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Updated: Apr 15

We have a new arrival at Cleftie HQ!

This little boy was born on 10th April. It took just one phone and the team jumped into action to collect him. Phoenix will always be there for these little clefties to give them the best chance at life.

There is a story behind his name. Can anyone think who we named him after? Just someone our team member was parked next to whilst waiting to collect him..............

Updates from our little man:

Hi peeps, not much to report on really as I can’t really get up to much yet. My routine is eat, sleep, poop and repeat. I'm fighting like the man I was named after, I’m growing well and loving my milky.

I met my brother from another mother last night. Well, I say met, he was trying to steal my milky! He tried to trick me by smothering me with kisses but I know what he was up to. Well, I’m off now, but I’ll be back soon xxx

15 April - Hey peeps, just a quick check in with you guys. I’m still doing well, loving my milky lots! Mum says I’m growing like a weed, although I'm not sure what that means, but she says it's got something to do with how much I love my grub.

I’ve started having little tantrums too - especially when mum makes me go toilet or when I’m having my wash. Oh, also when she’s trying to give me my feeding tube because she doesn’t do it quick enough.

Well, I’m just loving life at the minute - being pampered, having a full tummy and a snuggly warm - bed more could a little pupster want??

This puppy is not available for adoption so please no applications or enquiries.

(Apr 2021)

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