**We need you!**

**We need you!**

I never really was much of a Spice Girl fan, but I will tell you what I want, what I REALLY REALLY want …….

More volunteers please!

We need more home-checkers, more road-trainers, competent and experienced dog-assessors, people willing to take on the roles of RCs, possibly with a view to becoming Managers …. yes, the pay is rubbish but the feel-good factor is out of this world! We are SO busy and although we have lots of dogs coming in, we also have lots of people wanting to take them on but these people need to have a home-visit and be supported. Could you do that? Yes the Team are a crazy bunch of people – but crazy-good! Any level of commitment would be much appreciated.

Please comment using the contact form on this website with your location and what you would be willing to help with, then your RC or RM can pick you up.

Jennifer Mcmillan, Jan Witherup, Fiona Beynon, Leanne Harrison, Jodie Atkinson, Jane Petcher, Sharron Hodder, Deborah Wadhams