Rogues Gallery


    Hello everyone from Lulu (Eve). I am officially in my forever home and absolutely adore my Frenchie big sister. Mum and Dad got us a double doggie bed as we don’t like to be apart. I love living by the seaside. I had a lovely walk the other day on a nice secluded beach where I could run around off the lead for the first time. I got lots of hugs afterwards because I didn’t run off. I stayed near Mum, Dad and Frenchie sister and had a good sniff but went exploring in some clay at the bottom of the cliffs – oops!! See my photo! I’m a very good girl with a mischievous streak but very intelligent for my age as I’m only 9 months old.
    A big thank you to Aunties Teresa Cargill, Samantha Bone, Heidi Bliss, Jan Witherup, Lorraine Cook and the whole of the team from Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue.
    Bye for now, it’s cuddle time but I’ll keep you all updated with my antics. Lots of love Lulu 💖 xx



    Hello everybody it’s Nellie previously Delilah me fully adopted now 😁!! My mum says I’m very good as I’m already toilet trained! I’m still trying to be the boss but we’re not sure who that is at the moment still, my mummy said she wants my one ear to go back down but it won’t it’s fully stuck up now 😜, anyways just thought I’d let you all know Iv settled really well I best go and annoy my Max because I don’t leave him alone if I do then it’s probably to get attention off someone Cos they have him some or I’ll shake my bum a lot as well as my tail

    Bye for now
    Nellie x