Rogues Gallery

    Spend time in the ‘Rogues Gallery’ reading through updates and stories of our dogs that have found their forever home thanks to our supporters.



    Who says rescues can’t have their happy ever after??!!😆💖💖

    Our very first founding lady – Phoenix. A real little cracker being spoiled as she she deserves, x x And PFBR Eve too!!! xxx


    BUBBLES is Adopted!

    Well we thought we would never get to the end of the amazing, wonderful applicants for Bubbles, but we did and we made our decision.
    This beautiful little girl is now living with 2 children and 2 French Bulldogs in a home that has sign language experience and has already within a week learned a few things.
    Good luck in your lively new life big girl.


    STARR is adopted!

    It is with great pleasure that we announce the adoption of this lovely lad, Starr. He has had a few minor teething problems along the way, but his foster family have persevered and are now very much looking forward to a rosy future with their much loved new family member! 🐕
    We love a failed foster 😄😄His family said this….
    Many thanks for allowing us to do this ….he is a very much loved little minx who has brought us so much joy 🐕🐩


    In loving Memory of their Daddy Barry Seed.

    “The inseparable pair
    – They go everywhere together”

    We were privileged to be able to give Barry the peace of mind needed by promising to care for Eric and Buster for life when he passed away. Inseparable companions.

    Adoption update from Barbara, Charles & Donny

    Today we adopted our two beautiful French Bulldogs, Eric and Buster. We had never thought of getting two dogs, but when we got the call suggesting to meet them, we knew we were in trouble already! We immediately knew they’d be perfect for us.

    They have settled in so well.
    They are always playing together and chasing each other and then curl up together to sleep. They are quite spoilt, we love them so much.
    They love each other so much and are always together – they never seem to fall out or get on each other’s nerves – the only time it gets a bit tense with rivalry is when they appear to race each other to finish their chew sticks lol! We are so glad that they got to stay together and that Phoenix found us the perfect dogs. We are also grateful for all the veterinary care they received at Phoenix .

    Adopting Eric and Buster from Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue is the best thing we’ve ever done – I can’t remember what life was like before we had them.


    Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last update, but I can tell you lots has happened. I have been on holiday to Lightwater Valley and stayed in a caravan with my extended family, including my new best Frenchie buddy, who just happens to be human grandma’s dog so we get to hang out every day.
    We go out for long walks and run in the playing fields chasing balls (you remember my mad passion for balls, right), which I always get to first 😊
    But…… the best news ever is, I am now officially adopted. I have well and truly landed on my paws here. I have the most amazing home and garden and people who love me just as before.
    PS I rule the roost.
    TTFN Dill


    Bentley is Adopted!

    Unfortunately I can’t show you any pictures of this absolutely gorgeous boy as Bentley is a PPP dog.
    Bentley didn’t have the best start in life but is certainly making up for it now and rightly so too.
    Bentley had suffered some trauma to his head that had left him with his head permanently tilted and blind in one eye..but he doesn’t let that stop him he is obsessed with balls and is real charmer and extremely loving despite all he had been through.
    Bentley went into foster but it was clear from day one he wasn’t going anywhere and was adopted. Bentley has the most wonderful home with his wonderful mum who just adores him they are the perfect match and we are all so happy for him.


    Handsome Perry has been adopted!

    Who remembers this gorgeous young man? How could you forget him?
    He’s brought his new owner a huge amount of happiness and joy as he came to them after they suffered the loss of their much loved Frenchie, PhoenixFBR Willow.

    Perry has now been adopted and how blooming handsome is he in his orange bandana? 🧡

    Clarabelle is Adopted!

    We knew that this little lady had found her forever home…we just needed her to work her magic! Clarabelle has been in foster for the last three weeks, where she has won over the resident dog and has two little hoomans to look over and mother! And she likes to mother! 🙂 Kisses, cuddles, and lap hogging are what Clarabelle likes best. We wish you well Clarabelle, a sweet girl who more than deserves a family to love and be loved xx



    Jasmine is home!

    Yay! Beautiful Jasmine has found her forever home!

    She is so spoilt and loves her new fur brother! Even though he is older than her she loves and protects him like he’s her child.

    Jasmine now has the life she deserves and we are so pleased for her and her new Mummy and Daddy.

    Lots of love


    Chilli is Adopted!

    From the very first day Chilli walked through the door of her new home there was never any doubt in her new Mum’s mind that Chilli was home. She is loved and spoiled to within an inch of her life and Chilli could not be happier. 😊
    Congratulations Chilli, you really are a lovely, lucky little girl, enjoy your new life and fantastic family. 💕

    JoJo is Adopted!

    Hiya, it’s JOJO here, I came into PhoenixFBR a poorly little man, I was feeling very sorry for myself.
    Roll on a month or so and just look at me now! A happy little guy who’s feeling so much better about myself. I’ve been living with a lovely family who love me to the moon and back!
    I’m enjoying lots of activities like watching football and playing in the park.
    Newest trick I’ve learned is to give a high five and I’m so happy I’m sure you’ll all give me one straight back when I tell you these fosterers failed at the first hurdle!
    Foster to fail rocks!

    🎉🎉 I’m adopted!



    McEnroe is Home– Game, Set and match!

    Newly adopted and now known as BROCK – so this wee one has been a bit of a slow burner, he’s been in foster for a little while longer than normal but he needed that time.
    We’ve had some issues but his very patient foster mummy saw the good in him and felt that she could work with him, ultimately she refused to give up on him.
    His foster mummy has been very busy badgering (sorry couldn’t resist) away, trying lots of different training techniques and methods, learning to read his body language and notice the signs where an episode of negative behaviour was imminent.
    She’s literally read books, watched you tube and asked loads of questions to ensure he stays with her and for that dedication and patience we thank her.
    Job done! Adoption complete! Super result for a lovely, lovely boy now BROCK


    BANSHEE has been Adopted

    This floppy eared little rascal has found her forever sofa and we couldn’t be any happier. She’s got a little fur brother Seb and between the two of them they’ve got the spoilt pooch badge all sewn up!

    We’ve had pictures of her in her pearls, we’ve had stories of her diva strops, we’ve seen pics of ice lollies in the summer so really what we’ve had is lots of pictures of her being the princess that she’s become.
    She loves nothing more than to snuggle up with Seb or lounge in bed with the youngsters of the family. Spoiled? Nah not much 😂
    She went into foster to be assessed and guess what? Yip another failed foster
    Couldn’t be more delighted for her and that floppy little ear, she brought that wee bit of happiness and distraction at a time when life was getting a bit stressful for her fosterer so for that we couldn’t be happier for her either.
    So huge congrats toots can’t wait to see the pics of the orange bandana and certificate of ownership 



    ASHOKA is adopted!

    Ashoka here, I have been coming on leaps and bounds since I came to live with these new humans. They say I am an affectionate little dog that just loves attention and cuddles.

    Over the summer, I have been outside splashing in my paddling pool and eating frozen fruit to keep me cool and on the cooler days, I have been chasing balls around the garden with Coco, my furry partner in crime.

    As for my health, I have gained good weight and am looking like a healthy dog now. I am feeling a little sorry for myself as I was spayed last week though, you’ll see the pic with the dreaded cone
    Ha! And they think I’m going back there again in December for an operation on something called luxating patella? We’ll see about that! Mind you it’ll mean I can milk the cuddles and get spoiled again so I might just play along
    I’m getting good at the command words I now know, sit, stay, food, dinner and treat, these humans are trying to educate me.

    Just one last thing to update you all on, I overheard the humans talking and I quote:

    We are delighted that Ashoka has enjoyed living with us, so much so that we have now officially adopted her as part of our family.

    SHMI is home!

