BOROGROVE (a 'failed' foster)

This beautiful little girl moved in, settled right down, got herself a new nickname and a new adoptive Mummy. Yes, that’s right, little Miss Sassy Pants aka Borogrove has been adopted by her loving foster family.

She has managed to completely wrap her family around her paws, with love and patience they are seeing huge improvements and she has come on leaps and bounds since being with them.

She has lots of playdates with a gorgeous Frenchie, loves her long walks with her new mum and has great fun playing in the garden, albeit it does have to be when the Scottish weather allows.

Borogrove says cuddles on the sofa are the best and she likes to share with her fellow French friend occasionally.

Borogrove was part of a very sad surrender in January 2021. She came to Phoenix and has experienced some huge changes. Unfortunately she had to go back to basics on the house training but her fantastic foster family were more than patient with the little dot and she’s getting there. She’s quickly became very attached to her foster mummy and made a gorgeous Frenchie friend and she’s enjoying the company.

Borogrove was very lucky to have joined a lovely positive foster family who have certainly taken her under their wing and has more than enough snuggles on the sofa to contend with.