JORDAN has his new home

Thank you to everyone who applied to adopt Jordan he has now moved into his new home for his 2 week trial period.

We had a lot of applications for Jordan which took a lot of working through and discussions. We realise that those of you who applied will be disappointed but unfortunately there is only one Jordan. Don’t forget, though, that there are more clefties who will also need their forever homes once they're ready and no doubt there will be a lot more arriving in the future.

Jordan has settled in straight away, something about which we had no doubts as this boy oozes confidence. He has a new friend to play with and a family to spoil him.

Be good Jordan and keep shining.

Jordan was born with a cleft palate. He has had surgery which has been 95% successful from what we can tell. He does have a small opening right at the top of his hard palate but this shouldn’t affect him in any way. This is the most difficult part to close when having surgery.

Jordan is a joy to have around and is full of love. He is a very cuddly boy and will sleep on the sofa all day if you let him but he also loves good zoomies! He loves other dogs - any sort and size, he just loves them! However, he doesn’t like other dogs near his food so he needs to be fed separately. He adores children but he can be head shy (this is common with Clefties due to how much they have their mouths messed with but they do get over this).