    It’s Offical this lovely lady has gone from foster to Adoption

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, you have been amazing. We still keep having those moments where we look at her and can’t believe she’s ours. Weather she is cuddling lily while watching a film or breaking out in zoomies which is apparently contagious… 3 kids and a frenchie charging around the house. Hearing the kids laughter and knowing that Shmi is here to be part of that forever is amazing. 5 months ago we thought we would never love another dog like we did our Marley but we are all totally in love with this beautiful girl who finally gets a family to call her own!
    I think Marley would approve…
    She will never be scared or lonely, she will never be sad or hurt.. she will always be loved! Xx
    We would like to thank Phoenix for bringing SHMI into our family especially @Tracey and Fiona for the endless support since we brought her home.”
    This is a lovely union for SHMI and her family with the extra support from her adored and favourite lady which is now known as her Grandma who was on hand to help in this foster too.

    We are really pleased to add that this family are now part of the Phoenix family as much needed Volunteers .

    LOTUS is Adopted!

    Well this gorgeous girl has landed very firmly on all four paws from the moment she walked in she was there to stay. She now has two fur brothers who she adores but keeps firmly in their place like a diva should do 😁. She has her own beauty regime every night and she even has her own lip balm 💋 well a girl has got to look her best. Her new mummy, daddy and human brother love her to bits ❤️ she is a very special little lady who deserves her new forever home. Be a good girl Lotus 💖.


    HUGO was Claus is home!

    Hugo’s first camping trip and he’s being a superstar, travelling in the van, sleeping in the tent, meeting lots of people and dogs, he’s taking it all in his stride! We’ve been talking Phoenix and telling people all about the rescue 💕🐶

    APPO is adopted!

    This handsome chap has found his forever home, along with an equally handsome new fur brother! He has all the long countryside walks, days out and chewy toys he desires and as you can see by his happy face, he loves his baths 😂 Appo has also proved to be quite the star pupil at doggy school where he quickly became top the class, Well Done Appo!


    JENSON aka Phoenix Bing is home!

    At Mow Cop today after a morning at Rode Hall farmers market – Jenson (Phoenix Bing) thinks he’s king of the castle. Not sure what that makes us! For a little boy who didn’t like enclosed spaces, or going for a walk, he has certainly come out of his shell. So pleased he stayed with us, we are now a family and spoil him rotten.

    AMBER aka Storm is definitely home!

    This beautiful baby girl came to me for fostering back in February and has never left after I fell totally in love with her. Amber previously Storm came to me with severe separation anxiety, she was reactive to most things, deaf from birth with little sign language and didn’t really get on with other dogs and definitely not children. Well now she is like a different dog now, shes the most loving calm dog I’ve ever known and shes quite happy being left for a good few hours and she loves to play with other dogs, still not so much children but she does tolerate them if she has too 😉. She is also completely lead free on walks which I never imagined would happen and I couldn’t thank Phoenix enough because shes definitely made a huge impact on my life 😁😊😊😊


    JOSEPH is home!

    Who remembers Joseph?
    Joe is now living with another Phoenix boy who I’m sure some of you will recognise, Pedro.
    As you can see he’s loving life in the Scottish countryside, long walks through grassy fields and trips to the beach are a favourite pastime.
    What you might be surprised at is that Pedro isn’t his only best pal – Hamish the donkey and Joe play nicely together and love following each other around the paddock. They are such good pals they have playtime everyday.
    Rabbits however are a different story though! We were all braced for some serious damage when a comment came through in his chat box “The rabbit didn’t stand a chance”
    Luckily we were all relieved when we were then told it was a toy rabbit! Phew! Couldn’t have coped with the after effects of a rabbit killing, I couldn’t even watch watership down so was dreading seeing pics!
    Anyways he’s loved and cared for by a lovely family who have opened their home to not one but two of our “naughty” boys, we are so delighted they did as
    they make a great family!



    SAFFRON is Adopted!

    SAFFRON has been adopted they fell in love with her in no time at all. She came into Phoenix because her previous family couldn’t give her the attention she needs due to long work commitments. She now has two fur sisters, is learning some manners and new tricks daily. She a little pocket rocket bringing so much love and fun to her new family. Another happy ending for this little pooch



    OREGANO is now adopted and known as ZEUS

    Thank you Teresa, Fiona and Tracey and everyone who helped in the road run to get him here.
    He has a lovely nature and is well loved here.



    R2 is Adopted!!

    R2 has sent a little thank you note;

    “Well what can I say only that I am a very lucky lad as I have landed my forever home who I share with a bearded dragon, a snake and 2 very large tortoises that my dad has to put away into their special houses so I can not terrorise them otherwise they will bite my feet!!! I am still not to keen on other furry friends and I forget my manners at times but I am learning that they are actually not very interested in me (not sure why as I am a handsome fella)!! Thank you Phoenix Lots of licks R2”


    SABE & PADME are home!

    This pair are Mum and daughter and just look how gorgeous they are.

    These two walked into their new home and plonked their paws well and truly under the table. As you can see they’re loving all the new adventures with their new family. Going off camping and to the beach. But they still love a good snuggle.

    Good luck, and carry on being good girl’s 💞


    AGASSI is Adopted!

    As you may know Agassi was only introduced in the last couple of days, but had in fact been with Phoenix coming up for a couple of weeks. Fast forward to today and he’s now officially bagged himself a new family 😊

    This gorgeous pied boy really is a bundle of affection and compared to the timid lad that arrived at his new home two weeks ago, his cheeky personality and confidence has really started to flourish.

    He love’s nothing more than a lovely long cuddle with his Mummy and Daddy, usually on his back with his legs in the air!!!

    He’s clearly happy and content and has decided he really rather loves it here thank you very much! 💞
    And who are we to argue?!



    BOWIE now Beau is home!

    Just a quick update on my gorgeous little girl Beau (was Bowie)…

    She’s been going to dog training classes for the last 6weeks and is being a little star making a few friends and has a little play with a 7mth old Boston terrier and today played more than she does with Missy and enjoyed nibbling on a 17mth old collie’s ears and left her face rather slobbery and wet 🤭🤭 the owner was fab and had heard me say in training how Beau is a bit dubious of other dogs especially when out walking so we stood there for 10mins whilst they played…. ok so the collie mainly lay there whilst Beau led the nibbles and hugs 😂

    She has brought lots of love to my crazy household and is just adorable….. thank you Phoenix 👌🏻👌🏻







    PRINCESS here guess what?…. I’m Adopted!

    Well its been a great week for me. I’m home I’m staying! I adore my new Mummy and little humans! I get to go on loads of walks, play loads and oodles of cuddles. My mummy says that I am a clever girl and I am learning sign language really fast! I still need to keep on learning but I will get there. Thought you’d like to see me relaxing with my special little human. I know I’m not a Frenchie but you still came to my aid!
    Well done Princess we are so happy that you have found your forever home and you and your family are so special.



    ZEPPELIN has been Adopted!


    We’ve had an update from Zeppy new owners, who is now adopted .
    We’re very pleased to hear that Zeppy has made himself at home, and has already made lots of new friends:

    Note from the New owners:

    We love him to bits and he has made himself at home here, and in the local park, and in our friends’ houses… everywhere really! He is adorable, and we hope he has as much fun with us as we are having now that he is part of our household.

    It’s lovely to get stories like this. We hope that Zeppy and his family have many happy years together and thank you for giving him such a lovely home x



    LUMIYA is Adopted!

    Message from Lumiya:

    Hello again!!
    Last time I dropped in to say Hi, I mentioned I was hoping my new family wanted me to stay! And they do…. So now I’m officially ADOPTED!

