IDA is home

Ida was a very sad surrender back in May 2021. It was clear from the outset that she wasn't going anywhere once she arrived with her foster family as they soon decided to adopt her!

The following is a note from her 'hooman' sister:

This is our fancy Frenchie Phoenix Ida aka Madame Fifi la Pooch.

When she first came to live with us she wasn't feeling quite herself but she's been coming out of her shell ever since and her paws were firmly under the table from the beginning.

She's settled in very well with the help of her new fur sisters and they have a lot of fun together. Her feather sisters aren't so keen and always let her know that they rule the roost!

Madame Fifi has curly whiskers, a pom-pom tail and a musical bottom! Her favourite things are the oven, the BBQ, the fridge, running after her ball in the garden and cuddles. The greetings she gives us in the morning and after school are out of this world and although she's only been here for a few weeks but to us she's been here forever.

(June 2021)