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Phoenix Grethe

We lost our beloved Springer Spaniel in January of this year. Our house just wasn’t a home without a dog to love and we never had any luck at regular dog rehoming centres due to having young children.

I’ve always been drawn to Frenchies as I love their personalities. So, after coming across Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue on Facebook & watching on the sidelines for a while, I decided to try my luck with them.

Well, my luck was well & truly in as, after only three months of submittingng my application, (a completely smooth process) we were bringing little Phoenix Grethe home as a foster to adopt.

She was so timid when she first came to us. At a year old she didn’t know how to play, had never been walked & wasn't toilet trained. But what an absolute love bug she was right from the start. She settled in quite quickly & lapped up all the love & attention she was now getting. We did have a few teething problems with toileting but, with plenty of rewards, we soon worked through any issues & now she just loves running back in the house for her praise & her treat after she’s been to the toilet outside.

The lovely ladies at Phoenix were always on hand with helpful advice & support. I honestly can’t thank them enough. From the road train to get her to us and the care & support they continue to show, even after we have officially adopted her, I can honestly say that the Phoenix Team is the best and they truly do love and want the best for their dogs.

Little Grethe has really come out of her shell these past couple of months & the once timid little girl is now a zoomie taking, fun loving, playful little sweetheart. She is a pure joy to have around and her cuddles are the best!

Thank you so much to everyone at Phoenix for all the hard work they put into finding these dogs the loving homes they deserve.


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