    I made myself at home as soon as I walked in and as you can see from my photos I’m really very relaxed and happy, and partial to cuddling the odd shoe or two. I’m also very loved and spoilt…..


    MAVERICK is home!

    From Maverick’s Family: I can’t express how grateful & lucky we are to have been given the opportunity to become Mavericks parents & his forever home. We love him SO much & can’t believe we didn’t look to adopt sooner ( I bet it won’t be long before we are a house of 4!). Thank you SO VERY MUCH to Phoenix for making our dreams come true- we couldn’t ever imagine life without him now and will be forever grateful to you


    BARNEY IS home!

    For his new family: Barney has now been with us 3 months and I have to say the change in him has been amazing. He’s gone from being a frightened and seemingly old boy to a bouncy new puppy. Every day he makes us laugh and we could never imagine life without him even with his radioactive backside! Thanks again for making us all so happy 

    LENNY has found his forever home!

    From his new family: We can finally put pictures up of our handsome new furry boy, as his adoption was completed today😁😁😁 Lenny is our beautiful, mischievous Frenchie who we all adore and love. Thankyou Emily Louise Moreton and Pheonix French Bulldog Rescue for helping bring Lenny to us and his forever home



    AMME has been adopted!

    This beautiful girl has found her forever home and got herself a gorgeous new fur brother too! I won’t lie it was a struggle for me to sign the adoption papers due to the fact I was working out a way to smuggle her out but I think I would’ve been wrestled to the ground by her new favourite human/s!! From the minute she arrived in foster I think we all knew she was never going to leave. Happy Adoption Day Amee!! Looking very smart in that Phoenix Cool Coat too



    LUMINARA has been adopted!

    Sweet Luminara is thinking about how happy she is in her forever home. When she arrived in her Phoenix foster home she completely won over her foster mum who decided that Luminara was staying for good. Luminara has been there a month now and we’ve received this fantastic update about her.

    “She has been here a month already and settled in beautifully. She is cute,charming, comical and crafty and we love her to bits. She has the sweetest nature and loves everyone and every dog she has met so far, greeting all with a waggy shuffle and a smiley face! She is good at checking out people’s pockets in case there is something yummy hiding in there as she loves food and treats.

    She loves her bed at night and spends most of her time during the day playing ,sleeping on the couch unless we are out and about. We look forward to many fun-filled years with our new girl and our grateful thanks go especially to Phoenix for sending Luminara our way.

    Sounds as though Luminara is well settled for a happy future with her new family. Have a great life together!


    AAYLA is Adopted!

    Beautiful Aayla has been adopted!!! Aayla initially went to foster and her foster parents were only wanted to foster for phoenix, well they failed terribly😉 and who could blame them..Aayla is perfect so calm loving and chilled out, all this little lady wants is home comforts and a lap to snuggle with and that’s just what she has 😊




    Phoenix BECKETT is Home!

    I was trying to think of something to say about this wonderful boy and his fantastic parents but I think the picture and video says it all. Click on Beckett to view it!

    Enjoy you new life boy. Xx



    SPIRIT is Adopted!

    This gorgeous girl, looking fabulous in her Phoenix bandana, got her paws well under the table pretty much as soon as she arrived with her new humans in foster who have worked really hard with her. She is a little superstar at her dog training classes getting gold stars all round and has even begun practice runs so she can join her new family on camping holidays! Top of the class Spirit!! Make sure you send us some lovely pictures of your next holiday.


    Aurora is Adopted!

    At last this little lady has found her forever home!! Aurora was in long term foster but is now in her new home and has settled right in…she loves her new human siblings and enjoys all the fuss and play..human mum adores her and dad is still getting to grips with Auroras stinky bottom 💨😉 but he wouldn’t change her for the world ..happy times ahead for this little sweet girl who truly is loving every minute of life!!!



    Ages ago actually, but I thought I had announced it officially and hadn’t – shocking eh?

    To say the lad is living the Life of Riley is an understatement and you have probably seen some delicious pics of him posted on here already, and I certainly hope there will be lots more. I have even had the pleasure of meeting up with Sprout and his new family now and he is looking so much bigger and much stronger. Yes, he is still a tad wobbly, but as determined as ever and still very cuddly. It was a joy to see him and have him snuggle into my neck again. We miss him here, but our work was done and he needed to move to the next chapter of his life.

    Another gross understatement would be to say that his new family love him – blimey, ‘adore’ is not strong enough! He is a bit of Daddy’s lad and this is shamelessly encouraged by said Dad! His canine pal in the home is on wheels after unsuccessful spine surgery, so this family full understands the needs of dog who is a little different, and love him all the more for it. Sprout does now play with her and as he is scared of nothing, her wheels don’t bother him in the slightest – this is the dog that tried to clamber up and on Mr C’s external leg frame! Yes, I was sad to hand him over but I had spoken to his new family and was convinced there could be no home better, and having met them and seen him, I know it was the right thing to do. He is one lucky little chap.

    Be bad Sproglet, be very bad




    LittleLADY ROGUE has found her forever sofa!

    After an initial little weekend stay with some fabulous company I went on to find my forever sofa. Obviously it’s not just me, I have to share with another just as sassy pooch called Minnie and the cat Simba, but it’s just fine we all get along like a house on fire, most of the time! ( He thinks he’s bigger and badder than he is! ) I’m enjoying a bit of the high life up here, regular weekends away with the caravan, lovely walks with Minnie, playtime with her is good too (she’s even letting me steal her toys ) and we have loads of lovely visitors, I really am enjoying myself.
    The walks are great, I need to walk mum says because I’ve a habit of munching everything in sight and need to make sure this fabulous figure stays that way, anyway I’m off for now I have some important snoozing to do!


     BOEING is adopted!

    This little bundle of joy arrived to us with very poorly skin but look at him now! Totally different looking boy, nice shiny and clean.

    He’s made himself right at home and got his feet well under that table. He has a lot of love for his new fur brother (sometimes a bit to much love) and his new family have done great with him and he’s has grew into a confident little chap

    Enjoy your new life Boeing 


    GAMORA has found her Forever home!

    This pocket rocket made herself right at home the second her paws landed and she decided this is where she belonged and she wasn’t going anywhere. She has a amazing bond with her new fur brother and how could we disagree. Absolutely perfect, Enjoy your forever home Princess

    CIRRUS is adopted

    Cirrus come to us as a bit of a problem child but when he landed he wasn’t really a problem at all.

    He landed into foster and it was pretty obvious he wasn’t going to be leaving. He has a new best friend in his fur sister and a family that adore him. His family have said there are changing his name to “dinner” as that’s all he seems to answer too😂 and new mum says she’s needs to get a bigger bed! . He’s showing himself as a cheeky chap

    Enjoy your new life Cirrus


    CINDERS is home!

    This little lady has found her forever sofa, she has turned into the perfect little family dog and is adored by all

    Enjoy your forever home Cinders xx




    MEMPHIS is adopted

    This little bundle of Energy may have been paralysed from the waist when she arrived but this never held her back, she’s now up and walking (in her own style), running and chasing balls! She can sniff a tennis ball out from a 100 meters. She is a wild child, sometimes naughty🙈, very vocal (thinks you will forget she’s there) but more so she is a very loving little lady who’s lives life to the full. She has all her humans under her command and there was no way she was leaving her palace

    Enjoy your new life Memphis


    ROSE-TICO is Adopted

    I know this lovely girl has only just been introduced, and I didn’t get chance to do an update on her between her introduction and adoption, but this little lady trotted into her new home and decided that she really rather loves it and has no intention of going anywhere else! Who am I to argue

    Rose Tico is taking everything in her stride and is coming on in leaps and bounds. She’s enjoying her walks, toys and chews and is getting good with sit, stay and paw. Her progress along with her families dedication is wonderful and a pleasure to watch.

