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    Who says rescues can’t have their happy ever after??!!😆💖💖

    Our very first founding lady – Phoenix. A real little cracker being spoiled as she she deserves, x x And PFBR Eve too!!! x x x


    🎉🎉Tigra Adopted! 🎉🎉

    Hi everyone I have now been adopted and I couldn’t be happier, my new humans have really been working hard on my toilet issues I don’t mean to poop indoors I just can’t help it, it’s my IBS you see it’s not great to live with, but my new humans are pros and and I’m now in a really good routine and have been doing really well. Im a big fan on the arm chair so that’s now mine😉 even better when I have the duvet on the chair too especially in this cold weather. I have a fur brothers I like them a lot were best friends, and I have a fellow Frenchie in the family that comes to visit me she also likes the chair but I don’t mind sharing she’s very cuddly. So that’s me adopted and loving life lots of love Tigra😘

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    🎉🎉Autumn adopted!🎉🎉

    I have also been adopted and super happy I have the best human parents they really do love me dearly I’m a very spoilt girl,I have my mum wrapped round my little paw.
    When I first arrived I was a little under weight but I’m now at a good healthy weight and eating well I have enjoyed being with my new family right from the start I sleep well at night I like my crate that’s where I take all my mums stuff, I don’t chew them just like to have all her stuff near by.
    I made a new fur friend next door we get on really well.
    I never used to like going out for a walk but I’m enjoying it more these days I have a new coat to keep me warm too.
    So that’s all the good stuff that’s been happening with me. I still have to be neutered not looking forward to that! I had a blocked gland, a skin infection and a infection in my nail bed was very sore but after some antibiotics I was back to my old self in no time at all, My parents took good care of me. As you can see In my pictures I’m a happy dog 😊

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    🎉🎉 Rudolph’s is Home!🎉🎉

    Hi folks Rudolph checking in here to update you all on my adoption.
    Well it started off with a shaky start, I went into a lovely family who were beyond excited to have me but just a day after arriving they realised that one member was allergic to furry folk 🙈 poor wee guy hadn’t had a furry pet before so wouldn’t have known I’d bring him out in the hives🙈…Operation “move Rudolph pronto” was put in place and I was put into a special home as an emergency.
    Roll on to the next day and by that time I’ve totally worked some of my Rudolph magic because apparently as soon as I’d stepped in the door I was never leaving ❤️
    They love me big time, even the golden oldies in the house adore me, overheard them saying I’ve given them a new lease of life (not bad for folks in their 80’s & 90’s) who actually look forward to me jumping into the big bed for cuddles and slobbery kisses in the morning 😂
    I’m getting very spoiled here too, I mean what dog gets to shower with it’s owner? And get this, we regularly do pub lunches with the girls, I mean what’s not to love?
    Adopted means I’m going no where and I could not be happier! I think I can safely say my paws have firmly landed, I’m behaving myself but I’m just so happy that my antics have brought so much joy and laughter. 🐶

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    This little lady has landed completely on her paws! Family life definitely suits her! She adores her little human and is never far from his side. They spend a lot of time cuddling up and there’s so many pictures of them snoozing, it’s just adorable.
    She’s very much a daddies girl and has been playing nurse to him this week after a spell in hospital. She’s such a sensitive soul trying to lick his wounds better. 
    There’s a few names this girls been given in her time within the family, this one sticks though because she did actually wreck a crate 🙈
    Houdini (escape artist extraordinaire!) is just one name I can mention.

    So there we have it! Another pooch, another Home and yet another fabulous Adoption success story!
    Good girl Lady P have a wonderful life full of love and please no more destroying any crates!
    Always remember a Lady behaves herself at all times 👸



    It’s been a couple of weeks since I updated you all. So guess what’s happened?
    Yip you read that right, I’m now officially home! ❤️
    Imagine getting dumped, then found by some builders, I was a wee hairless boy and was starving, Phoenix took me in and the rest as they say is history. Roll on a few weeks and check me out!
    I’ve completely landed on my paws! I’m no longer a hairless boy, look at my gorgeous coat!
    I’ve put loads of weight on, I’ve got a gorgeous brother Cooper and we totally love each other.
    And get this, I’ve only got a job! Yes, meeting and greeting the lovely folk that come into buy stuff, but they don’t actually buy anything they only come to visit me and Cooper!
    Aaaaand I get to go on holiday! In a swanky new motorhome, don’t think life could get any better really.
    So yeah, not a bad life really, work, rest and play suits me just fine, literally couldn’t be happier or more thankful for my new life and I love my new family to bits.
    Thanks Phoenix for getting me home!

