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Introducing THUMBELINA

Unfortunately it’s not always good news that we bring you. This is one example of the sadder and heartbreaking side of rescue.

One of the Phoenix managers was recently contacted by a member of the public with the following plea:

I'm messaging you to ask for help. It's regarding a French bulldog who is living near me under awful conditions and used purposely for breeding and kept outside in a small wooden kennel on a metal chain with just a piece of carpet. Being a French lover, I was shocked at seeing these 5 puppies and mum in cold outdoor kennels with a piece of old dirty carpet. That night I couldn’t sleep, I had to stop as I was constantly in tears (this was last year). I get info from a friend about him and she's still being bred and to my knowledge must be about 7 to 8 years old. Apparently he's giving her till March to come into season and if not he's getting rid of her.

The Phoenix team, and this incredible volunteer, worked closely to make sure that this beautiful little girl would no longer have any more litters. She is now safe and getting medical treatment and living with her loving foster family.

Updates will follow.

Thumbelina is currently not available for adoption so please do not submit an application for her.

(Apr 2021)

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