    She’s so settled and it’s quite clear she loves her new family and that the feeling is completing mutual, although she has decided that her hooman brother is the lap she most likes to flop across and will stomp across Mum, Dad or fur-brother to get to him
    Unless you’ve got food, and then she’s not fussy

    Congratulations all of you, and carry on being a good girl Rose Tico




    Hello everyone Hawker here.
    I have only been in foster for a few weeks and not really enough time to introduce myself.
    In that short time I have worked my charm and how could they not resist me with my paws secure, im now adopted.
    They say “he has the most gorgeous personality”, “he’s so chilled out and loves a cuddle”
    Im a such a good boy.
    I quickly gained the nickname ‘pig’ as I have the loudest *awake* snore ever, (I don’t know what they mean) but
    I love my walks and playing with my new burger toy.
    I’m not too sure about car journeys yet, its a little scary and because of this I insist that my new mum and dad hold my paw for whole the trip and that makes me feel better.

    A little note from is new family,
    We are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to look after this amazing boy, Our family of 2 has become 3 and we are so happy.

    Good luck Hawker
    you lucky boy. X



    RAVEN is Home

    Hello Raven here, thought I’d better pop by and let you know that I’ve found my forever family and been adopted!
    So I’ve been very busy settling in, not that it took long to get my paws under the table!
    I’ve been enjoying getting lots of cuddles and walks, I’m especially happy with my trips to the beach! My family thinks I’m the perfect pooch and I have to say I totally agree, I’m helping Mum with the chores and go to work with her sometimes, I help my fur brother with his games (pretty sure demanding belly rubs are helping!) and I’m enjoying snuggling up to Dad, while he’s working, pretty sure he’s allowed a comfort break right?
    To be completely honest I’m really not sure how they coped before I arrived, they must’ve been so lonely, not that I’m demanding or a diva 😂.
    Anyway see you all later, someone just mentioned w-a-l-k-i-e-s 🐾🐾


    🐶 Laurel’s been Adopted 🐶

    Hello Laurel here, lots of exciting things have been happening since I last dropped in. I’ve fully planted my bum on the sofa now and have even taken control of the remote, so it’s just as well my family have decided to adopt me Whoop! I’m still keeping the family on their toes and am enjoying lots of walks and discovering new places- even if Mum won’t let me go play with the squirrels, I just want to make friends honest!
    I love snuggling up with Dad (when I’m not busy pinching his chair) and like rolling around with my fur-sister. Mum and Dad keep the Phoenix team up to date with my shenanigans, which they love Laters folks I’m off for a quick snooze to dream about chasing sticks (and squirrels🙈)




    DAISY was Daffodil is home!

    Hi all thought I would check in and let you know how things are going.
    I have been very busy recently, lots of lovely walks with my big bro, taking my small person to school (I am a celebrity there) and helping mum at work.
    Below is one of my buddies that comes in to have his bouffant quaffed, but he is a bit scared so I just sit with him and tell him it is all ok, I am also very good at telling off the naughty ones that try and shout at my mum.
    Right it must be nap time before my small person comes home, I just need to contort my body into an uncomfortable position first.

    SPRUCE is in his Forever home!

    Spruce is very proud of his phoenix adoption certificate. Good luck Spruce you gorgeous boy and well done spruce hope you and your new family have loads of fun and cuddles

    MARVEL is home!

    We are so thrilled to announce that Marvel has been adopted! Marvel new home is one where she can be queen of her own castle. She will have 2 human and children to treat her like royalty, Marvel new family knows that she needs to have a close eye kept on her Eyes and will be taking extra good good care of her. She will be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding off her new home and her family will make sure she has everything she needs. Congratulations Marvel


     DUFFY is Adopted

    This gorgeous girl has landed in her Foster & forever home, she has got her paws well & truly under the table and you can all see that she is very happy!

    Good luck Duffy we look forward to your future updates



    ORCHID is now adopted

    The gorgeous Orchid is home.
    As you can see from the pictures below Orchid is very happy and settled.
    Have a wonderful life Beautiful with your new family and snuggling with your new couch.

    A note from the foster / adoptee
    Thank you so much , we’re absolutely made up with her. Thank you so much Phoenix for everyone who has helped with her, she’s going to be handled like a princess from now on.



    💕 💖 MOUSE now SPIKE has been ADOPTED! 💖 💕

    NEVER have I been so pleased to type up an adopted post! For those of you who follow us regularly will know of the bumpy journey Mouse has endured . We were extremely concerned for Mouse at one point and made an appeal for a very special kind of person to give Mouse one last chance. Thankfully an amazing family came forward and Mouse has never looked back. He is loved to the moon 🌓 and back and spoiled in every way. He regularly goes shopping on the bus to add to his toy collection and loves everyone he meets on the way. It is absolutely no wonder he very quickly decided he was going to behave and stay put!

    Mouse is a true example of a perfectly matched home and pooch. He obviously feels safe, loved and very much at home!

    Congratulations Mouse, enjoy your life lovely boy xx


    BLUEBELL is most definitely home

    “A pretty canny creature”
    Think that says it all really😊
    Bluebell has been welcomed into the home of a lovely gent, she’s a constant companion to him, she’s loved not only by him but by the extended family members.
    A diva or just a spoiled girl, she makes sure her new owner is there to meet her every whim and why shouldn’t he?
    Regular beauty appointments to keep her looking and smelling gorgeous, lovely gentle strolls along the beach, enjoying meeting and greeting her public, she’s not too keen on the snow though when we had a wee flurry or two she made sure her new owner knew about her dislike straight away. She’s loving shopping trips in the car, I’m sure she’s human this dog!
    Typical Frenchie though she’s prone to selective hearing either that or she doesn’t get the Scots accent just yet 😂😂😂
    Please send your love to her as she’s found her forever sofa


     LOLA aka CATHERINE is home

    So we received our official adoption paperwork for my beautiful girlie Lola today (known as Catherine). I can not say how much she has completed our family and made such a difference to our home. Thank you for all your hard work, on going efforts to ensure each and every single FB is safe and cared for just how they should be, but most of all bringing such a caring,loving and sweet girl into our lives! Big thanks from me, james and her fur sister Frankie 🐾🐾🐾


    And what better way to announce it than with a word from the lucky boy himself…

    “Hi everyone, it’s Sparrow!
    It’s safe to say that I’ve found my forever home – my foster family quickly realised that I wasn’t going anywhere!
    I really love the beach & woods near me, especially splashing about & kicking water and sand everywhere, like a true mucky pup.

    My human mum and sister love me lots; they were told that I would be a bit of a problem child, but I’ve proven them all wrong – ha! I’m still very cheeky, but I always behave when I’m asked to. 😇
    I’m now looking forward to my next trip to the beach – I want to jump in the puddles again 😃 🌊

    Thank you, Phoenix! 💛🐾

    I’m sure there’s lots of disappointed Sparrow fans but fear not, there are plenty more needing homes…

    LANTANA has her Forever home

    Mum and Dad got something very special in the post yesterday!! We have two very happy parents  Lantana has brought them so much joy and happiness!!! Happy gotcha day Lantana


    MINDIE now Quinnie is home

    Our Quinnie (was mindie) is doing so well with us she has even been promoted to salon dog she is so good and is a big hit with all of my clients. Over the moon with her. Thank you Phoenix for everything you do

    ROMAN & CRACKLE are home!

    Roman and crackle snuggling one of their favourite hoomans!!! We are so very lucky we got picked to have these two babies xxx

    🍏 APPLE has been adopted!! 🍏 🍎

    This pretty little lady knew she was on to good thing from the start, no sooner had she arrived into foster and she was taken away on holiday to see Grandma and get spoiled rotten for a week! 😊 No wonder Apple decided she was not going anywhere. Mum says Apple and her new Pug friend love to chill after running around the house like lunatics together. And whilst Apple still likes to kill all soft toys she is beginning to show a little restraint and has managed to make them last for nearly two hours before their insides full out!