    Couldn’t be any prouder of this boy, how clever is he to write his own update? 😜
    You’re so welcome YOGI, we’re all delighted for you, keep up the good work.




    What can we tell you about Pascal? He has been with Phoenix for some time now! Pascal was what we refer to as one of our problem children! We tried every combination of home possible; with dogs, without, with children, without but he just wouldn’t settle! Do you remember Pascal didn’t seem to have an OFF switch?
    His last post went up and someone applied to adopt him, so off he went to try another new home and the Phoenix Team waited with bated breath!
    We always give new homes as much information and history as possible on the dog arriving with them, to give that particular dog and everyone in the home the best possible chance of success! We felt his new home had been well informed for any Pascal behaviours!
    So he arrived at his new home and instantly done his upmost to make everyone out to be complete liars! settling in straight away with no issues at all! His new home just ‘get him’.
    He spends his days on the beach or going to work with his new dad, he has even mastered the Xbox with his new human brother; and now has a dog buddy too!
    Sometimes it takes a while for a dog to find where he should be! It’s as if he knew he had to go through the process until he found what he knew was where he belonged!
    We couldn’t be happier for Pascal and we wish him and his new family a very happy future together 💙

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     💖 FLEUR IS HOME 💖

    Or should I say Princess Fleur as she is affectionately know now. She has landed right on her paws making the most of it as you will see.
    Fleur has had her nares, pallet and spay done now and making the most of the pampering. She even had the big bed all to herself. She loves sunbathing in the garden and when her skin sister went back to school she missed her, so goes to pick her up now with mum xx


    He has settled right in and loves to help when watering the flowers. Even if it does take three times as long now 😉. He’s not looking to impressed with the getting dried bit after though lol.
    He even has picked his own chair, but as you can see he has to make sure he is comfortable. Why have 1 cushion if you can have 3. When not messing around in the garden he loves a snuggle with his new fur brother. Looks like a very happy home to me xx


    Adoption completed and he is just the happiest boy, as are his new family. This boy needed a family to grow with and we have found that for him. A home full of kiddies and a gorgeous fur sister, Porridge, she and Pepe get on like a house on fire. He’s been enrolled in puppy classes to learn some life lessons and I’m sure he’ll do just great, although with ten other pups in the class it’s bound to be a lot of fun too and guaranteed to be noisy 🙈
    We could not be happier that Pepe is home and look forward to seeing him grow.


    This handsome lad has been so lucky in finding his forever home, he is clearly loved and adored by his new owners. He’s made new doggy pals, has a great active lifestyle, regular walks and runs. He keeps his owner motivated when the legs don’t want to run any more he pushes her to keep going as he just doesn’t stop. Sneaky wee rascal loves to steal the bubbas toothbrush if no ones looking 😂 oh and he loves a prawn cracker or two!
    Favourite hobby? Snoozing 
    We couldn’t be happier for this lad he’s found an amazing family who absolutely love the bones of him.
    Well done that boy!


    Our Phoenix pocket rocket is home! Yes Denzel has chosen his family 😊
    Having been in long term foster to address his reflux issues we kind of knew he wasn’t going anywhere! Why would he?
    He loved life from the minute he arrived in his new home, exploring the beach with his fur sister and running his foster mum ragged with his antics; what a life 😉
    On a more serious note his foster mum has worked extremely hard with Denzel; researching information on canine reflux and with a lot of trial and error she now has it under control, not to mention working on his anxieties too! What a wonderful home he chose🙂
    Wishing Denzel and his family a very happy fun filled life together 💙


    I have been hard-pushed to find pictures of Hannah without her very gorgeous best buddy, but they do rather sum up why she went into foster and is not leaving. Why we would split up this beautiful union? She really is a very happy little lass and she has truly landed on her paws.

