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Introducing LAGUNA

In foster - no applications please

Laguna arrived into the Phoenix fold just before lockdown. We cannot show any pictures of this beautiful girl as she is one of our PPP dogs, but we can let you know how she is settling in.

"Hi everyone I'm Laguna. I can't show you my extremely pretty face though as I'm something Foster mom keeps calling PPP but I am gorgeous.

I have been in for a short while now just as lockdown started so making the most of my one walk a day. However I would love lots of walks as long as they don't interrupt with my sleep! Sleep is very important you know!

I'm currently with living with my fur sister and three mini hoomans and we play lots. I love to cause havoc with my fur sister and use the settee as a spring board and when foster mom says stop I do..... then I carry on!

I'm not a fussy eater as long as I get fed...lots ... I like to try whatever my foster mom is eating too - bananas and apples are quite tasty for being healthy. Anyway we've not long got back from our walk and now I've had a quick snooze I'm ready to play again"

We will give you further updates on her progress xx

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