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Phoenix Blitzen (Reindeer Litter)

Phoenix Blitzen was one the Reindeer puppies and arrived with me just after Christmas. She is blue and white and has a love heart marking near her eye so it seemed apt to give her a name meaning love.

It was a long journey home but she travelled like a pro. Phoenix Blitzen soon found her feet in our fur family of 4 and rapidly progressed to team leader! She attended puppy school and passed with flying colours but of course rarely cooperates unless food is involved - she trained her hooman very well and very quickly and has a certificate to prove it, She is bossy , loud and outgoing - a real diva and she knows it, but everyone loves her. Every morning her signature routine is to lick the other 3 to within an inch of their lives and then throw herself backwards onto the pillow or into your arms for a cuddle. This is compulsory of course! Phoenix Blitzen loves the car, especially if she gets to ride shotgun. She also has made it her duty to rid the garden of birds and wildlife and performs daily patrols to maintain status.

Blitzen by name and Blitzen by nature, she is definitely a character and not got the grunt hearted.

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