31st January 2018

Introducing THOR

**** INTRODUCING THOR **** This is another lad who has a very troubled time in his short life (18 months old) – he has come to us after several homes […]
31st January 2018

Introducing Rogue

**** INTRODUCING ROGUE **** She actually isn’t a rogue, not even a little bit naughty really, just a little cuddler who needed some medical attention, beginning with her palate and […]
31st January 2018

Introducing Hela (PPP)

**** INTRODUCING HELA PPP **** Another little girl who is under the Phoenix Protection Programme, but thankfully not as bad as poor Hela. This lady is around 7 and although […]
8th January 2018

Dave Update

*Dave in Foster* Hi all its Dave again, man this momma has me for the long stint. You see my behaviour has improved as I was first so very scared […]
11th December 2017

Autumn in foster update

*****AUTUMN IN FOSTER***** Hey Autumn here to let you all know how i’m getting on. I arrived at my new foster home quite late in the evening but i got […]
11th December 2017

Home visit volunteers needed…

Fancy doing some home-visits? There are still areas of the country where people are waiting to get their home-visit done so that we can put them to good use as […]
5th December 2017

Introducing Cinders

**** INTRODUCING CINDERS **** I think this may have been one of our saddest surrenders this year as we have only been given Cinders due to severe allergic reactions to […]
30th November 2017

Christmas Opening Times & New Member Info

**** CHRISTMAS OPENING TIMES AND SOME INFO FOR OUR NEW MEMBERS **** And a few other Christmas related ‘bits’ too. And EDITS Phoenix FBR will officially ‘close’ for Christmas at […]
30th November 2017

Introducing Wheeler

**** INTRODUCING WHEELER **** I am unable to say much about the circumstances under which Wheeler came to us but suffice to say that she has been a tad neglected. […]
30th November 2017

Introducing Catherine

**** INTRODUCING CATHERINE **** My apologies, but again, I cant say too much about the circumstances of Catherine’s arrival with us but please know that she is already on the […]
30th November 2017

Introducing Poppy

**** INTRODUCING POPPY **** This was a very sad surrender as this gorgeous girl came to us after being returned to her breeder because the original owner couldn’t keep her. […]
30th November 2017

Introducing Twinkle

**** INTRODUCING TWINKLE **** No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is clearly not a Frenchie, but when offered to you in need of a good home and looking […]
30th November 2017

Introducing Autumn

**** INTRODUCING AUTUMN **** This pretty little lady arrived into our care yesterday but due to the circumstances of her surrender I am unable to say too much, but the […]
30th November 2017

Introducing Treacle

**** INTRODUCING TREACLE **** Here is yet another little cutie-pie to show you – 2 years old and a very sweet little girl. She came to us because she was […]
20th November 2017

Christmas Opening Times…Please Read Carefully

**** CHRISTMAS OPENING TIMES – IMPORTANT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY**** And a few other Christmas related ‘bits’ too. Phoenix FBR will officially ‘close’ for Christmas at the close of play on […]
20th November 2017

Foster home needed for Treacle

***FOSTER HOME NEEDED FOR TREACLE *** Treacle is a 2.5yr old, unspayed brindle girl who has come into Phoenix as sadly she isn’t getting along with one of the other […]
20th November 2017

Foster to Adopt – For Roman and Crackle

**FOSTER TO ADOPT HOME NEEDED FOR ROMAN AND CRACKLE** A heartbreaking situation has led to these two lovelies needing a new home – please no negative comments. Roman is a […]
20th November 2017

Introducing Sparkle

**** INTRODUCING SPARKLE **** This little lady arrived with us this very weekend – and she really is a little dot too, very dainty. She has had an issue with […]
20th November 2017

Introducing Wednesday

**** INTRODUCING WEDNESDAY **** Yes, I know it is only Monday!! I truly thought that I had already showed off this little beauty who has actually been with us for […]
17th November 2017

Update on Bonnie – Sad News…

**** UPDATE ON BONNIE – SAD NEWS **** Bonnie, 11 weeks old, came to us after her loving owner was unable to do the further investigations needed to find out […]
14th November 2017

Introducing Ember

**** INTRODUCING EMBER **** Look at this crazy little dawg! She LOVES a game! She is 6 years young and has come to us as her owners are moving abroad […]
14th November 2017

Introducing Bonnie

**** INTRODUCING BONNIE **** This little lady is only 11 weeks old and came into our care this weekend. She has health issues and we were told that she had […]
14th November 2017

Luther – Foster to Adopt Needed

*** LUTHER – INTRODUCTION & FOSTER TO ADOPT NEEDED *** We seem to have had a bit of a run on pied boys – we are not cloning them, honest! […]
14th November 2017

Mork Update & Appeal

**** MORK UPDATE – AND AN APPEAL**** CAUTION – LONG POST **** You know that Mork has had his MRI but what I have yet to let you know is […]