the girls like?

  • They do like an early rise and will let you know they’re awake - 5:30am isn’t unusual!

  • They also do like bedtime if you’re an early bedder it’s a plus point in their favour, they both enjoy snuggles on the sofa until 8pm and like to bed down by 10pm.

  • The girls have shown no signs of aggression with regards to strangers or food so a good point to note.

  • Campion plays now and again for 5 mins but is more interested in getting cuddles and sleeping as most old girls are.

  • Coppola is playful and loves both a ball and soft toy.

  • Walks; we have one who walks her bahookie off and one who’s a lazy bum! Campion loves to walk whereas Coppola will feign an illness to get out of her walk, in fairness she is an old girl with old joints so we can forgive her.

  • If you have to pop out they can be left on their own for a couple of hours with no destruction.

What don’t the girls like?

  • Meet and greet morning/afternoon/evening strolls - we 100% do need to work on meetings outside with other canine faces. The girls just need a bit more socialisation as it’s quite clear they’ve been a couple who haven’t met a lot of other dogs in their time. As always though behaviourist help is available via Phoenixfbr at times when they need it.

  • Kitty cats, they will chase and bark

  • Excessive car journeys, lots of panting and shivering from the girls but they will both tolerate being crated on drives out and this eases the stress. Again it’s a little foible but something that needs working on if you plan to drive up and down the UK on a regular basis.

So what are we looking for from you?

  • A couple, we feel a single person on their own would possibly find two too much.

  • Patience - the girls are older, set in their ways but still very eager to learn so spade loads of patience and treats would be a huge advantage please

  • Older children - yes but 12yrs + would be better

  • Cats - no thanks

There are also a couple of health issues to make you aware of:

  • Both girls are booked in to be spayed.

  • We have also noticed small mammary lumps so these will be looked into.

  • We have some dental care possibly needed to be looked at too.

Other than that the girls are loving and just big sooks, always following you, looking for cuddles and just waiting on that forever sofa to snuggle on.

Do you think you fit the bill?

Please apply to adopt them by filling out an adoption application. Please ensure that you have registered your details with us before you apply.

Applications close on Monday 28 June 2021.