Introducing TUTU

The owner of this little love reached out to one of our RCs a few days ago after realising she desperately needed our help. Bought as a gift for a very close family member who’d sadly passed away she also had to contend with huge family issues. That’s where Phoenix

came in as she couldn’t give TUTU what she needed.

TUTU was being left alone at home for long periods of time. The Phoenix team quickly sprang into action and made sure she was collected and placed in an emergency foster home on the same day, not something we normally do but every fibre in the RC's body screamed that this wee girl needed us and so Phoenix did what Phoenix do best and got her to safety.

She came in and as you can see she’s poor; her coat's not in the best condition, she needs a lovely bubble bath to soak herself in and ease her itchy body. As for her nails, let’s just say she needs a good manicure. We're sure that once she’s finished all of that and has a lovely massage with coconut oil, followed by a visit to the vet she will feel like a million dollars.

Tutu has a very patient foster family who have been taking her right back to basics on her toilet training. It’s only been a few days but, gosh, they’re untiring and she’s settling well which is great news.

Going to say it again on this post, it seems to be a mantra lately, but “if Carlsberg made foster families......” We definitely have the best that’s for sure .

Please, most importantly, no negative comments - this was hard and emotional surrender so please don’t cause further distress by leaving a comment that could hurt. Tutu is not available for adoption at this time so no applications please.

(Jan 2021)