    MYSTIQUE is Adopted!

    So today this sweet girl became officially “ours”. Thanks to Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue for all you do! (Mystique).


    SPARKLE is Home!

    My beautiful girl! “Sparkle” has brightened up our lives, forever thankful to you guys at Phoenix and all the hard work you do


     SPRUCE is Home!

    Yes I know this is going to disappoint alot of you and our spruce has become quite a popular lad!! Hardly surprising to see why,he’s an absolute gem!!
    When spruce arrived in foster it was clear to see this was a good match, spruce was not toilet trained and was a little anxious when out and about as you can see in the video this smart boy figured out the cat flat immediately so no need for house training he took himself when he needed to go! He has a calm older buddy to show him some manners and it’s worked a treat they are inseparable and spruce is behaving much better, We couldn’t be happier for spruce and his new family.


     IVY has been adopted!

    Ivy has been a absolute gem whilst staying at her new residence, spoiled little madam who is the apple of her owners eye. She’s got a four poster bed don’t ya know!
    She gets on very well with the children that she meets out and about and I’ve been made aware she has a special friendship with a lovely wee girl who has special needs, which is just lovely.
    She’s an absolute star and we’re all delighted she has been adopted, the right dog with the right owner equals a happy rescue



    BEAR has been adopted!

    Who remembers Bear, the sweetest little boy with the most loveable wee face ?
    I wanted to share some news with you!
    🎉BEAR has been adopted 🎉 this boy came in and was in poor condition but thanks to his fosterer he has come on leaps and bounds, he’s put lots of weight on, his skin is improving all of the time thanks to being lathered in coconut oil. BEAR looked like a dirty fawn boy but is now a different boy altogether.
    He’s living proof that that little old thing called tlc absolutely works and by god he gets it in abundance.

    GAMBIT has been adopted

    From his new family:
    So as you can see he has fallen on his paws quite nicely. He has literally had the best time from the first car ride home, to now – we were just smitten. One of the funniest elements to start with was getting our head around the fact that he’s twice as big as his baby brother (22kg vs. 11kg exactly) but there’s just more of him to love. Which we do. Endlessly.

    He is constantly being loved, cuddled and fussed by us and his extended family (Nanny and Granddad, Uncle A and all of the team at work, all of whom he sees pretty much daily) and seems just so happy and settled it’s fab. I’m still trying to get my head around how easy it has been to love something so quickly; feels like he’s been a part of our family forever now x x x

    Well done Gambit. Congratulations 💕


     ERNIE has been adopted!

    Well what can I say.. I’M ADOPTED AT LAST! These crazy people love me. I have been a right terror and a complete challenge but my new family have been kind, patient, loving and very understanding. Now I am nearly a perfect dog. I do still forget myself at times and occasionally try to nip their feet but they love me all the same and I really love them too 🐕

    Congratulations big guy!!! 😁

    Image may contain: one or more people, dog and indoor

    ACE has been adopted

    It is not surprising this handsome boy has been adopted so quickly. From the moment he arrived in his new home he has not put a paw out of place, such a chilled and loving pooch.

    Congratulations Ace 💕

    Image may contain: dog

    TREACLE  is home

    I have settled into my home very well! Like iv always been here. My mum says I’m like a different dog after Phoenix sorted out my breathing and other health problems (thank you forever!)
    I’ve turned into a real cheeky little monkey, I have mum and dad wrapped around my paws.
    I have filled a space in their lives

    Image may contain: dog and indoor

    BRONTE Adopted!

    Well we didn’t think the lovely Bronte would be leaving her foster home after all we wanted foster to adopt for this golden oldie!!
    And hasn’t she just fallen on her feet!! Bronte is one pampered pooch and it shouldn’t be any other way!! She’s enjoying the calm quiet life and adores her mum and has made a real impression with the rest of the family too. Bronte is a sweet girl that just wants to enjoy her days plodding along and someone to cuddle up with, although she still has her moments and likes to play with all her toys. Happy adoption day Bronte!

    Image may contain: dog and indoor


    NOVA Adopted

    Here is Nova’s Story….
    I am incredibly disappointed to not be able to show you photographs of this little lady and at this stage, I can’t say too much more about her either, as it may jeopardize the chances of saving others. In honesty, the photos would be too shocking. What I will tell you is that she had a litter recently, still had a c-section stitches in when she came to us, only weighs 6kg and is around 9 or 10 years old – yes, she had a litter at that age. Even our very experienced foster who uplifted her was shocked at the state of her. She has bone injuries that have healed without treatment and are displaced, rotten teeth, infected bites in her body and was caked in filth from head to toe. To say that she is emaciated is being generous.
    She has seen a vet – who was furious at the state of her and felt that she would have died had she been left another week – has needs, has had a bath, been wormed and flea-treated, and it is slowly picking up in spirit. She is in foster and we will keep you updated, but please do send as many positive thoughts as possible for Nova.

    Update while in Foster 
    Now, thanks to some TLC and patience, Nova is flourishing almost 2 months after her in her Foster home. She smiles ear to ear whenever the family goes for walks and loves to play with her favorite ball and toys “Since Nova had such a rough first nine years of her life, she is so grateful and happy every single day,” Foster mummy says. ” I am amazed at how simple acts of love and care can turn a dog’s whole life around. Nova is now making friends, both dogs and humans, at parks, and beaches! From living in an outdoor kennels with fear and wondering why she didn’t have a family, Nova is now living life as a happy and joyful dog.”

    Adopted message from her new Mum!

    I pestered the life out of Jan Witherup and constantly moaned on Facebook that I was seeing all these dogs needing homes and still hadn’t been given the chance to share my love..
    I now realize it is absolutely about being matched to the right dog.. We don’t rescue dogs they rescue us…
    Nova has fit right in and feels like she’s always been here.. Everyone loves her. Despite her horrific history.. She is an absolute delight and a true survivor (much like me) and I can’t imagine life without her. I know she is grateful for what she has and I am too for what she gives. We both needed our souls lifted and that has certainly been achieved.
    Thank you Phoenix.

    BUTTERCUP in long-term foster

    “I have been at my foster mums home for 4 weeks now and we are all so happy, I have 2 fur brothers one I live with who I like to play with, I also pinch his snack and whilst I’m eating his snack he walks behind me and eats mine !!! How dare he, I make Mum and my human sister laugh all the time as I sit on my hind legs and dance, Mum says I have selective hearing !
    I am a very good girl on the lead (if I’m honest I would rather be running free but Mum say that I should be taking it easy)
    On a weekend (and this is the best bit) we go away to the beach and it’s there I have another fur brother….I’m a bit envious as he has his lead removed when he is on the beach, I make myself right at home and sit on the back of the sofa and watch over the house and the humans, oh and the garden is fantastic we race around it at 100 miles an hour…we dont squash the daffodils too much, the man who lives in the house says not to worry about squashing the Flowers as long as we happy.
    I like to have cuddles, when Mum isn’t looking my fur brother and I cuddle up together.
    I need to go now as my dinner is served and I must sit and make sure my fur brother eats all of his dinner up before I will eat mine.”

    Note from the foster:
    To look at you would not realise this beautiful, playful bundle of fur is poorly, so for the moment we try and keep things as normal as possible…the good days out number the bad days, during the week we go on short daily walks, but at the weekend we go for around 3 miles these walks she thoroughly enjoys.

