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Introducing THE WOMBLES

Updated: Jun 6

In foster - no applications please

We have a little story to share with you ..... it is all about The Wombles but Wimbledon Common is nowhere in sight! Younger members may not get that reference, apologies. Here is the story, it can be read to your children if you like .... it is long, so grab a drink and make yourselves comfy.

Once upon a time a kind lady rescued a female Frenchie who was only just a year old. She had been treated VERY badly and was extremely psychologically damaged (you can explain that to your small people, a bad man had hurt her) and she needed very gentle handling with lots of love. The kind lady already had this little girl's brother, who is a kind and gentle boy, and he welcomed her into his home. BUT, when the kind lady wasn't looking, the two youngsters were very, very naughty - and the girlie doggy started to get very fat .....

The kind lady had managed to gain the trust of the little girl but knew she couldn't possibly manage all the pups or afford a c-section, and when she was scanned the little girl had at least 7 tiny heartbeats inside her. The lady was very scared but very sensible too, so she asked Phoenix if they could help her.

One of the lovely Phoenix RCs went to see the lady that very day, who was very upset because she didn't want to see the little girl passed on again having worked so hard to make her feel safe. Sadly, the little girl dog was not happy to see our lovely RC and tried to bite her several times because she was very scared indeed. A plan was needed.

The plan was decided that because Phoenix care about the welfare of all Frenchies, they would cover the cost of the c-section when she was ready (not for the children, but this was needed due to SO many being inside her and with a brother/sister mating you just don't know what you are going to get), and we would spay her at the same time because she must not have more puppies. She is a very young dog and her behaviour made us worried that she may also harm her babies, so if necessary we were on standby for hand-rearing. Sadly, that plan went rather out of the window because she was so very full of puppies that they started to try their own way out of her tummy too soon the very next day in fact! She was rushed to the vets and everyone waited and hoped for the best.

Mummy had TWELVE babies on 19th May 2020. However, she was very young and the vet was very worried about her in the operating room; he did manage to save her and mend her fully. They wanted to keep her for the night but she recovered well and was allowed home. Sadly, four pups didn't make it, they just hadn't cooked for long enough, but 8 began their journey down the motorway to the safety of a Phoenix incubator with oxygen. One little pup was too poorly and didn't make it even though the lovely RC stopped on a motorway to give him mouth to nose resuscitation, but he was just too weak and she was very upset, but 7 did arrive safely and so she did a good job. They were put into the incubator and everyone waited and watched to see what happened.

This next part may not be suitable for children:

This was a truly sickly, premature litter. They were originally scanned as being only 5 days early but they appeared to be at least 10 days premature as there was very little hair on them, they couldn't suckle, were full of fluid and had very weak chests - we knew it would be touch and go to see who made it. One had a cleft-palate, ironically the largest one, and there was a distinct 'runt' - horrible word but bless him he was not strong. He will be called Wellington. It will be touch and go as to whether or not he makes it, but as you already know, we won't give up without a fight. Sadly, the Cleftie struggled with his breathing, had a strangely shaped chest and head and was very weak; he was revived twice but failed to thrive and slipped away peacefully. Each day was wait and see for who would improve or decline. All were being tube fed but their digestive systems were not mature enough and so we had some 'toileting' issues but these have now regulated, thankfully. Only now have we felt confident enough to tell their story and share their on-going progress, to do so earlier seemed like tempting fate, and so we waited. And so we now have 6 Wombles, and hope for it to stay that way. Please keep everything crossed.

As you know, L'Escargot is happily incubating her own pups currently and she will join the madhouse known as Chez Cargill around the end of the first week of June. It is hoped that the Wombles may join us here slightly earlier, when they can be bottle-fed, and that L'Escargot can help to 'mother' them with her own, although she won't be feeding them but she can show them how to pup like a real dog.

These are very much tentative times but we certainly will keep you updated with their progress and hope to bring you more tales of Wombling underground and overground in the coming weeks (another reference for the older members!) And so we introduce to the 3 girls and 3 boys that will collectively known as the Phoenix Wombles.

Update as of 2nd June:

These little munchkins are still fighting like warriors. They still require antibiotics for their chests and drops for their poorly eyes. They are tube fed as they were born with no suckle action and it's too risky to attempt bottle feeding while their chests are still noisy.

They are growing well, all have more than doubled in size or even tripled. Even the smallest, Wellington, has doubled in size too but he’s still very small compared to his siblings. We know these little munchkins very well and who needs what and when, who must be fed first, second and so on.

Each has issues we're working with but with them being born so prematurely it’s a waiting game to see if they improve, They might be 2 weeks old now but in theory they are not at the same stage as other puppies their age. If they were born around their due date they would only be roughly a week old.

Update 6th June:

That feeling you get after a night on the milk...……...….

We have had a few ups and downs over the last few days which ended up with Tomsk spending a few hours at the vets with a poorly tummy. He has picked up again now and fully enjoying his food again!

Each pup has something we’re dealing with but we're working away at this and hopefully they will overcome it soon. They get so excited when the tube gets anywhere near their mouths - they do love their milky! However, they're not so happy about their cleaning routine though!‍♀️ They are still receiving oxygen therapy but time off of it has now started to increase so fingers crossed they manage. This will be a process over a week or two. They are still on antibiotics for their chests and drops for their eyes but we’re still putting up the fight for them.

And, another reminder, ABSOLUTELY NO APPLICATIONS will be accepted. Please do not message team members regarding this as we will not reply. We are just simply too busy making sure these babies, along with the rest of the Clefty Clan get the full attention they deserve.

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