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Phoenix Burns

My husband had wanted a dog for a while, but as we were both out at work all day it was unfair to get a dog and leave it at home all day. Then COVID arrived. I was working from home and after a few months we decided we would look at fostering, even if it was only for a short while; it would give a dog in need somewhere to live. We went searching for rescues that were looking for foster families. Phoenix was one of the few that accepted families who live in flats. Several months earlier I had seen a Frenchie puppy strutting down the street like a little hard man and, remembering the attitude of that puppy, I couldn’t resist submittin an application. Due to COVID the process took longer than normal and, of course,not all the dogs coming in were suited to living in a flat.

Our patience paid off and, in November 2021, Phoenix Burns strutted through the door. She made a beeline for my husband and melted his “I want a big dog” heart. The not on the couch rule was broken on the first night - “Leave her, she looks cosy” he said. Over a few days her sassy little attitude s