    Buttercup is in palliative care now so will be staying with her foster to the end…therefore we ask for no applications for this little love but suggestions for her bucket list are very much appreciated thank you.


    Yes our little French frug won’t be going anywhere as her foster mumma fell head over heels for her from the minute she strutted through the front door.

    Fern (now Mavis) is an absolute pleasure and her new mum tells us that she has changed the lives of everyone around her for the better, and really made a difference to the dog dynamic as all her friends pooches love her too! Surprising when you think she came to us with a fear of strange dogs…she has flourished in her foster home and we couldn’t be more thrilled for fern and her lovely mum.



    Yes the lovely girl with the big beautiful eyes is now off the market, I can’t say I blame the foster family for falling head over heels for this one!

    Daffodil was a tough and emotional surrender for the owner, who had rescued daffodil herself from a tricky situation.. but she could not keep up with daffodils bundles of energy and neither could her other pooches! So Daffodil came into Phoenix and made herself right at home, even helping out with the admin 😉

    Daffodil gained a lot of new admirers strutting her stuff at crufts this weekend and making us all very proud of her with her sweet gentle nature and obvious love for her foster (now adopted) mumma. She had a well deserved nap after with her big furry siblings…she definitely seems very at home.

    Image may contain: dog and indoor



    Another happy ending for one of our Phoenix pooches… Thistle came in a few weeks ago from a home that was struggling to cope with a new baby and made the decision to surrender him in his best interests.

    Thistle came in as a pooch scared of the outside world, everything seemed to be a new experience and his foster family have delighted in showing him that the world can be a wonderful place. He has come on in leaps and bounds and won the hearts of his fosters at the same time. He is looking forward to many nights on the road in his lovely campervan with his new family.

    Thistle is incredibly accepting of his feline companions, he knows that they’d trump him in a fight so he tends to leave them be, he is a clever dog! He’s also recently had a lovely play date with Phoenix Daffodil (see photos) and proved he is quite a hit with the ladies!


    Yes, we knew that it wouldn’t take long and SO many people wanted to love this beast of a lad! He really is the daftest, gentlest, sweetest boy and has just wandered in, settled down and got on with loving all things with legs, 2 or 4, he doesn’t mind which.

    Big apologies to those who applied but were unsuccessful but we know that you know we do our utmost to find the perfect home for every dog. We were flooded with applications and it was not an easy task but to those of you still waiting for your perfect pooch, don’t give up – he or she is out there somewhere.

    Enjoy your life Bronson, you are a very lucky lad and your family are very lucky too – but they already know that


    This girl is soooo shiny! Pretty little thing, and another one who just slotted right into her family and decided that it would do very nicely thank you. AND she has a Frenchie chappie to love too, and they truly do love each other. They do everything together; eat, sleep, walk, play – unless he tries to steal her ball and then she bops him on the head! Typical bloke though, he sweet-talks her round with an ear nibble and few kisses! Of course she takes it, he is quite the handsome dude.

    It would be entirely fair to say that Enid’s family are pretty smitten and she certainly seems to be very happy with how things have turned out.

    Lots of happy endings tonight, and so I give you Enid’s too, x

    Image may contain: dog and indoor
    Image may contain: dog

    RIO is home!

    Rio joined Phoenix a few months ago but was obviously in no hurry to unpack his toys permanently! He certainly took his time in choosing the right home for himself.

    Following on from being in long term foster Rio was ready to put down roots and he very carefully chose his forever home.

    Rio’s new family fell in love with him and his quirky little ways instantly! A match made in heaven, it was obvious he was going nowhere.

    We would like to thank Rio’s new family for taking the time to understand him but also to his previous foster family who set him on the right road to his Happy Ever After. Rio’s Adoption is complete 🙂

    Wishing Rio a life full of love and happiness

    MARTHA is staying Put!-She’s Adopted!

    Martha has settled wonderfully over the past few weeks and even though she has endured yet more surgery to fix her poorly ears she has not once grumbled. Her fur sister has kept an eye on her at all times and been a wonderful nurse.

    As the lovely Martha is one of our special PPP (Phoenix Protection Programme) ladies I am unable to share a picture of her, however, from the silhouette below you may be able to work out that she has gained her outstandingly orange bandana – yes – Martha is now ADOPTED 🎉🎉🎉


    I know there are many of you who have been dreading reading this and have been waiting hopefully by the telephone, and I am SO sorry, but Pootle has now found his Forever Home, and seems most impressed with it too.

    He will be very loved and spoiled and is already happily terrorising his Frenchie buddy so don’t be sad, it is all for his best interests.

    Deciding on who was the right home was a tough decision as you are all getting so good at writing your applications to show as much as you can about why you are the best home, and this is exactly what we want please. Please don’t feel you were any less suitable for having not got him, that may not be the case at all, but I would have needed to clone Pootle many times over to satisfy all applications and so we did have to get VERY picky indeed.

    As always, very sadly, more are coming, don’t give up hope. And do wish Pootle and his new Family a happy time – and luck too, they will need it; he is a little monster!

    WINIFRED was home for Christmas


    Winifred is an absolutely beautifully-natured girl, very easy-going and easy to love The process of mending her ears began as soon as she joined the Phoenix family. She  had ear canal ablations to both ears which  did take a while to heal, but apart from it being so very sore and irritating, Winifred was a star throughout. Winifred loves toys and a game, and also likes her humans to be around for cuddles too – she thoroughly enjoys children and as a little dot of a dog she isn’t too much of a problem with bowling them over.

    We wish you all the love in your Forever home Winifred!


    SIDNEY has been adopted! 

    And who could blame his new family for falling under his spell and that very handsome chin?!

    Sidney isn’t quite 2 years old yet and he may just have a hint of Boston Terrier in him. He is an active lad enjoying fun in his Forever home!


    TREVOR  has his Forever home!


     THIERRY is adopted!


    MAVERICK  Has found his Forever home!

    Maverick’s Forever family understood how radically different the British Bulldog is to its French cousin (related by name and squashed snozz only!). They know that this is a large dog simply squashed down to a slightly smaller size but easily getting to 25-30kg. Maverick is a good lad, enjoys playing and how could anyone resit that face…. and those teefs! Happy Foever home Maverick!


    WILLOW Adopted!

    On arrival to Phoenix she needed some medical attention to her ears and these are now under control and have not necessitated surgery. She is now loving life in her forever home!


    SCOOBY  has his Forever home!

    It has taken me AGES to write this as I have been looking through all the fabulous pictures of this complete clown to find some that I can use. Either he is flat on his back or up to some family shenanigans, but they all show what a wonderfully happy and settled lad he is. I have had quite a little giggle looking through them all, thanks Scoobs!

    So you look and see if you think he is settled – he does like his sleep and he is not shy either! He has a fabulous little buddy too, of the canine and human persuasion, and he is just loved to distraction.

    Good lad Scooby, you deserved all this love that has come your way, x x

    Image may contain: dog


     The Adorable JEMIMA is home!

    I think you may be able to see from these photos that although Jemima is just over 7 years old, she is a very happy Golden Oldie with a real glint in her eye!
    She is great with children, good with other dogs and just wants to cuddle up, love and be loved.
    And yes, she does love children She likes a walk, but not a hike, just a gentle amble to allow her to take the air and be fussed.
    She does have some muscle-waste on her rear legs and these are building up nicely.
    Everyone who has come into contact with Jemima has fallen for her, and looking at her smile it is so easy to why. Happy ever afters Jemima!

    Image may contain: dog
    Image may contain: dog
    Image may contain: dog, grass, outdoor and nature


     FIFI is loving life in her Forever home!

