The Rising of Phoenix

 I am proud to be a part of this Team, and this Phoenix is truly flying higher by the day, and raising French Bulldogs from the Ashes.We are delighted that you have found us.

Teresa Cargill, Proud Founder of Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue

Hello, my name is Teresa Cargill and I am the very proud Founder of Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue, registered Charity no. 1171943.  I currently live with my family, 5 French Bulldogs and a Bulldog; I say ‘currently’ because  those doggie numbers may increase at  any time.  I have been around dogs for  all of my life; I spent almost 30 years  living with rescued Rottweilers before becoming involved with showing and  breeding French Bulldogs for several years, but I now spend all my time managing their rescue and promoting the health of the breed.


Phoenix was established at the end of the end of 2016 and set loose on the  general public on January 8th 2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  It  was a nerve-racking time as we hit the button and prayed we would fly.  Our  team had been rapidly assembled after having acquired much experience  within other dog organisations and rescue groups; there had been no plan to  start a new rescue group after the departure from another, but it was very  obvious that our beloved breed needed us and we were not about to put our  combined years of experience to waste when we could continue to use it for  the good of Frenchies.  Many of us had worked together previously and we  knew that the team dynamics were perfect to get our Phoenix rising.

We applied for charity status and were delighted to achieve this on 8th March 2017.  I am a Trustee (Chair) along with my husband, Steve Cargill; my daughter, Kimberleigh Malyan; and our very good friend, Patricia Butler.  We all bring something different to the table and hope this sets a good balance. Phoenix has a real family feel and we promote this within the Team too because enthusiasm runs very high here, but a work-life balance is vital too.

I am part of a vast Team of volunteers from across the UK, who work tirelessly and endlessly to ensure that a French Bulldog in need can always have a safe home to go to.  We operate using various social media networks and have no ‘base’ – apart from the office in my house.  All of our dogs are placed into pre-assessed, loving and knowledgeable foster homes, no kennels, ever.  This allows us to assess the dog properly – no dog behaves ‘normally’ in a kennel and many are already traumatised and behaving out of character due to the change of home and circumstance.  We have a resident Behaviourist, Lorraine Cook, who is also my wing-man in all things Phoenix.  Lorraine supports our dogs and their foster-carers to overcome any issues the dogs may have.  Dogs stay in foster-care for a minimum of 2 weeks, maybe much longer if they need to be mended physically, after which they may be adopted by the fosterer or are then made available for adoption applications, when the Team select the very best-matched home.  All dogs leave Phoenix with 5 weeks free insurance from Agria and a life-time contract – we monitor and visit our dogs at regular intervals and if the worse should ever happen and the new home is unable to keep the dog it comes right back to Phoenix – safe forever.

Sometimes, people just need advice and support to be able to manage and keep their pet, at other times they need our non-judgemental, professional help in rehoming their dog.  As much as we can often be heard to say that it is ‘all about the dog’ we never lose sight of the fact that there is often a broken-hearted human at the end of a surrendered dog’s lead.  We will never judge and all of our volunteers are mindful of this.  Other dogs may be genuine ‘rescues’ and our Team are well-versed in collecting these and seeking appropriate medical attention immediately, before they even reach their specialist foster-homes where the real mending can begin.  All of our dogs receive the very best care, medically and psychologically, during foster and afterwards in adoption.

I am very proud of Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue and not for myself but for the Team and our volunteers and followers; yes, always a capital ‘T’ for Team because they make this charity what it is and they deserve that special status. Without a great Team we could not offer the Frenchies the help that we do, we could not support you when you need us, we would simply fail to be effective.  Without our volunteers we could not do home-visits, collect dogs, deliver dogs, hold fundraising events, we could not pay our vet fees from the donations that they make.  And without the AMAZING followers we have we would not be here at all, we could not help the dogs, form great friendships and change lives, human and canine, we would cease to exist

Yes, I am proud to be a part of this Team, and this Phoenix is truly flying higher by the day, and raising French Bulldogs from the Ashes.  We are delighted that you have found us.

June 2017

Meet The Founder

Teresa Cargill

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