This little boy was born on 10th April. It took just one phone and the team jumped into action to collect him. Phoenix will always be there for these little clefties to give them the best chance at life.

There is a story behind his name. Can anyone think who we named him after? Just someone our team member was parked next to whilst waiting to collect him..............

Well, we have wonderful news that he has now been adopted by his foster family and wow look at these pictures! He will never be bored with 3 fur sisters but will he be the boss of them??!!

Read on and let’s find out as this piece was sent in by his hooman sister, age 14………….

Smithy is very cute, very affectionate and very naughty. He's only small, snores like a pig with a cold and has a snotty nose most of time. He loves his new fur sisters but quickly learned that he is not the boss!

Smithy likes to get involved in everyone else's business and rarely minds his own. He learns most things the hard way!

His cleft palate is getting better as he grows but I have to be careful what I feed him (and what he can steal!) because soft food can get stuck in his cleft and make him poorly. We love to play and have cuddles. I'll be teaching him to high five next week.

This little man has certainly landed on his feet!

October 2021