    Fifi here… Just letting you know how I’m getting on!!
    Well 1st things 1st…I have a new name!!
    Violet and I absolutely love it! A new name for a new chapter in my life 😊You might remember that I had really really bad skin? Well don’t worry because my skin has all cleared up and no more bald patches!! The vet has given me some magical tablets and I’m looking the best I have ever looked in my whole life!

    I sleep loads but it’s because when I’m awake I am so energetic and having so much fun! I have two furry friends that I live with… Patrick the sausage dog! He doesn’t tend to play with me much… He doesn’t really like it. He’s very vocal and my Daddy says he is saying “go away” … but I’m pretty sure it means “chase me, chase me!!”
    Then there’s Apple the Pug! I absolutely love Apple and follow her around everywhere. Where she goes…. I go!! We are the perfect double act!! Apple thinks she’s top dog but I loves to flop on top of her!! We have a double lead when we go out as Apple was getting a bit upset when I was dragging her along because I love sniffing everything!! But the new double lead is fantastic…we can sniff together! 😂
    My favourite thing when out walking is to chase birds or ducks or swans … I just love them! Not managed to get one yet but I will keep trying!
    I love the French bulldog walks and just run and run and run with 30 frenchies chasing each other until I’m sick Lol! 😷

    I love meeting people, dogs and children when out and about as I get so much attention!!
    Apparently I am the most behaved out of me, Patrick and Apple. When I first got here I used to wait to be told what to do… but I’m slowly learning and realise now I can jump on the bed and cuddle up whenever I like.
    I have definitely found my feet here and I am loving every second

    Image may contain: dog and indoor
    JACOB IS Home

    Hello everyone it’s me Jacob. I am still being a good boy and I am loving it here with my new Mummy and newNanny who both love me so much. I haven’t been too well and I had to go and see that person they call the vet and he said that I had to take things easy and not go for any walks! ‘WHAT’ no walks!! Oh no I love my walks but over the last week I have done really well so I was allowed a short walk 😀 I really enjoyed it and gave me a chance to keep my eye on those cats. 😂 Its early days yet but every day sees an improvement. Anyway I must go I have got some resting to do. Love Jacob xx

    Image may contain: dog and indoor
    Tabitha is home!

    Tabitha aka Bella has been with us now for 3 months, initially as a foster dog for assessment. She was easily stressed and very snappy at times, preferring to be nice and quiet with her favourite place on the couch. At first She only bonded with Jackie, but over time she is quite happy to sit with anyone, but still has moments when she is wary of young men! Her house training is getting better but she still has to learn some manners when it comes to food, her obsession she will try and sneak into the conservatory and climb up and eat the cat food! She gets on well with her fellow dogs in the house, but steers clear of the cat as he is the governor!
    She is very affectionate, likes going out for walks but grumbles when walking over pebbles.
    We love her as she is.


                                       🎉Tigra Adopted! 🎉


    Hi everyone I have now been adopted and I couldn’t be happier, my new humans have really been working hard on my toilet issues I don’t mean to poop indoors I just can’t help it, it’s my IBS you see it’s not great to live with, but my new humans are pros and and I’m now in a really good routine and have been doing really well. Im a big fan on the arm chair so that’s now mine😉 even better when I have the duvet on the chair too especially in this cold weather. I have a fur brothers I like them a lot were best friends, and I have a fellow Frenchie in the family that comes to visit me she also likes the chair but I don’t mind sharing she’s very cuddly. So that’s me adopted and loving life lots of love Tigra😘

                           🎉🎉Autumn adopted!🎉🎉

    I have also been adopted and super happy I have the best human parents they really do love me dearly I’m a very spoilt girl,I have my mum wrapped round my little paw.
    When I first arrived I was a little under weight but I’m now at a good healthy weight and eating well I have enjoyed being with my new family right from the start I sleep well at night I like my crate that’s where I take all my mums stuff, I don’t chew them just like to have all her stuff near by.
    I made a new fur friend next door we get on really well.
    I never used to like going out for a walk but I’m enjoying it more these days I have a new coat to keep me warm too.
    So that’s all the good stuff that’s been happening with me. I still have to be neutered not looking forward to that! I had a blocked gland, a skin infection and a infection in my nail bed was very sore but after some antibiotics I was back to my old self in no time at all, My parents took good care of me. As you can see In my pictures I’m a happy dog 😊


    🎉🎉 Rudolph’s is Home!🎉🎉

    Hi folks Rudolph checking in here to update you all on my adoption.
    Well it started off with a shaky start, I went into a lovely family who were beyond excited to have me but just a day after arriving they realised that one member was allergic to furry folk 🙈 poor wee guy hadn’t had a furry pet before so wouldn’t have known I’d bring him out in the hives🙈…Operation “move Rudolph pronto” was put in place and I was put into a special home as an emergency.
    Roll on to the next day and by that time I’ve totally worked some of my Rudolph magic because apparently as soon as I’d stepped in the door I was never leaving 
    They love me big time, even the golden oldies in the house adore me, overheard them saying I’ve given them a new lease of life (not bad for folks in their 80’s & 90’s) who actually look forward to me jumping into the big bed for cuddles and slobbery kisses in the morning 😂
    I’m getting very spoiled here too, I mean what dog gets to shower with it’s owner? And get this, we regularly do pub lunches with the girls, I mean what’s not to love?
    Adopted means I’m going no where and I could not be happier! I think I can safely say my paws have firmly landed, I’m behaving myself but I’m just so happy that my antics have brought so much joy and laughter. 🐶



    This little lady has landed completely on her paws! Family life definitely suits her! She adores her little human and is never far from his side. They spend a lot of time cuddling up and there’s so many pictures of them snoozing, it’s just adorable.
    She’s very much a daddies girl and has been playing nurse to him this week after a spell in hospital. She’s such a sensitive soul trying to lick his wounds better. 
    There’s a few names this girls been given in her time within the family, this one sticks though because she did actually wreck a crate 🙈
    Houdini (escape artist extraordinaire!) is just one name I can mention.

    So there we have it! Another pooch, another Home and yet another fabulous Adoption success story!
    Good girl Lady P have a wonderful life full of love and please no more destroying any crates!
    Always remember a Lady behaves herself at all times 👸



    It’s been a couple of weeks since I updated you all. So guess what’s happened?
    Yip you read that right, I’m now officially home! 
    Imagine getting dumped, then found by some builders, I was a wee hairless boy and was starving, Phoenix took me in and the rest as they say is history. Roll on a few weeks and check me out!
    I’ve completely landed on my paws! I’m no longer a hairless boy, look at my gorgeous coat!
    I’ve put loads of weight on, I’ve got a gorgeous brother Cooper and we totally love each other.
    And get this, I’ve only got a job! Yes, meeting and greeting the lovely folk that come into buy stuff, but they don’t actually buy anything they only come to visit me and Cooper!
    Aaaaand I get to go on holiday! In a swanky new motorhome, don’t think life could get any better really.
    So yeah, not a bad life really, work, rest and play suits me just fine, literally couldn’t be happier or more thankful for my new life and I love my new family to bits.
    Thanks Phoenix for getting me home!

    Couldn’t be any prouder of this boy, how clever is he to write his own update? 😜
    You’re so welcome YOGI, we’re all delighted for you, keep up the good work.




