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Phoenix Wensleydale

I had known about Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue for around a year having followed the Facebook page (Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue (UK) | Facebook) and admiring the tireless work/charity they do for rescue Frenchies. They truly are amazing! A few times I went to apply but chickened out.

I finally decided to put myself out there end of July 2022 and registered to foster, had a home visit with the lovely Katie and, within a week or so, I was introduced to Phoenix Wensleydale. Boy oh boy, has he changed mine and my daughters lives!

I had read about Phoenix Wensleydale quite a few times over the previous 6 months. There was nothing but praise for this boy so when I was asked if I foster him of course I agreed! Whilst my daughter and I were nervous, as we have never had a pet before, he settled in very well and we instantly fell in love. From the beginning it didn’t feel like we were fostering, but like he was ours forever.

He has changed our lives for the better even with his stinky toots, haha! He’s loving, boisterous, and gosh I do love how his tail wags when I get home from work and all the kisses I get! After 3 weeks, when I was asked if I would adopt him, I absolutely agreed.

Phoenix have been amazing through the whole process. They’ve been there if I had any concerns/queries and have been extremely supportive of our journey and I will continue to support the outstanding work they do! I officially adopted Phoenix Wensleydale a week ago and feel so blessed and grateful. Thank you so much PFBR!


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