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Training for Foster Carers


As of Monday 18th October 2021, all Phoenix foster-carers will be required to undertake a short, online training course which will be delivered by the ISCP ( ), The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd. This is a certificated course to help understand the needs of the rescue dog, and the ISCP stringently uphold a force-free and fear-free ethos, which Phoenix FBR wholeheartedly approve of.


We hope this may empower our fosterers to feel more confident with the dog(s) in their care.


There is no charge for this course to the fosterer but no dog will be placed into a foster home until the main care-giver has completed the course.


It is anticipated that this training will happen as soon as a suitable dog-home match is identified, and the course will be offered prior to the dog arriving in the home, where possible; we know that there will be the occasional exception where a dog comes to us in a hurry, and so doing the course retrospectively will suffice in these cases.


This course will obviously not be made available on general release, as there is a cost element, but where a dog is due to go a new home, we feel that this investment will be invaluable.

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