    What can we tell you about Pascal? He has been with Phoenix for some time now! Pascal was what we refer to as one of our problem children! We tried every combination of home possible; with dogs, without, with children, without but he just wouldn’t settle! Do you remember Pascal didn’t seem to have an OFF switch?
    His last post went up and someone applied to adopt him, so off he went to try another new home and the Phoenix Team waited with bated breath!
    We always give new homes as much information and history as possible on the dog arriving with them, to give that particular dog and everyone in the home the best possible chance of success! We felt his new home had been well informed for any Pascal behaviours!
    So he arrived at his new home and instantly done his upmost to make everyone out to be complete liars! settling in straight away with no issues at all! His new home just ‘get him’.
    He spends his days on the beach or going to work with his new dad, he has even mastered the Xbox with his new human brother; and now has a dog buddy too!
    Sometimes it takes a while for a dog to find where he should be! It’s as if he knew he had to go through the process until he found what he knew was where he belonged!
    We couldn’t be happier for Pascal and we wish him and his new family a very happy future together


     💖 FLEUR IS HOME 💖

    Or should I say Princess Fleur as she is affectionately know now. She has landed right on her paws making the most of it as you will see.
    Fleur has had her nares, pallet and spay done now and making the most of the pampering. She even had the big bed all to herself. She loves sunbathing in the garden and when her skin sister went back to school she missed her, so goes to pick her up now with mum xx


    He has settled right in and loves to help when watering the flowers. Even if it does take three times as long now 😉. He’s not looking to impressed with the getting dried bit after though lol.
    He even has picked his own chair, but as you can see he has to make sure he is comfortable. Why have 1 cushion if you can have 3. When not messing around in the garden he loves a snuggle with his new fur brother. Looks like a very happy home to me xx



    I could not be more delighted to write this. Little Mindy has finally found her Forever Sofa – and she is made for a sofa but does hog the remote control (photographic evidence below). She is spoiled to ruination and she has a family and a canine buddy who adore her. No less than this little lady deserves though, those poorly ears tell a story all of their own. She had her worries and anxieties but her pooch pal has helped her enormously with this and her confidence has developed and grown.

    I am not breaking any confidences by saying that Mum is a beauty therapist and Mindy is VERY good at helping clients to stay warm on the couch! What a cheeky girl, access all areas for her it seems!

    You can now enjoy the life you were meant to have little lady, we are so happy for you and your wonderful family.


    Adoption completed and he is just the happiest boy, as are his new family. This boy needed a family to grow with and we have found that for him. A home full of kiddies and a gorgeous fur sister, Porridge, she and Pepe get on like a house on fire. He’s been enrolled in puppy classes to learn some life lessons and I’m sure he’ll do just great, although with ten other pups in the class it’s bound to be a lot of fun too and guaranteed to be noisy 🙈
    We could not be happier that Pepe is home and look forward to seeing him grow.


    This handsome lad has been so lucky in finding his forever home, he is clearly loved and adored by his new owners. He’s made new doggy pals, has a great active lifestyle, regular walks and runs. He keeps his owner motivated when the legs don’t want to run any more he pushes her to keep going as he just doesn’t stop. Sneaky wee rascal loves to steal the bubbas toothbrush if no ones looking 😂 oh and he loves a prawn cracker or two!
    Favourite hobby? Snoozing 
    We couldn’t be happier for this lad he’s found an amazing family who absolutely love the bones of him.
    Well done that boy!


    Our Phoenix pocket rocket is home! Yes Denzel has chosen his family 😊
    Having been in long term foster to address his reflux issues we kind of knew he wasn’t going anywhere! Why would he?
    He loved life from the minute he arrived in his new home, exploring the beach with his fur sister and running his foster mum ragged with his antics; what a life 😉
    On a more serious note his foster mum has worked extremely hard with Denzel; researching information on canine reflux and with a lot of trial and error she now has it under control, not to mention working on his anxieties too! What a wonderful home he chose🙂
    Wishing Denzel and his family a very happy fun filled life together 💙


    I have been hard-pushed to find pictures of Hannah without her very gorgeous best buddy, but they do rather sum up why she went into foster and is not leaving. Why we would split up this beautiful union? She really is a very happy little lass and she has truly landed on her paws.

    Hannah still has a few medical issues to sort – nares, palate and spay – and so we are, of course, committed to them but as she is going absolutely no where it was foolish to delay while we waited for Uncle Tom to see her. She visits him next week and she will soon have a perfect nose, breathe more freely and hopefully have no more seasons too.

    Well done Happy Hannah, more humans reeled in and unable to resist the amusement of a perfect Frenchie Friendship, x x


    Yes, from foster straight into ‘staying right here, thanks’ and from the photos that I have had to choose from, I am not surprised. I have just had so many oh-and-ah moments looking through them and who wouldn’t want to adopt such a happy, chilled little chap who has just slotted in as one of the family? I selected a couple of photos – I could have out up dozens! – but I do hope we shall see his new family share lots more on the main page to let us all see how well he progresses. His best buddy is the soppiest Boxer ever, fabulous relationship between them. Thank you so much to his foster-now-forever family, you are just so perfect for him.

    So well done Pierre, you planted your little paws and wove your Frenchie magic. One very lucky family and one very lucky and happy pooch 🙂

    **ZSA ZSA IS HOME!**

    Another one who moved in and thought ‘this will do nicely, thanks’ and had no intention of leaving her foster-home! No, her foster-Mum did NOT know that at the time and she mistakenly thought that she was simply offering emergency-foster care. Isn’t it funny how things can turn out sometimes?!

    Zsa Zsa and her foster-Mum are inseparable now and everything is done and dusted with her adoption. We wish them a very happy life together – but watch her, she has a naughty glint in those eyes ….. I know how cheeky the oldies can be – Wonky-Dog!


    💙 Moses Adoption update 💙

    Moses now called Monty has got all 4 paws under the table and is officially adopted 
    Monty won our hearts from the minute we met him.
    He loves walks at the forest, beach, park.. anywhere and everywhere! Monty is full of affection and loves being with you even when taking a shower! Monty has now got 2 fur friends and a small human which he absolutely adores definitely BFFs for life 💙

    Thank you to everyone at Phoenix for everything you have done for Monty and for everything you do for all the other Frenchie’s in need 😘



      Thank you Phoenix. This little man is now mine. Love you Harley x


    A couple of Happy Ever Afters to let you know about. Both Noah and Eden have been officially adopted – YAY!

    They are both very laid back about it and just taking it in their strides ….. photographic proof!

    Huge thanks to their superb fosterers turned adopters, they are very lucky little dogs 🙂


    **** CILLA IS HOME !!!! ****

    Cilla is now officially home too, and absolutely loving it. She has a buddy and has made herself very comfy.

    Well done Cilla, you reeled them in with your inimitable charm 😉 And a huge thank you to her amazing new family for seeing past her initial nervousness to the dog inside.





    Hello everyone from Lulu (Eve). I am officially in my forever home and absolutely adore my Frenchie big sister. Mum and Dad got us a double doggie bed as we don’t like to be apart. I love living by the seaside. I had a lovely walk the other day on a nice secluded beach where I could run around off the lead for the first time. I got lots of hugs afterwards because I didn’t run off. I stayed near Mum, Dad and Frenchie sister and had a good sniff but went exploring in some clay at the bottom of the cliffs – oops!! See my photo! I’m a very good girl with a mischievous streak but very intelligent for my age as I’m only 9 months old.
    A big thank you to Aunties Teresa Cargill, Samantha Bone, Heidi Bliss, Jan Witherup, Lorraine Cook and the whole of the team from Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue.
    Bye for now, it’s cuddle time but I’ll keep you all updated with my antics. Lots of love Lulu 💖 xx



    Hello everybody it’s Nellie previously Delilah me fully adopted now 😁!! My mum says I’m very good as I’m already toilet trained! I’m still trying to be the boss but we’re not sure who that is at the moment still, my mummy said she wants my one ear to go back down but it won’t it’s fully stuck up now 😜, anyways just thought I’d let you all know Iv settled really well I best go and annoy my Max because I don’t leave him alone if I do then it’s probably to get attention off someone Cos they have him some or I’ll shake my bum a lot as well as my tail

    Bye for now
    Nellie x