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🐾Behind the Scenes: How Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue Transforms Lives 🐾

Welcome to the first instalment of our new blog series. This post will provide you with the background you need to know about Phoenix French Bulldog Rescue.

How Phoenix Came to Be

Back in late 2016, Teresa Cargill had an idea, and Phoenix quickly came to life, hitting the online scene on 8 January 2017, through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We quickly applied to become a charity, and it was amazing to get the official status on 8 March 2017.

We've got a tight-knit family vibe at Phoenix, and we make sure to spread this feeling in our Team too. While we're all super passionate, we also value finding that work-life sweet spot. Throughout this blog you may notice that we always spell Team with a capital T. That’s not a rogue typo slipping through the net, but it’s because they make this charity what it is and they deserve that special status.

The Charity Commission keeps an eye on Phoenix FBR, making sure we stick to the plan laid out in our Articles, the rules we set up when we began.

Phoenix’s Structure

In order to properly manage all the dogs that come in and out of our care Phoenix splits the UK into different Regions, which are just groups of postcodes. Some areas have job openings, and we might tweak the Regions a bit later on. But don't worry, we're always sharing these updates on social media and our website.

Our entire Team is made up of volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time alongside their families and careers. We rely on various social media platforms as our virtual hub, as we don't have a centralised office - other than all the different dining tables nationwide.

Founder, Trustee and CEO

Heading up the show, Teresa Cargill leads a Team of Regional Managers spread across the UK. They, in turn, manage Regional Coordinators and dedicated volunteers. These tireless individuals ensure that every French Bulldog in need finds a secure and loving home.

All managers report to Teresa - running Phoenix is her full time job and she oversees the entire day to day running of the charity. Behind the scenes, Phoenix has four trustees and, as the Chair of these, Teresa coordinates between them, either reporting back at the charity’s annual meetings, or ad-hoc whenever something urgent comes up.

Regional Managers

In each area, we've got a Manager (RM) who takes care of things. They're the main folks to reach out to for the public and for Teresa. Their job is to make sure all the checks and assessments, like home-checks and dog-checks, happen on time. We catch up regularly online to swap info, talk about any changes we want to make to keep things running smoothly, and to give each other a hand.

When a dog needs to move from one area to another, Managers figure it out together. Sometimes a dog might hop through a bunch of areas on their way to their forever home.

Regional Coordinators

Managers have their own Team of Regional Coordinators (RCs) who focus on smaller parts of the area, usually based on where they live and can get around. They help out with all the checks and assessments that Managers need. RCs are around online to support foster dogs in their patch, building strong relationships that stick even after a dog gets adopted. RCs report straight to their Manager.

RCs might also gather a small crew of volunteers who can pitch in with fundraisers or drop by for a home visit or dog assessment if it's nearby.

Other Members of the Team

We also have a number of behind the scenes Team members, including:

● Book-keeper

● General & Database Admin

● Website Admin & PA

● Auction & Fundraising Team

● Events Manager

While they may not be directly involved with the dogs, their invaluable expertise helps keep the charity running smoothly.

Management Contacts

If you have any queries or concerns please contact whichever manager covers your postcode, shown using the link below, by the first 2 letters. For example, AB12 3xx will be ‘AB’.

That’s All Folks

That’s it for our first ever blog post. If you’ve enjoyed reading, leave a comment or share on social media. Do you have any suggestions on what we could cover next? What would you like to read about? Let us know below.

Additionally, if you’d like to join our Team of wonderful volunteers, feel free to reach out. We can always use additional help to make sure the fabulous Frenchies in our care have the best possible chance of finding their Furever Home.

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