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Phoenix Kyanite

This scared and angry little bundle arrived at our house about 9pm on a dark night in 2018. She hated the world and was constantly shaking & attacking everyone and everything. She enjoyed a walk but would jump up to people's hands to try to bite them.

We remained very patient with her and let her settle, hoping she would eventually take to us. She adores blankets, beds and soft toys and took about a year to stop shaking and jumping up at everyone.

Phoenix Kyanite is now a very relaxed lady, who runs to meet us when we come home, will bring toys to visitors and climbs all over you to sneak in a kiss. She will still bark at what she doesn't like but has even made some furry friends and is comfortable off lead with them. Her cuteness is her sticky out tongue and her adoration for my dad, such a result after mostly hating men.

She now has a new fascination, my new granddaughter, who she constantly watches when there's a visit. She even tolerates her pug brother.

It has been a pleasure to take care of her and watch her blossom into our black pudding. Thank you so much Phoenix for this opportunity. It has opened my heart to adoption.


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