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If you have researched the breed thoroughly, and considered all of what it will mean to own a dog, and you understand that commitment, and the costs associated with it, the next step is relatively simple:


When a post of interest is announced on the main Phoenix Facebook page for a dog in need, and you have read carefully to be sure that you could be the right home for that specific dog, you should apply to foster on our website, as everyone who wishes to adopt must foster first - click here to register. If you have already done so and have been home-checked, you should contact your Regional Team to express your interest. N.B. If you are fostering the dog you wish to adopt, you will simply move straight to completion of the Adoption Contract and payment.


Your Regional Co-ordinator will be in contact to arrange a home-visit as soon as possible after the form has been received and checked, if you have not had one previously, so that we are sure you are a potential match for the Dog you are applying for; once this has been carried out the Management Team will review the paperwork and you will be informed if you meet the criteria for that particular dog, but if not they will advise on what type of dog may be preferable and may suggest that you apply to foster another first. Remember, you have first refusal to adopt any dog that you foster.


Potentially suitable applicants may receive a phone call to discuss the dog’s needs or requirements and to ascertain in more detail if the Dog is the right match before a decision is reached


Once confirmed that the Dog is a match and the potential Adoptee is aware of all adoption costs and conditions etc and is able to make payment of the Adoption Fee in full after the 2-3 weeks ‘settling-in’ period (which is the Foster period and covered by the Fostering Contract), arrangements will be made for the dog to go to his or her Forever Home; it is expected that a potential Adopter will travel to meet a dog unless there are exceptional circumstances. In the case of extreme distance road trains may be arranged to assist with travel.


After 2/3 weeks of fostering, which is intended to be a trial period for the Adopter and the Dog, the Adoption Fee will be payable and this can be done by bank transfer (preferred), cash or cleared cheque. At this time an Adoption Contract will be signed and a copy will be retained by both parties. 


Reviews will be conducted at regular intervals, as detailed on the Adoption Contract, to ensure the continued well-being of the adopted Dog.


How it works …...

All dogs are subject to a home-trial and ‘cooling-off period’ of 2 to 3 weeks. The home-trial involves taking the Dog home and living with him/her. Once a decision has been made that the Dog has settled well in the Forever Home, a Regional Co-ordinator will deliver or email the Adoption Contract, explain it in full and make arrangements for the Adoption fee to be paid at that time – please note that payment plans/instalment payments are not available.


If at any time during the trial-period there are any issues with the Dog that suggest the adoption is not likely to be successful, or simply if more time or support may be needed, the Adopter should contact their Regional Co-ordinator so that arrangements can be made to offer help or to remove the Dog as quickly as possible. Regional Co-ordinators and members of the Management Team will be on hand at all times to ensure that advice and support are available – keep the Emergency Contacts list handy that you will have been given.


The Adoption Contract states:


  • Under no circumstances can the dog be rehomed, sold or otherwise disposed of by the Adopter

  • Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue will visit the dog by prior arrangement at any time, but will also carry out video-calls/phone calls/Facetime/WhatsApp-calls.

  • Adopters will remain in contact with Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue and notify immediately any changes in circumstances, including new addresses or phone numbers, or if the dog is deceased

  • Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue reserves the right to re-claim the dog if it is of the opinion that the dog is not being properly cared for, if it has not been neutered within the terms of the Adoption Contract or its environment is no longer suitable


Please read the Adoption Contract thoroughly, so that the expectations of all parties are clear on what is expected of them.


Adoption Fees (as of 1st March 2023):

Up to 6 months old            £595

6-12 months old                  £495

1-5 years old                         £450

5-8 years old                        £350

8 years plus                          £150


Dogs surrendered and rehomed as bonded pairs will not be charged at double rate; consideration will be given to the age and medical condition of each pair and a fee will be advised in advance.


*medical conditions will also be taken into account where a dog may need on-going care and fees may be decreased at the discretion of the Management Team

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