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Phoenix Tornado

We have had two adopted rescue dogs in our family and were considering whether to have another when someone my husband knows introduced him to his new Phoenix pup.

The idea of fostering first before adopting seemed like a good idea, so we filled in the forms. We heard nothing for ages, but as we were right in the thick of pandemic restrictions, not really surprising.

We received a phone call one evening in the week before Christmas 2020 and Phoenix Tornado, a very apt name, arrived as an emergency medical foster, at short notice and in a flurry of activity at midnight with two broken front legs and in a lot of pain.

Thanks to excellent organisation by our regional Phoenix Team he was admitted to vet hospital the next morning to be operated on and remained there until Boxing Day. For the following few months he underwent quite intensive physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, especially as he wasn't putting any weight on one foot. Phoenix Tornado was a very active boy so trying to moderate his boisterous activities until his legs were better was a challenge. He settled in with our other dogs quite quickly, especially bonding with our Schnauzer who seemed to know that he couldn't chase about so would lie on the floor to 'wrestle' with him.

Phoenix Tornado's physical injuries healed very well but he was left with some behavioural issues, mainly with other dogs and with our oldest male. At one stage we could not have them in the same room as they would spark off. Thanks to help and advice from the behaviourist recommended by Phoenix we have harmony in the house once again and although Phoenix Tornado is still a bit reactive on walks when he sees certain dogs, he is much improved and we are making gradual progress.

Although the family had some concerns at the worst of the challenging behaviour, he is now the most affectionate boy who loves people and just wants to be with you, ideally on your lap - not easy as he has long legs and likes to stretch out! He is a complete clown and his zoomies with our other rescue usually result in a rearrangement of the furniture as he uses the back of the sofa to catapult off - good job I'm not too house proud!


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