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Phoenix Nibbleswick PPP

It all began during the dark month of February 2020 when we lost our previous Frenchie aged just 6 to IVDD and complications.

I knew about Phoenix but had only recently joined. I messaged my area coordinator telling them I was lost, lonely and broken hearted and, after six long months, I got a call to say they had found the dog for me and she was be arriving that same night. After a long journey she arrived into our home and got straight into my previous dog's basket (which I hadn't put away). One of the first things I noticed was when you fuss her or pick her up she literally purrs like a cat. She still does this two years on. She settled in from day one like she had always lived with us . She has never been any trouble , it's like she knew she had found her forever family.

This was two years ago now and she certainly helped me during those dark days and I can only assume we have helped her too. She follows me from room to room but that's a sign of love isn't it ? I am forever grateful to Phoenix for thinking of us, it sure has been a perfect match and we feel so lucky.


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