    Hannah still has a few medical issues to sort – nares, palate and spay – and so we are, of course, committed to them but as she is going absolutely no where it was foolish to delay while we waited for Uncle Tom to see her. She visits him next week and she will soon have a perfect nose, breathe more freely and hopefully have no more seasons too.

    Well done Happy Hannah, more humans reeled in and unable to resist the amusement of a perfect Frenchie Friendship, x x


    Yes, from foster straight into ‘staying right here, thanks’ and from the photos that I have had to choose from, I am not surprised. I have just had so many oh-and-ah moments looking through them and who wouldn’t want to adopt such a happy, chilled little chap who has just slotted in as one of the family? I selected a couple of photos – I could have out up dozens! – but I do hope we shall see his new family share lots more on the main page to let us all see how well he progresses. His best buddy is the soppiest Boxer ever, fabulous relationship between them. Thank you so much to his foster-now-forever family, you are just so perfect for him.

    So well done Pierre, you planted your little paws and wove your Frenchie magic. One very lucky family and one very lucky and happy pooch 🙂

    **ZSA ZSA IS HOME!**

    Another one who moved in and thought ‘this will do nicely, thanks’ and had no intention of leaving her foster-home! No, her foster-Mum did NOT know that at the time and she mistakenly thought that she was simply offering emergency-foster care. Isn’t it funny how things can turn out sometimes?!

    Zsa Zsa and her foster-Mum are inseparable now and everything is done and dusted with her adoption. We wish them a very happy life together – but watch her, she has a naughty glint in those eyes ….. I know how cheeky the oldies can be – Wonky-Dog!


    💙 Moses Adoption update 💙

    Moses now called Monty has got all 4 paws under the table and is officially adopted ☺️
    Monty won our hearts from the minute we met him.
    He loves walks at the forest, beach, park.. anywhere and everywhere! Monty is full of affection and loves being with you even when taking a shower! Monty has now got 2 fur friends and a small human which he absolutely adores definitely BFFs for life 💙

    Thank you to everyone at Phoenix for everything you have done for Monty and for everything you do for all the other Frenchie’s in need 😘



      Thank you Phoenix. This little man is now mine. Love you Harley x


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    A couple of Happy Ever Afters to let you know about. Both Noah and Eden have been officially adopted – YAY!

    They are both very laid back about it and just taking it in their strides ….. photographic proof!

    Huge thanks to their superb fosterers turned adopters, they are very lucky little dogs 🙂


    **** CILLA IS HOME !!!! ****

    Cilla is now officially home too, and absolutely loving it. She has a buddy and has made herself very comfy.

    Well done Cilla, you reeled them in with your inimitable charm 😉 And a huge thank you to her amazing new family for seeing past her initial nervousness to the dog inside.

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    Hello everyone from Lulu (Eve). I am officially in my forever home and absolutely adore my Frenchie big sister. Mum and Dad got us a double doggie bed as we don’t like to be apart. I love living by the seaside. I had a lovely walk the other day on a nice secluded beach where I could run around off the lead for the first time. I got lots of hugs afterwards because I didn’t run off. I stayed near Mum, Dad and Frenchie sister and had a good sniff but went exploring in some clay at the bottom of the cliffs – oops!! See my photo! I’m a very good girl with a mischievous streak but very intelligent for my age as I’m only 9 months old.
    A big thank you to Aunties Teresa Cargill, Samantha Bone, Heidi Bliss, Jan Witherup, Lorraine Cook and the whole of the team from Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue.
    Bye for now, it’s cuddle time but I’ll keep you all updated with my antics. Lots of love Lulu 💖 xx



    Hello everybody it’s Nellie previously Delilah me fully adopted now 😁!! My mum says I’m very good as I’m already toilet trained! I’m still trying to be the boss but we’re not sure who that is at the moment still, my mummy said she wants my one ear to go back down but it won’t it’s fully stuck up now 😜, anyways just thought I’d let you all know Iv settled really well I best go and annoy my Max because I don’t leave him alone if I do then it’s probably to get attention off someone Cos they have him some or I’ll shake my bum a lot as well as my tail

    Bye for now
    Nellie x