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Updated: Apr 21

WENSUM - Male, Almost 4 yrs, Castrated


Wensum is a large, boisterous, brindle boy almost 4 years old. He is quarter Pug but this does not seem to have made any difference to his size as he is a big boy, but he has a tail.

He is in superb health and has been castrated - his nose is slightly longer than some so this means that he can walk and walk and walk some more! As a youngster, Wensum was attacked by a British Bulldog and this has made him quite cautious around other dogs and he has never lived with one. However, in an experienced home with the ability to separate and do gradual introductions, he would probably be just fine with a calm female, and it could also help him to settle. Although he is fine with humans of any age, he does have a tendency to 'mouth' and gnaw visitors' hands, although he stops with a firm 'ah!' and does not do this to any family members in his current home. It seems to be an excitement thing as, once introduced and fussed, he goes off to enjoy a toy or a sleep. He is very over-excitable with visitors at the moment because family illness and children leaving home have meant that he is left for long periods of time now and his owner is very aware that this is making him unhappy. It is a very sad surrender and anyone taking him on should know that he has been a very loved and important member of the family, and he needs and deserves to have that again.


Wensum can be homed with much older, dog savvy, children only - no exceptions as he is heavy and jumps up, so 12+ only.

No cats and no other dogs, unless in a home that can separate initially if needed. Wensum needs someone with an active lifestyle where he can get out and about and enjoy himself. He can be left, but we don't want him to be left for long on a regular basis as that is precisely why he is coming to us for a new home.

No applications yet please.

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